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- By HAMISH75 [gb] Date 12.07.04 17:59 GMT

I was talking to another westie owner yesterday and she said that her dog has cooked white rice everyday with minced chicken mixed with its Eukanuba kibble, she said he absolutely loves it. Can they have cooked rice everyday as i thought i may try it but didn't know whether they should have rice as often as this!!
I thought it was only when they had upset stomachs that they had cooked white rice but perhaps i am wrong, i know mine loved it when i gave him some when he was bad but didn't know they could have it regularly, anybody know whether this is okay to give on a regular basis.

- By Jackie H [gb] Date 12.07.04 19:03 GMT
Cooked rice is fine, no salt, I cook the chicken and rice in the same pan.
- By HAMISH75 [gb] Date 12.07.04 20:05 GMT

Do you feed your dogs this everyday? You say that you cook the chicken and rice in the same pan does this mean you cook fresh each day as we usually cook the mince chicken and it lasts about 3 days but i know somebody told me that you cannot keep the cooked rice for more than a day because of bacteria!!! So i assume the rice would have to be fresh every day, do you feed anything else with your chicken and rice, or do they just have that, only my boy loved it when he was bad and i wondered whether it would do him any harm having a bit of rice mixed each day.
- By jilland [gb] Date 13.07.04 00:06 GMT
Hi Hamish,
I feed my 3 on chicken juice, which i boil a full chicken, take all the bones out and put it into containers including the water and freeze it.  I take it out as and when is needed.  I also add rice, cooked fresh and fresh veg which normally lasts a few days as i do a big pan!  They also get burns minibites!!  They do not get all of this in one, sometimes they have rice other days veg!
They are all in great shape, which was very difficult with one as she has numerous illnesses!!

- By tohme Date 13.07.04 07:22 GMT
If you are feeding chicken and rice to your dog then why bother with the eukanuba which is cereal heavy anyway?  What you will be doing is completely unbalancing your "balanced" very expensive complete dog food! :eek:

If the reason you purchase Eukanuba is because you are convinced it is the best complete dog food for your dog providing its total nutritional needs, carefully scientifically prepared after years of research, I am at a loss to understand why you would want to feed chicken and rice as well :eek:
- By dvnbiker [gb] Date 13.07.04 20:17 GMT
if you are going to feed cooked rice try and use brown rice
- By inca [gb] Date 13.07.04 21:40 GMT
and remenber you should never reheat rice thats where all the problems come from ...
- By Stacey [us] Date 15.07.04 22:21 GMT
Reheating rice is absolutely fine, nothing wrong with it.  

- By liberty Date 15.07.04 22:48 GMT
Stacey, from what I understand you must be very carefull when reheating rice, it has been behind more cases of food poisoning (in people anyway) than any other food :eek:

- By lel [gb] Date 15.07.04 22:50 GMT
I thought reheating rice could cause food poisoning or illness too :(
- By ozzie72 [au] Date 16.07.04 01:56 GMT
I wouldnt bother feeding "white" rice as it only turns into a gluggy,starchy heavy clump in the dogs stomach,brown rice is so much better for them,the only hassle being it takes sooo long to cook.

Geez i re-heat rice for myself and sometimes my dogs on a regular basis,i've never had any problems but i will try to avoid in the future.Is this a solid fact or just hearsay?

christine :)
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 16.07.04 07:10 GMT
If reheating rice is so dangrous, why are there so many ready-meals which include cooked rice, and which only need to be reheated?
- By Christine Date 16.07.04 10:29 GMT
It`s been known for a long time about rice but don`t know if widely known, I only because I`m qualified cook with food hygiene as well :)

Christine, Spain.
- By inca [gb] Date 16.07.04 11:42 GMT
in my years as trianing to be a chef we never allow fully cooked rice to be reheated as some have said certain bacteria's lay dorment and can cause very bad food poisoning , many ready human meals with rice that needs to be reheated have been treated when blanching and reached very high temperatures before being seal packed ,
- By HAMISH75 [gb] Date 16.07.04 07:25 GMT

Thanks to everyone who replied to my post. I thought that dogs had to have white rice as brown rice would give them the runs but it is interesting to know that they can have brown, i will try him with some!!

- By pyndath [gb] Date 16.07.04 11:48 GMT
dogs are less prone to food poisoning compared to humans so reheating rice is no problems for them at all.
- By inca [gb] Date 16.07.04 11:54 GMT
not sure i would take he risk ....i've seen food poisoning from rice and have to say it's grim ...
- By tohme Date 16.07.04 12:01 GMT
easy answer, do not reheat it :D
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 16.07.04 12:06 GMT
I frequently reheat leftover curry and rice (several times a week) and never a problem.
- By Christine Date 16.07.04 13:18 GMT
Think a lot of people do J/G ;) :D The problem with rice & most other foods comes when it`s left haning round at room temp after being cooked. I try to get my food cooled down asap & in fridge when it`s not eaten straight away. Talking humans now :D

Christine, Spain.
- By inca [gb] Date 16.07.04 14:20 GMT
your right Christine :) how many times have we all blamed a curry when we have an upset tummy ??? I guess it depends how happy you feel
- By Daisy [gb] Date 16.07.04 13:36 GMT
We reheat rice every week without a problem :) Don't bother with the reheating rice for the dogs tho' as they are quite happy with it cold or hot, brown, white, multi-coloured, fried, dropped-on-the-floor, however it comes :D

- By lucyandmeg [gb] Date 16.07.04 21:13 GMT
I have also heard that re-heating rice is definately not good for humans, but my dogs are happy with cold rice they don't mind.
- By Stacey [gb] Date 20.07.04 08:15 GMT
Reheating rice is absolutely fine.  You follow the same procedure you would use for any perishable food.  After it's cooked you don't let it sit around for hours at room temperature - you keep it chilled in the refrigerator. (Check the link, that's all it says.)

- By Rozzer [gb] Date 27.07.04 18:12 GMT
I usually have a curry or chilli night (:D) and always re-heat it with the rice a day or two later!
- By inca [gb] Date 27.07.04 18:42 GMT
I think this post has had good points on it ...I guess what you don't know won't hurt you until it hurts you ......I have reheated rice before I went to catering college and i certainly wouldn't now ..saw a really gross video about it and was put off for life ...
- By Stacey [gb] Date 28.07.04 21:00 GMT

You should be equally put off by what happens to meat if it's left too long at room temperature. 

- By liberty Date 28.07.04 22:53 GMT
I think the point is Stacey, a lot of people will be more carefull about leaving meat at room temprature, than they are rice.

I think it's a good idea to let people know the possible effects of food poisoning, by re-heating rice, so that they are aware of it. Sounds like most on here, have got it right, hence no probs ;)

liberty :D
- By inca [gb] Date 29.07.04 08:10 GMT
I have never left meat at room temperature. 3 years at catering college taught me how to cook and present food ...good common sense is free !!!! when most foods are not kept at the correct temperature your asking for trouble , most folk think that trained chef's are just good cooks but like every skill there is a lot more to learn than just getting it out to serve!!!!
- By Stacey [gb] Date 29.07.04 16:21 GMT

I wish common sense were free, it seems to be in rather short supply. 

Last year I watched my daughter-in-law prepare a chicken for roasting.  She had the raw chicken in the roasting pan.  She took a knife and took some spread out of the tub, smeared it on the chicken, then took the same knife, stuck it back in the spread, and took some more for the chicken.

I was stunned.  So was she when I told her that was not hygenic and she could end up making us all ill by transferring salmonela and who knows what else into the spread.   And she's a smart young woman, but no one every told her.

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