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- By TraceyDiane [gb] Date 31.05.04 09:55 GMT
Please can anyone tell me if there are any dog friendly beaches that allow dogs.  I have searched the net and they all say no dogs from May to September.  My Great Dane loves water and would love the beach but im having trouble finding one for this time of year.  I know Cornwall does have some but im in Milton Keynes so its a bit far for a day out.  Can anyone shed any light on this for me????
- By pinklilies Date 31.05.04 13:50 GMT
Aberdovey in west wales  has a dog friendly zone, again its a long way for a day.
- By fortis [gb] Date 31.05.04 16:58 GMT
Hooray! That's where we're going on holiday - in September...:) :) :)
- By porkie [gb] Date 31.05.04 19:43 GMT
Selsey Bill,Bognor,Southsea and Gosport all have sections of dog friendly beaches all year round :) they are generally clearly marked and the beaches we shall be visiting on hols. this year in Norfolk are dog friendly or we wouldn't be going there!
I think it's a case of go and see,lots of beaches say No Dogs May-Sept.but several of them do have a section where dogs can go although they may not advertise them on the web.
Our local canal walks are all dog friendly too.Plus we are fortunate here in Hants to have a few fords which allow a dog to paddle and cool off in the hotter weather.
Jacqueline :)
- By Ebony2003 [gb] Date 31.05.04 21:19 GMT
I don't know the beaches near you but if they are anything like the Isle of Wight where we are most beaches here have sections on each beach which are dog friendly along with the dog prohibited beaches.  You can get the info on dog friendly beaches from the council covering that area, normally you can find this information on their website.
- By perrodeagua [gb] Date 31.05.04 21:40 GMT
Does anybody know of any in the north west e.g. North Wales or not too far away?
- By Julie V [gb] Date 31.05.04 22:55 GMT
An excellent site for beach info.  Have a look here
- By Charanda [de] Date 01.06.04 07:33 GMT
TraceyDiane - If you find one that isn't too far thats nice can you let me know as I'm from Milton Keynes and am thinking about taking Glazby my boxer to the seaside at somepoint soon!!
- By Bo son [gb] Date 01.06.04 11:51 GMT
- By Bo son [gb] Date 01.06.04 11:53 GMT

I take Bosun on the beaches at Chapel St Leonards, Skegness.  The area at the village is a dog-free zone but if you walk along the prom for a couple of minutes the dogs can then go on the beach - its a lovely wide sandy beach and the sea has not dips or shelfs to worry about.

You can walk for miles, and during the week its empty!

- By Fillis Date 01.06.04 12:05 GMT
Huge expanses near Mablethorpe - there are only restrictions on the bit near the town.
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