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- By Sarpal [gb] Date 18.01.04 12:02 GMT

This is my first posting so please be gentle with me! I am getting concerned for my Cocker 'Nutmeg' as she is bleeding slightly from her back end after being spayed last Wednesday, the vet has kept her on antibiotics and pain killers and said that if the bleeding doesn't stop by tomorrow he may have to open her up again to try and find out whats going on, this is the last thing i want, but I have to go by what he says.  Apart from this problem she is happy, eating, playing and all outward signs shows she is doing well, she is only 2 years old and the love of our lives, we are really worried, can anyone help?
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 18.01.04 12:09 GMT
Hi Sarpal,
I think you are doing all you can by keeping the vet informed about what is happening. How much is she bleeding? It's possible that an internal suture has come adrift from where the uterus was excised from the vagina and this is what is causing the bloodloss. The fact that she is well in herself is a good sign, so hopefully all will sort itself out. I personally would discourage too much exercise (not easy I know!) until this is better.

Good luck - let us know how she gets on.
- By Sarpal [gb] Date 18.01.04 12:28 GMT
Hi Jeangenie,

Thanks ever somuch for the quick reponse! If it is from a suture comming adrift then will this heal itself or does this mean another op? (not really something I want to do unless it is absolutely necessary). The blood loss was dark and thick on the first day but is now watery (mixed with urine?) however, we took a urine samlple to the vet yesterday and although there was no evidence of blood in the urine,they could still see the evidence of blood coming from the vulva, also they did a blood test for anemia and that came back at 50 out of 55.

Thanks again, I'll keep you posted.
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 18.01.04 12:50 GMT
Is the blood bright red or dark/rusty looking? Bright red indicates fresh bleeding, but darker blood is usually (I'm not a vet, so don't simply rely on what I say) a sign that it is leftover from a previous bleeding. With any luck another op won't be necessary, but it is essential that you keep your vet informed of all her symptoms.
Good luck.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 18.01.04 13:09 GMT
Not wishing to frighten you, but this happened to a bitch belonging to one of my puppy owners.  She had been in season so they waited 3 months, but for some reason she was too close to her next season when she was spayed, and it caused her to haemorage.  This is one reason Vets like to spay midway between seasons so that the blood supply to the area is at it's least.

If it is more than a few spots and a day or two I would take her back in and insit they take a look, probably by scanning her to see if there is a sign of bllood pooling inside.
- By Sarpal [gb] Date 18.01.04 17:23 GMT
Hi Brainless (!),

Thanks for replying, I would like to know the outcome of your puppy owner, was there a happy ending.  I hope Meg's problem will be less serious we will see tomorrow.

- By Brainless [gb] Date 20.01.04 00:13 GMT
This was an adult bitch of 5 years who had joined the home of one of my pups.  She was fine, though the Vet had to open her up and redo the stitches.
- By Kerioak Date 18.01.04 15:48 GMT
In my (limited) experience it is not unusal for bitches to pass blood vaginally after spaying and they sometimes seem to be "in season" for a few days.

When part of the body is removed (uterus, tumor etc) the body fills up the space left with fluid.  To start with this is often more blood than water but it generally changes to  clearish, blood-stained fluid (serum) before it heals up.

One of my bitches had a large mammary tumour removed on 23rd December and ad her stitches out 18 days later - she was still loosing a little fluid though the stitch holes (she kept licking and moving them) but since they have been removed she has stopped and the swelling has nearly gone.

I hope your vet pronounces Nutmeg as healing well when you see him tomorrow
- By Sarpal [gb] Date 18.01.04 17:18 GMT
Hi Kerioak,

Thanks for replying, your the first one to tell me that you have heard of this before, it makes me feel a little better as my vet tells me it's most unusual!  Hopefully you are right and it is just a matter of time and drainage. Things seem to have cleared up a little bit, so I am feeling more positive, we shall see what the vet has to say tomorrow.

- By mygirl [gb] Date 18.01.04 17:28 GMT
My girl was done about 3 months ago and she had a very slight bloody discharge(not bright red) for over 2 weeks and when we went back to the vet she said it was normal.
Bear in mind it consisted of 2-3 drops per day mostly on my duvet cover lol.
Sarah :)
- By Sarpal [gb] Date 18.01.04 17:41 GMT
Hi Sarah,

Thanks for the reply, when you say discharge, are we talking bloody water? as today that's how Meg's is, and yes I know what you mean when you talk about duvet covers!  I have to say she isn't dripping everywhere, but then she is cleaning herself and I keeping checking.
- By mygirl [gb] Date 19.01.04 14:12 GMT
Sorry i didn't know you'd asked me question, no Dolly's was more like blobs of glue? (best i can explain) but it did clear up.
She is too big to reach her bum half the time or too lazy so she wiped in on the bed :D
- By D4wn [gb] Date 20.01.04 00:37 GMT
My Mastiff bitch was speyed at 14mths, 2mths after last season, and she bled for 7-10days.
She then took the stitches out and had to be stapled, without aneasthetic, what a vicious breed.
She recovered and still looked after rescue pups.
She is a fantastic friend.

P.S. Ragga's bleeding wasn't a lot just a few drops at a time. Don't worry all are different after I was 'seen to' I bled for weeks.
- By Stacey [gb] Date 21.01.04 17:55 GMT
Me too D4wn.

- By glorihoney [pr] Date 02.08.05 04:07 GMT
My Sheltie was spayed last friday and up to today (Monday night) I have found various blood spots on the floor.  She urinates normally, but then, after a minute or two, it seems as if she was going to urinate again, but she discharges a few red blood spots. Do you say this is normal?

Thanks, Gloria 
- By Sarpal [gb] Date 31.01.04 16:01 GMT
Hi All,

Thanks for all the messages, it put me a little more at ease. Update; It's now been just over 2 weeks and the bleeding has pretty much stopped though there is occasional colouring in her pee. She is back in the fields with her friends like nothing has happened, the last week or so has been difficult to keep her calm - she's been going stir crazy, mind you so have we, it's surprising how much you miss the wakling and the exercise -even in the rain and wind!

Hopefully that's the end of the problem so thanks once again for all of your kind words and thoughts.

- By dogaholic [gb] Date 23.10.11 19:11 GMT
My ex-puppy-farm-breeding cav x shihtsu was spayed 10 days ago, and is bleeding. The vet says this is not unusual, but mostly in larger dogs. This poor little girl is just 3 and, having taken her in as a foster girl, is the most traumatised dog I have ever known. She, along with the 3 other ex-puppy-farm girls I began by fostering, is now here to stay. She is now - after 15 months - a real minx, being the puppy she had been denied, but only with me, as yet. To catch her is traumatic - the only thing I am not allowed to do is pick her up - and so this setback is putting her progress back several weeks. Having had many girls spayed over the years, I have never seen this before, and am panic-stricken for this poor wee soul.
I would be grateful for any thoughts you may have.
Thank you so much.
- By JeanSW Date 23.10.11 22:02 GMT
This is a very old thread that you have joined Toni - from 2004!

I have never, ever had a bitch bleed after spaying personally, but you may get more answers from experienced folk if you start your own thread.

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