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- By pauliedee [fr] Date 16.01.04 16:19 GMT
hello, my partner and I are looking for 2 puppies, we have recently lost our old staffie and we'd like 2 sisters, or a brother and sister, preferably 6 - 8 weeks. we are experienced dog owners and live on a country smallholding, so the pups would have a nice home and lots of space to run around as we have a huge fenced-in yard! we are near carlisle, so we would be looking for a breeder near us, but we would be willing to travel to scotland, newcastle areas. we dont mind about papers etc, just looking for pet pups! willing to pay up to £100 per puppy and collect. prefernce given to staffie or similar breed/crosbreed. if you can help, please post your details, so i can contact you, thanks!!!
- By mentalcat [gb] Date 16.01.04 16:29 GMT
Hello guest,

Is there any particular reason for wanting 2 pups at the same time?
Sometimes, owners think that getting 2 pups together will keep them entertained and be company for each other.  I'm not suggesting for one minute that that is you guys, but as you say that you are experienced dog people, you'll already be aware that most breeders are unlikely to let you have littermates, as the pups will bond to each other rather than their human friends. There is quite a lot about the pros and cons of having sibling together on 'champdogs' , so if you join us, you'll be able to read them all.  Whatever you end up doing, I would suggest contacting rescue homes in your area to check if they have pups in, or perhaps someone will read your message and suggest another avenue.
Let us know how you get on-Good luck
Ali :)
- By pauliedee [fr] Date 16.01.04 16:40 GMT
we are experienced dog owners, we have bred dogs before and reared 2 pups from the same litter, so were fully aware of what were getting ourselves into. our staff bitch died recently and we'd like a new pair of rascals to liven the place up, if you can help please post back, if offering "advice", no need, thanks anyway! ;-)
- By lel [gb] Date 16.01.04 17:08 GMT
Hi Paula
take a look at
They have dogs wanting homes throughout the country- from pups to oldies
you can even leave a post to mention you have a home to offer
Please take a look as there are some beautiful dogs there looking for a "forever" home
Good luck :)
- By John [gb] Date 16.01.04 18:16 GMT
That was a bit of a brisk reply Paula, conciddering that it was to someone offering good advice! I do wonder about people wanting puppies without caring what breed or cross the puppies are. Sounds odd to say the least!

- By Lady Dazzle [gb] Date 16.01.04 21:27 GMT
Me too John.  It bothers me that someone doesn't care what they are getting. Plus the fact that they have bred dogs before!!!!

If yiou are not that bothered go to any dogs home in the UK and you wil probably find two pups of any cross or breed.!!!!!

Certain fact you won't find any pedigrees for the sort of money you are talking about, nor any responsible breeder prepared to sell you two from the same litter.
- By mygirl [gb] Date 16.01.04 21:32 GMT
Why don't you do some research on what breed would be suitable for you or give some basic info and someone here may be able to suggest a breed?
You may be experienced with dogs but what type? No breed is the same.
- By Lokis mum [gb] Date 16.01.04 23:09 GMT
So Pauliedee, you register your puppies with DLR do you?    AND you want staffie/staffie crosses??

- By Lissie-Lou [gb] Date 17.01.04 00:00 GMT
Hmmm...does make one wonder doesn't it???
- By janestan [gb] Date 17.01.04 15:17 GMT
hmm... did someone mention they live on a farm?
- By dizzy [gb] Date 17.01.04 15:50 GMT
not forgetting her  obvious knowledge on pedigrees of irish staffords  :rolleyes:
- By ChinaBlue [gb] Date 17.01.04 18:33 GMT
Well you last four guys lost me somewhere along the way, but I did think this was a peculiar post.
- By dizzy [gb] Date 17.01.04 18:35 GMT
its easy kat-----if you click on someones name---it give you there page-on that page you can click on posts--this gives you all the posts  theyve made, it can give you an idea of there interests sometimes   :D
- By mygirl [gb] Date 17.01.04 18:49 GMT
I just did a google search on Ch stormer and ch psycho and they came up as being fighting dogs?
Have i got that wrong?

(edit) sorry should say the op said last dog was bred from Ch psycho
- By pauliedee [gb] Date 18.01.04 09:27 GMT
that is correct, ch Psycho and stormer were fighting dogs. the majority of irish staffords bred nowadays have fighting dog blood in them. this does not mean they are used for fighting nowadays (although an unscrupulous few do this, and it is NOT to be condoned!!) the guest poster was asking if they were being ripped off by being offered an irish staff puppy at £400 and i replied, (personallyI think £300 is a more acceptable sum) you can deduce whatever wrong conclusions you like from my posts, I was simply offering advice to a fellow poster. as for living on a farm............? please explain the point you were trying to make? im a little confused? ;-)
- By pauliedee [gb] Date 18.01.04 09:30 GMT
wonder what? can i ask what is the problem with somone looking for a puppy? only one person who replied was helpful, that says a lot about this forum!!! thanks for the advice, i will look on dog pages, perhaps there i wont have people trying to judge meor make assumptions about me! ;-(
- By pauliedee [gb] Date 18.01.04 09:28 GMT
yes, we do, we find them a lot cheaper than the kennel club!
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 18.01.04 10:04 GMT
Registration with them is in fact much more expensive, because the 'registration' is meaningless! It is generally used by commercial breeders (puppy farmers) and those whose pups are otherwise ineligible for registration with the KC (bitch too old, too young, too many litters, registration endorsed because of unsuitabilty for breeding etc).

It seems you have been misled as to its validity. Registration with any body other than the KC should be viewed with suspicion.
- By John [gb] Date 18.01.04 10:05 GMT
Can I ask why you bother to register at all then? If you feel the KC is too expensive, taking the price of the puppies into account (Lets face is, you would get a fair sum of money for a litter of pedigree puppies) and the fact that we all know the Dog Loveres registeration is not worth the paper it's written on? (Or is it that the puppy's are not pedigree anyway?)

- By pauliedee [gb] Date 18.01.04 09:23 GMT
i can assure you im not odd! just open to considering a variety of breeds, or crossbreeds thats all, whats wrong with that?
- By Jackie H [gb] Date 18.01.04 09:48 GMT
And you don't mind breeding them what ever breed or what ever cross, registering them with the DLR and selling them? That is what you seem to be saying, and then you ask what is wrong with that.
- By pauliedee [gb] Date 18.01.04 09:55 GMT
we USED to breed dogs staffordshire bull terriers, we USED to register them with the dlrc, we DONT have a dog at the moment, we would like one, (or 2 pups) we dont mind what kind of dog,  please read my posts properly before replying. can i ask what you find so offensive about this?? im rather puzzled!!!! we just want to offer a nice home, if it is a mongrel puppy, thats fine. we'd love another staffie, but it doesnt have to be...why are some people on this board quick to jump to wrong conclusions??? please xplain exactly what is wrong with wanting a new dog due to the death of our old like to know please........awaiting your reply;-/
- By Jackie H [gb] Date 18.01.04 10:01 GMT
If you are addressing me, I was not intending to be offencive at all, was just letting you know the impression your many posts have given me, I accepted that the impresion may have been incorrect and have given you the oppertunity to correct that impresion.
- By pauliedee [gb] Date 18.01.04 10:04 GMT
ok fair enough (i think that sounded like an apology?) im just a little upset, some people seem to be very rude on this site. ;-(
- By Jackie H [gb] Date 18.01.04 11:27 GMT
Not really an apology, just an effort to explain why you may not be getting the sort of answers you think you should. I now realise that you did not know you had given the impression you had and may be I was not the only one who was beginning to think, you were, if not a puppy farmer next door to it, and I came to that conclusion because of what you had written yourself. You have now corrected that impression and I am prepared to accept that, it is very easy to misunderstand what is being written so it is best to be clear and as straight as possible, that in turn can be thought to be rude or unkind, in most cases it is just an attempt to make yourself clear and allow for no misunderstanding as it is possible the welfare of a dog is at risk.

You had said you registered your puppies with the DLR - that meant to me you are a breeder.
You asked for puppies in the plural any breed any cross - that is a strange request and made me think you possible required them for breeding purposes.
You talk about ISBT and fighting dogs - another thing to make us/me wonder about you.

I accept that you have now corrected the impression you have given and I will try to view your posts in future with your explanation in mind.
- By Lokis mum [gb] Date 18.01.04 12:09 GMT
Hi Pauliedee - I'm the person who drew attention to the fact that you had said that you registered with DLRC, and the fact that you were asking for one/two staffie/staffie cross puppies.

If you do a search on DLRC on this board, you will see that none of us have a very high opinion of this organisation, which does seem to have been set up to aid the puppy farmers sell their puppies through pet shops - and one of the main breeds that seem to be registered through DLRC is the staffie/ISBT - dogs that are often advertised in terms euphemistic enough to give the idea that they can be fighting dogs - an idea that is absolutely abhorrent to genuine dog lovers.

You have come back and strongly defended yourself, and explained exactly what you want - if you had been the "puppy farmer" I don't think you would have done that - I hope you find what you are looking for.


- By gwen [gb] Date 18.01.04 14:13 GMT
Hi Pauliedee - referring back to the pont about you used to register with DLRC - as a matter of interest why?  Why waste the money on it rather than just supplying a pedigree, or doing a registrationn form of your own?
- By Jackie H [gb] Date 18.01.04 14:24 GMT
Pauliedee does not breed any more Gwen, so even though I was under the impresion that she said she registered her pups with DLRC it would seem that she does not, well at least not now.
- By mygirl [gb] Date 18.01.04 14:30 GMT
I can't seem to understand why you got pups off Ch psycho in the 1st place if you have no connection? This dog and ch stormer are the 'top dogs' of the fighting world and as far as i've read everyone strives for their dog to be like them.
I don't know much but i imagine the litter off these wouldn't have been advertised in the free mag and only people in the know would have that sort of info.
On that basis i'm sure you can see how easy it is to make assumptions.

(quote off the web) "There's no doubt that Ch."Stormer" was a good fighter, but it takes more than being a good fighter to make a great dog. A dog must also be able to pass on his "game" genes, which as past match reports have proved, Ch."Stormer" has not. Not only did Ch."Psycho" pass on "game" genes to his sons and daughters, but they too have passed on "gameness" again"
- By andy_s_80 [gb] Date 18.01.04 14:45 GMT
im sorry but here we go AGAIN.......

most isbt's (including mine) can be traced back to either psycho or stormer as when this breed was initially increasing in popularity it was for illegal activities - this is no longer the case but obviously, the lines still continue.

this does not mean that they are involved in fighting (unless your accusing me of the same).

one of my bosses favorite quotes as work is "assumption is the mother of all cockups".

I dont mean to rant but it really gets my goat when, still after never ending posts on here still its back to sqaure one.

Andy :)
- By mygirl [gb] Date 18.01.04 15:00 GMT
Sorry Andy you have to forgive my inorance i don't pretend to know anything about fighting dogs but i just thought seeing as the op said that she got her dog from ch psycho i just wondered how a person would know the owner?
Isn't it important that when we buy a puppy we look at the mother and father and all the health/character of the breed.
I certainly wouldn't have bought a pup directly from ch psycho knowing that it was a 'top dog'.

Out of interest Andy how did you get to hear about getting a pup directly off these dogs?
- By andy_s_80 [gb] Date 18.01.04 15:12 GMT
mine isnt directly but is phsycho line and i'd be suprised if hers was either. Those lines were origionally bred out of quite a famous kennel known as shaker (who owned both psycho and stormer) and whom im not completely sure havent had anything to do with fighting these dogs in the past.

i ended up with mine by accident - dont know where the previous owner got to find her from but regardless of the line -  through care, training and socialisation she is the best, most friendly (although a little boysterous) dog ive yet to meet and ive never had any trouble with her - im more concerned about holly my westie than her lol

these dogs, like a few others have an unfortunate past and reputation that is difficult to shake off - granted mainly because of a few brainless morons who have them because they are "hard" looking (penis extensions) lol
- By lel [gb] Date 18.01.04 16:09 GMT
As Andy mentioned Psycho is the more well known lines for an ISBT - since quite a number in the UK will be unregistered who is to say there is any relation whatsoever to this dog ?
If a dog isnt registered then you can put anything you like onto a pedigree and who would know any different ?
Just a thought ...
I mentioned in a previous posting on ISBT that a long legged Staffy cross can also be called an Irish by some idiots .
I have seen some very poor specimens

But we are all going off on a tangent here
- By mygirl [gb] Date 18.01.04 16:25 GMT
Ah yes never thought about it like that, (if it isn't registered i mean).
I only made the assumption because the op said her's was from ch psycho so i presumed she had met the breeder/owner and i wondered how she got to know them.
- By pauliedee [fr] Date 18.01.04 18:46 GMT
dear andy, i have just read your other post where you say "id be surprised if hers were either" are you saying i am a liar? my bitch was bred out of a jocko/derry bitch put to judas iscariot. both parents carry a line to ch psycho. i would like to know why you are surprised at that? i know several people who have these dogs and all are excellent loyal family dogs. some give them a bad name, i disagree, if the owners are responsible, these can be wonderful pet dogs. this board saddens me, sooooo many bitter, angst ridden people in one off......please only post back to me, if you are genuinely interesting in talking dogs, not trying to start an argument! ;-(
- By andy_s_80 [gb] Date 18.01.04 19:15 GMT
no i am not saying you are a liar - as you have just said youself, your dog is of psycho line  - not fathered by psycho as the previous poster thought!

i am far from trying to start an argument - if you check my previous posts you will se i also own an isbt and am always in their corner.

Think you may have mis-read or misunderstood my post!!!
- By pauliedee [fr] Date 18.01.04 18:36 GMT
cheers andy, i had problems logging in and was going to post something similar to put people right, but you have saved me the bother! ;-)
- By pauliedee [fr] Date 18.01.04 18:39 GMT
pups bred from ch psycho tend to be bigger, stronger and more athletic than small, squat Kc type staffs, simple answer...there you have it. if you dont want to believe this, or if you want to give me a bad name because I appreciate the plus points of this type of dog, thats up to you, you are just helping to prove to everyone on here how prejudiced and small-minded parts of the dog world have become! ;-(
- By lel [gb] Date 18.01.04 18:43 GMT
to whom is this post directed ??
- By pauliedee [fr] Date 18.01.04 18:49 GMT
the first 2 posts are directed to andy, the 2nd is to mygirl who seemed to want to know why i would choose such a type of dog.
- By mygirl [gb] Date 18.01.04 18:52 GMT
I'm not wondering why you chose such a dog i'm wondering how you got to know of ch psycho having a litter if you have nothing to do with fighting dogs.
It's like the sas how would i know the members unless i was in that group?
- By mygirl [gb] Date 18.01.04 18:49 GMT
I'm sorry i'm abit confused was your dog or wasn't it a direct pup from Ch psycho?
You had said it was bred from ch psycho so i presume you meant directly.
- By lel [gb] Date 18.01.04 19:07 GMT
Psycho lines are how most ISBT are known or Stormer lines or Flynn lines etc
It could be back in the great great granparents for example but the dog would still be named as one of those lines (and as a matter of fact as these were fighting dogs some idiots would be very proud of this .)
I very much doubt this is from a direct mating ;)
- By mygirl [gb] Date 18.01.04 19:15 GMT
lel i'm totally lost now :) she stated it was from ch psycho. Would you say that even if you only had say psycho's daughters, daughters, son?
- By lel [gb] Date 18.01.04 19:33 GMT
people still refer to a dog as from these lines even if that particular dog is WAY back in the pedigree and not say a grandparent or immediate son/daughter.
As I mentioned before as these are the most well known lines in this breed and the ISBT  isnt registered in the UK how can anyone else prove otherwise ???

Hope that makes sense for you :)
- By mygirl [gb] Date 18.01.04 19:44 GMT
Phew!! Yes thanks lel
:D thought i was going mad!
- By gwen [gb] Date 18.01.04 22:16 GMT
Gosh this got very ISBT technical, but my query was referring to when Pauliedee said they used to register with DLRC - I have often wondered WHY people would do so - why not just hand out a pedigree or write out a "registration for" themselves.  this seemed an ideal opportunity to ask first hand - what was the perceived benefit to the breeder?  Could never work out why people would pay £6 (possibly multiplied by no. of pups) for so little.  Hedre somone who has actually used this registry can tell us their thinking behind doing so.
- By mygirl [gb] Date 18.01.04 22:20 GMT
Gwen the DLRC is now £8 (unsure if it's per pup) and the KC is £12, the DLRC may as well be hand written because you can depict the 3 generations yourself.
- By lel [gb] Date 18.01.04 22:33 GMT
Its £8 per pup and £15 for an older dog if I'm not wrong
- By andy_s_80 [gb] Date 18.01.04 22:37 GMT
never understood the point of registration really - unless you intend to show then what is the point?
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