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- By peteire [gb] Date 11.01.04 19:37 GMT
Our bitch was a bit rough with one of our cocker spaniel puppies, and has left him with a large umbilical hernia.
Can anyone tell me what tha options are for repair, the puppy is 11 weeks old, he has had both injections and in all other aspects is healthy.  Is it still ok to rehome him after the repair or is it something that can re-occur.  This is only our second litter the first had no problems, there were four in this litter and this puppy was the only one with the problem.  Any advise welcome.

- By jacki [gb] Date 11.01.04 19:45 GMT
have a look here, hope it helps :)

- By raffystaffy [gb] Date 12.01.04 04:47 GMT
one of the pups from baileys litter has a small hernia also. The vet adviced that whilst playing push the hernia back in. he said that it would not benefit a removal unless it increased in size or became painful. but every situation is different.
- By mollygog [gb] Date 13.01.04 22:23 GMT
Hi I had a litter of 4 all with umbilical hernias, my vet said leave well alone. Whereas all the people who bought the puppies, took them to there vet and they all said operate as soon as they are around 6 months. I do think there are 2 opinions on this, but I do think some vets see it as a bit of a money spinner!!I have a 7 year old dog with a pretty large umbilical hernia from birth it has never caused any problems. When he lays on his back it is like a golf ball sticking up :) I do think it maybe could cause a problem in a bitch if she were pregnant, but I don't know
- By John [gb] Date 13.01.04 22:27 GMT
No bitch from lines which pass on umbilical hernias should EVER be bred from!

- By Alli [gb] Date 14.01.04 09:43 GMT
Hi all

Just out of curiosity what is the proceedure when selling puppies with this defect? Can they be sold or do they have to be given away? The reason I ask this is a few years ago I bred a litter of Border Collies, the bitch herself never had this defect but one of the eight puppies had a hernia. I am pretty certain this was due to the bitches inexperience as it was the first puppy to be born. I went on and sold the 7 puppies who were fine, but chose to give the puppy with the hernia to someone who desperately wanted the puppy. I advised them that the puppy would never be able to bred from and would probably need an op. I also offered to cover the cost. The puppy was operated on when it was being spayed at 6 months old, the new owners felt that as they took the puppy on knowing it had this defect they should be the ones to pay the vet bill.

Thanks for any info

- By mollygog [gb] Date 14.01.04 10:59 GMT
I always make sure the purchaser is aware of the hernia, and personally I advise, along with my vet to leave it alone.
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