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- By guest [gb] Date 27.11.03 17:51 GMT
My partner is interested in buying a Cane Corso pup, but as I dont really know much about the breed I thought I would come on here and see if anybody on champdog can let me know what they are like. We have a 10 year old son.
- By mr murphy [gb] Date 27.11.03 18:06 GMT
If its the first dog you and your partner have ever owned I would say find something else. Not because there is anything wrong with the breed, I just think some of the larger mollosser breeds should be left to experienced owners.

- By sandaharr [gb] Date 27.11.03 18:52 GMT
A very sound piece of advice Mr. Murphy,sandra.
- By corso girl [gb] Date 28.11.03 09:15 GMT
Hi, would just like to ask have you had dogs before what breeds? i have Cane-Corsos and they are not a dog for some one that has never owned a large molosser breed before or any large breed, and there are lots of lines out there which are not good/HD/OCD/FITS/ENTROPION and a lot of these breeders know nothing about these condtions or if they do then they dont care(you pay your money and take your chances. This is a new breed in this country and we are still learning about it and asking about it from other breeders in other countries that have had them longer than us, if you want to know more post again and i will give you some more info.
- By lizzy 2003 [gb] Date 29.11.03 15:30 GMT
Hi I put on a message as a guest regarding a Cane Corso. I would just like to ask corso girl a few questions. I have found a breeder who has got some pups. They are nearly 13 weeks. I thought that was a bit old. Should they have had their injections? What price? I personally think 13 weeks old is a bit too old. I have had Rhodesian Ridgebacks and boxers. What are they like with kids as I have a 10 year old son. If you have any advise you can give me I would appreciate it.

Thanks Lizzy
- By corso girl [gb] Date 29.11.03 15:44 GMT
Hi you havent put your email address    on so i can contact you, i would need to know where you have seen these pups and what breeding lines they are from.Which area you live in as i might know some one close to you.
- By lizzy 2003 [gb] Date 29.11.03 16:32 GMT
- By corso girl [gb] Date 29.11.03 17:00 GMT
thanks Lizzy i will email you  you can now take it off if you wish.
- By dogmad90 [gb] Date 26.12.05 10:33 GMT
Hi cane corso girl. i have owned 2 anatolian karabash's before, and i am now in love with the cane corso. i have tried to search the net to find breeders, but i have always come to dead ends. i am looking to buy one either in febuary or june. I read your recent reply to Lizzy and i to would like some information, about how much this breed will cost to buy (on average) and if you no of any close breeders to me.
thank you very much for your time.


by the way my E-MAIL is if might like to reply.
- By corsogirl [gb] Date 27.12.05 11:44 GMT
- By jollyjem Date 27.12.05 19:23 GMT
how do u say cane corso is it said like canny corse or Kane corso?
- By perrodeagua [gb] Date 27.12.05 22:55 GMT
It's pronounced the latter way. :d
- By jollyjem Date 28.12.05 14:32 GMT
thanx perro, i though it was canny
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