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- By Hamish [gb] Date 20.11.03 19:19 GMT
My 4 month old Westie has begun to smell very doggie indeed, I know he will smell a little but hes really begun to be very smelly. I don't want to bath him as this will take all the oil out of his coat. Has anyone got any idea as to what to do
- By Blue Date 20.11.03 21:40 GMT
Hi there,

Bathing the westies doesn't remove oils, they are not oily coated in the first place.

Bathing them too often softens the coat and encourages oil.. they get dirty quicker also with the hair being softened with washing.

He is probably a bit smelly underneath rather than all over so just wash his legs, and under carriage with a very mild shampoo..

I personally use Hibiscrub to clean my dogs underneath.

A little chalk and a good brush my also help..

- By Jackie H [gb] Date 20.11.03 21:47 GMT
Check he does not have a skin infection or yeast growth.
- By SUE T [gb] Date 21.11.03 10:47 GMT
Hi i have a westie x her coat is white /cream, after her last clipping she came home looking very neat and VERY white, i remember reading on here a while ago about a s/poo that brightens the coat as well as making her smell good ,any one any ideas what it could be ?? we have nicknamed her Casper..... lol,Bye Sue & Lola xx
- By Stacey [gb] Date 21.11.03 18:37 GMT
Has you Westie been to the groomers yet? I assume their coats are much like a Cairns', in which case his puppy coat needs to be removed (pulled out or stripped). The puppy coat sort of looks like long light hair - at least in Cairns.

You can dampen a towel with a little shampoo for wire coated breeds and give him a good scrub with the towel. Then do the same, once or twice, with a damp towel with no soap. If the odour is from his coat, that should get rid of it. There are also dog shampoos work without bathing the dog.

If your dog smells sort of fishy at his back end - he may need his anal glands expressed.

You could also give him a bath! Use a puppy shampoo or shampoo for wire coat breeds, make sure to get all the shampoo out and dry him off well. He will be fine.

- By Hamish [gb] Date 22.11.03 18:28 GMT
Hi everyone, many thanks for your tips. My Westie doesn't have a skin infection (thank goodness) and his bottom end isn't "fishy smelling". Ive decided to give him a scrub with a towel as suggested to see if that cures the problem.

By the way at what age do they have to go to the groomers, I'm really worried, will he be scared ? does it hurt to be stripped (it would if someone did it to me !!) how do they keep him still enough to do it ? (guess I would have to ask the groomer that one) all these questions keep going through my mind. My boy is such a lovely little thing, weve only had him just over 2 months and everyone in the family has just falled hoplessly in love with him.

- By Stacey [gb] Date 23.11.03 10:06 GMT
Hi Jenny,

No stripping does not hurt, but most companion dogs are clipped and not stripped. (I use my fingers and just tug on the longest hairs - they will come out without an effort when ready.)

Whenever I've had a dog that I knew would be visiting the groomer I always took them to the groomers *before* they needed it. I wanted them to get used to the sounds, smells and the groomers before they actually needed to go through the routine themselves. If you can do that, I would highly recommend it. The groomer can take a look at your pup's coat and tell you about when you might want to have him clipped for the first time.

In the keeping still department ... practice. Comb or brush him for very short periods of time to begin with and always praise him for holding still. Patience is important too - yours especially. :-) My Cairn broke her leg when she was five months old and spend about two months recovering from surgeries. I could not really groom her that time and believe me I am suffering for it now. It's very important to get puppies used to grooming - they are so much more cooperative when they are older.

- By Xena1973 [gb] Date 23.11.03 15:25 GMT
I have a Westie mix and his coat is very long, which picks up all the odours especially round his beard.
I use a mild puppy shampoo to wash his coat but i give him a thorough brush through first to remove any dead hair or lugs, in the summer I used to strip him down by pulling the ends of the hair with my this is getting a problem now because of his age and sensitiveness, I use scissors to scim the top to shorten it. Obviously when stripping underneath, it is best done with scissors as the hair is much tougher to pull out.
- By woodsford [gb] Date 23.11.03 19:31 GMT
I have a four month old westie, she is always dirty,but good rub with a towel cleans her up and I think she smells wonderful, her coat is wispy but she has a lovely undercoat.
- By SINDELLEN [us] Date 05.11.12 02:42 GMT Edited 05.11.12 02:53 GMT
Remember the saying,"You are what you eat". I do and it couldn't be more true.

Try changing your dogs food, it may be expensive but cheaper then the Vet. Most cheap brands (like the kind you can buy @ the grocery store or in places like Petsmart and Petco) contain a lot of corn (they now list it as "maize" to try to cover this up in a lot of foods). Corn and wheat in dog foods can cause skin itching, hot spots, paw-licking, ear yeast, allergies, and really bad odor.

My Westie (an indoor dog) would smell progressively worse after a bath, I could also smell an undertone of the dog food I was feeding her which was an expensive dog food recommended for Westies with bad skin. That's when it clicked, I changed my Westie's food & that has fixed the horrible smell, hot spots and most of her ear infections...

See if switching to a higher end, grain-free dog food (Merrick, Eagle Pack, Evo, Orijen, etc) helps your dog. 

Good luck!
- By Rhodach [gb] Date 05.11.12 04:42 GMT
Thanks for your advice but this is a very old thread.
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