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- By Pammy [gb] Date 17.11.01 21:11 GMT
Hi all

This might sound like a stupid question - but does anyone know if there is any reason why dogs should not have pork?

I have never seen a commercially available dog food with Pork as the main ingredient but both ny boys love meat mixed in with their premium dry food. I usually give them Tuna, best roast beef joint!! or chicken. The old man loves pork and often does a joint for cold meat for sandwiches and the dogs go nuts over the aroma. I'd love to ba able to give it to them but just wonder if it is safe.


Pam n the mad mutts
- By fleetgold [gb] Date 17.11.01 21:27 GMT
No reason at all they shouldn't have pork Pam.

take the rough with the smooth
- By dizzy [gb] Date 17.11.01 22:21 GMT
i asked that question a while ago when someone saiod they fed there dog using minced pork, seemingly it was from when the pigs weren't wormed or something ,but its ok now, im like you. when i cook meat i give them bits here and there but refused to give them any pork---poor souls,
- By Jackie H [gb] Date 18.11.01 08:19 GMT
Is it because there is very little wasted from a pig used for human food, that the commercial dog food producers can't get by-products in large amounts, so don't use it? Don't know, mine eat it, but then they will eat anything. Jackie H
- By sam Date 18.11.01 11:28 GMT
Pork is not a meat that dogs easily digest, it often makes them vomit, whether cooked or raw. We feed fresh flesh to our hounds, including cow, sheep & horse, but would never feed pork to them, they hate it! Sheep is very fatty & gives them the 'trots', and cattle carcass is by far the best food. Maybe just a bit of pork mince is ok mixed with biscuit, but I certainly wouldn't feed it myself.
- By Pammy [gb] Date 18.11.01 12:40 GMT
Thanks for the advice chaps. I'll give them little bits of left over pork to keep them happy and see if it does upset their tums. Must admit - they do like their beef!! Wouldn;t they just - lol

Pam n the boys - all trimmed and bathed for next weekends show
- By marie walshmari [ie] Date 18.11.01 18:35 GMT
Ithink you may have got this a bit mixed .now im not certain about this but i heard you may never feed a dog bacon or indeed any salt meat as it would cause skin problems loss of coat and its bad for their hearts but fresh meat is fine my dogs always look forward to their crackling .mari
- By Jackie H [gb] Date 19.11.01 07:24 GMT
Hi Marie, I think dogs are designed to eat what comes to hand, so don't feed your dogs pork or bacon and only pork or bacon. Just feed a mixed diet of ready made dog food, stop the worry and enjoy your dogs. Jackie H
- By marie walshmari [ie] Date 19.11.01 19:24 GMT
Hi jackie . Owning four bullmastiffs and a collie would most certainly limit the amount of pork and bacon they would be likely to get .Iwould always give my dogs the leftover meat as treats, My main diet for my dogs is pedigree chum advanced +brown rice and rendered suet and veg.I rarely have feeding problems.its just as well with five grown up children and five grandchildrens and himself (.my beloved )there would be little left over anyway.Nice to hear common sense though .
- By Jackie H [gb] Date 20.11.01 05:49 GMT
Sorry Marie, I ment to type 'mixed diet OR ready made dog food', the F in place of the R does make it read very differently. Just shows you should mind your F's & R's as well as your P's & Q's. Jackie H
- By marie walshmari [ie] Date 20.11.01 16:55 GMT
no bother jackie i know what you meant. mari
- By Irene [gb] Date 18.11.01 21:27 GMT
Well everyone, I hate to disagree with you about Pork, My vet suggested this diet when one of my dogs was not too well, I have been using minced pork, bought from Asda 99p for 500g, for about 6 months now, I cook this and add carrot, and sometimes a little potato, I bulk this up with boiled rice, but also give an odourless garlic tablet, cod liver oil tablet, and a multi vitamin tablet and Restore for the coat, both my dogs are now healthly and looking good, coats are coming in nicely, I am also feeding minced turkey bought from the same place, just to give a change a couple of times a week, neither dog has had "the runs" with these diets. Most of you will know that the reason for changing to this diet was my oldest dog developed a skin problem, which has been clear for ages now, so I will be sticking to this diet as I feel its more natural than tinned food or dried food. At least I know what is going into this food.
- By sam Date 20.11.01 10:02 GMT
99 p for 500g & you think you know whats in it????!!!!!
- By westie lover [gb] Date 21.11.01 07:42 GMT
Pork fit for human consumption I expect- surely that has to be better than tins, containing god knows what!! Why do you have to be so scathing always? Different things work for different dogs. You may not want to feed Pork to your dog, but it is obviously working for Irene's dog who is now 100% better than he was. Long may it continue.
- By sam Date 21.11.01 13:34 GMT
My point is, that at that price, minced up pork is not exactly going to be the best quality! Fit for human consumption means a certain amount, but it doesn't mean its any good!!!! No doubt the stuff you buy in tescos etc is perfectly fit for human consumption.....but I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole! All our meat comes either from my own live-stock (I know exactly whats in it, unlike 99p/500g pork mince!!!) or it comes from my neighbouring beef farmer of the outdoor pig breeder a few miles away. Why do you have a problem with this?
- By Jackie H [gb] Date 21.11.01 13:59 GMT
Lucky you, wouldn't we all if we could.
- By marie walshmari [ie] Date 21.11.01 15:29 GMT
wish I lived next door to you sam. MARI
- By norm [gb] Date 25.11.01 23:39 GMT
Yes, I agree with Westie lover - meat bought at Supermarket's fit for human consumption will be highly preferable to tinned dog meat that could be cow one week and kangaroo the next !....wouldn't it be nice if we could all be in the position to eat meat from our own stock, reared in a way we thought fit and not fed additives? Unfortunately, most of us only have Tesco to rely upon !
- By Pammy [gb] Date 21.11.01 13:05 GMT Upvotes 1
I have been following this thread with interest. Thanks for all the comments. In the end, as no one could say there was any real problem giving roast pork, I gave it to them. Now for the interesting bit.

They always pester for a bit of the joint, and I usually give them a bit and have been doing this week- as you do:D. So, yesterday, I put some through the blender to grind it, just as I do for the roast beef. Mixed it their food - and - guess what? They wouldn't touch it!!!:eek: Little buggers don't like it ground up. So it was all a wasted effort!! They're as bad as kids.

Anyway - they love liver, so I just bought 5lbs (sorry, I'm an old fashioned girl for weghts and measures) of best Ox Liver for the princely sum of £1 - beat that for value.

kind regards

Pam n the mad boys who - have just had a riot in my laundry room courtesy of the familky leaving the door open. Have you any idea how far a big bag of rabbit bedding, a bottle of shampoo, a box of washing powder and a big crate of doggy goodies can go? :eek:
- By LsaG [gb] Date 28.04.11 18:43 GMT
Pork in itself is as harmless to dogs as chicken, beef or any other meat. However, there is a slight risk of your dog being infected with trichinosis by eating pork. Trichinosis, also known as trichinellosis, is a worldwide, food borne disease caused by an intestinal roundworm, uncommon in the United States. Both humans and pets who eat raw or undercooked meat of infected animals can develop the disease. Undercooked or raw meat of infected animals contains the roundworm. The disease can lead to muscle soreness and pain together with swelling of the upper eyelids in mild cases but can lead to more severe symptoms.

If you would like to feed pork but want to take all necessary precautions, it is recommended that the pork be frozen for 3 weeks to kill the parasite. The most important precaution is to make sure that all fresh pork and pork products are properly cooked. Other raw and undercooked meat should also be avoided, especially meat from wild animals.
- By tohme Date 28.04.11 21:03 GMT
there really is no more risk to eating pork than any other meat, all can be riddled with parasites and since the rules were changed about how pigs are fed and with what it is very safe.

I have been feeding pork to my dogs at least once a week for the last 10 years and whilst I am sure all of us would like to feed organic, home bred fillet steak to our dogs (not to mention ourselves) it really does not matter in terms of protein quality. ;)

But if you are not comfortable about feeding ANY food then don't! Simple; I am uncomfortable about feeding a lot of foods to my dogs like grains, but then I am not that crazy about them eating manure either but I put up with it! ;)

And I believe Burns produce a Pork and potato (and grain) food?
- By ClaireyS Date 28.04.11 22:25 GMT
Yes Burns do a pork and potato food ..... for dogs with allergies :)

I go to the farm shop on a weekly basis for bones and anything else they might be chucking out, often I come back with pig legs, trotters, tails etc, ive had no problems feeding this to my dogs.
- By colliepam [gb] Date 29.04.11 07:54 GMT
probably as far as my 3bags of compost went- -sigh!
- By BarkingMad16 [gb] Date 07.05.11 07:10 GMT
I feed pigs liver to make liver cake and they love it but not raw pork, my 2 fussy GSD's wont touch it and my not fussy Rotty wont either.  They arent keen on pork bones either so I leave them out now.
- By dvnbiker [gb] Date 09.05.11 10:10 GMT
my lot love the pork ribs that Tesco do and they have them quite frequently.
- By MandyC [gb] Date 09.05.11 21:43 GMT

Just wanted to say that all my dogs are fed pork regularly, i feed raw and all mine enjoy pork with no problems what so ever, i have a friend who breeds pigs and so every so often i get the whole left over of the carcass the butchers cant use and my lot enjoy all of it.

Not sure why some people feel dogs shouldnt have pork but mine have had raw and cooked without any issues, they thouroughly enjoy pork ribs. Oh and also mine will occassionally get bacon or sausages if left over from my own cooking at anytime.....again no problem :)
- By JeanSW Date 09.05.11 22:06 GMT

> Oh and also mine will occassionally get bacon or sausages if left over from my own cooking at anytime

Norty norty Mandy!!   Yes, so do mine!  :-)  :-)

I was away last week and only took 3 dogs with me.  I had bought some lovely thick cut back bacon for a sarnie for me.  Once I had got back to the caravan, I thought, why did I get 6 pieces!  Yes, 3 in my sandwich, and a slice each for the dogs.
- By MsTemeraire Date 09.05.11 22:19 GMT

> Oh and also mine will occassionally get bacon or sausages if left over from my own cooking at anytime.....

"Bacon? The Maple kind? Yeah?"
(you must have seen that video by now! lol)

Pork ribs are a favourite here and better tolerated by Merlin than chicken. But after buying spare ribs from my local butcher weekly for about 6 months, now barbecue season is here he's doubled the price and halved the pack weights *sigh* Time to look into ordering from wholesalers like Albion or DAF.
- By Merlot [gb] Date 10.05.11 08:44 GMT
Bacon...Mmmm after OH getting in a paddy over  healthy foods we now have the slightly smoked turkey rashers instead, ok with a full english but no good at all for a proper bacon butty!
My girls eat pork if it's available, Not tried the spare ribs though, however they Lurrrve lamb ribs so may try one day if I can find some cheap ones. (Wait till after the summer maybe !)
- By dishers [ca] Date 06.09.11 15:15 GMT
I have been reading the posts. very mixed opinions.  I have two dogs an 11y Alaskan Mal/Wolf and a 2y Tibetan Mastiff.

They both are raw fed, they get a mix of pork,beef,chicken,fish. and tripe. mixed with other things like Nupro Supplement and pure Herring Oil, etc... yogurt pills.

one day they may have beef, other day Pork, pork in my opinion is ok to feed,  I do not cook any of their food. I do however make sure it is frozen for a bit prior to me feeding them.  If you are feeding raw the rule is make it balanced. don't give the same thing everyday and give them as much variety as possible.  the pork I give my dogs are back ribs, back necks, belly fat, (they love that) pig feet, etc...  it is always trial and error for each dog, hope this helps
- By Mal Firth [gb] Date 06.09.11 21:03 GMT
I've fed my two collies raw pork (plus various other meats) for the past five years and they've never been sick because of it. The only time they are sick is of they eat too quickly and it sits uncomfortably in their stomach. Then they'll regurgitate whatever they've eaten, look at it for a few seconds then re-eat it, but with a bit more care the second time. ;-)
- By cornishmals [gb] Date 06.09.11 22:02 GMT
My Mals eat raw pork occasionally.Have had no issues.In fact they have probabaly eaten most parts of a pig.Must say I find pigs heads particuarlly nasty.
- By MADDOG [gb] Date 19.09.11 10:39 GMT
I was told by the Hog Roast company we used for a party that you should never feed it to dogs.  I have heard in the past that it is something to do with human & pig meat being similar (I'm not sure if this is even true!)
However, after having a similar discussion with doggy friends a couple of months ago, I then walked into the pet shop to see a well known brand of dried dog food producing Pork & Rice. 
- By Brainless [gb] Date 19.09.11 10:42 GMT
The main reason used to be health, due to parasites, btu anythign fir for human consumption is OK.

The main reason it isn't often on the British dogs menu is we use everythign but the squeak ourselves, so there is no waste by products from Pork.  Though I suppose we are gettign more squeamish about certain cuts.

In Poland where the main large meat animal eaten is Pork, if lucky dogs have always got it.
- By Esme [gb] Date 19.09.11 13:52 GMT

> anythign fir for human consumption is OK

Ours all have a helping of raw pigs liver every few days as part of their raw diet. But it is from Sainsburys for human consumption. We've never had any trouble feeding it.
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