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- By gundogsrbest [gb] Date 29.09.03 17:18 GMT
what is the best wormer to use on a (hopefully)pregnant bitch, and as i havent had a litter for a while me mind gone blnk when is hte best time to worm through the pregnancy
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 29.09.03 18:18 GMT
Best to ask your vet, Tanya. S/he should be up-to-date with the latest products.
- By filbert [gb] Date 29.09.03 19:20 GMT
My vet says worm after 45 days... so i worm 10 days before due, then 2 weeks after and then again the week before the puppies go to new homes
- By LindyLou [gb] Date 29.09.03 19:26 GMT
Thanks for reminding me Tanya. I had forgotten to give Chloe her worming stuff tonight. :o
My Vets recommended Panacur Liquid to be given 3days in a row at 3 weeks and again at 6 weeks.
I suppose it depends on your vet as to which method they advise. Your best bet is to speak to them and ask what they recommend.
- By filbert [gb] Date 29.09.03 19:35 GMT
Please get advice about worming as it really depends on what product you are using - the last thing you want is to damage the pups.
- By Schip Date 29.09.03 21:28 GMT
I am about to start the generally advised (see book of the bitch) worming protocol on my inwhelp bitch (she's been scanned and 4 in there), I worm from day 40 until the pups are 1 wk old with panacur daily. I then worm the pups at 4 wks and every 2 wks after again with panacur liquid, this time just for the 3 days as normal. I also used 'Stronghold' on my bitch a mth before she was mated as this will kill just about any parasite she may have picked up, I do however stop their daily garlic tablet as it can be a bit harsh on the digestive system when in whelp. I have followed this protocol for many yrs and had no problems with it and no worms found in either mother or pups motions.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 30.09.03 06:49 GMT
I beleive that only Panacur wormer is licensed for use in Pregnancy.

I have wormed four generations of bitches this way now, starting tfrom 6 weeks in whelp (pups are now fully formed and past the absorbtion stage, just filling out) to 3 days post whelping.

I then worm at 3 weeks over 3 days, and again at 7 weeks (so they are finished before going to new homes. I then tell new owners to do them at 12 weeks and monthly until six months. I use the 10% suspension, and have only ever had problems with the one litter that I did sat 2 1/2, 5 and 8 weeks. As I had previously been told by vet when to worm I wey should have resulted in 98% worm free pups at birth.

This means I have wormed 8 litters without a hitch, with just my third litter causing me a lot of trouble with diarhoe, as to my mind thre times in 5 weeks is too often if th3e bitch has been wormed in whelp also.

I have never ever seen any worms passed, as I understqand that it disolves them.

A friend recently rescued a litter of 6 week GSD pups, and they were so full of worms that they did pass whole live and dead worms, and were aneamic too. This proved to me that a good worming protocol for ones dogs, especially breeding bitches is most important. The poor wee mites had no appetite, and weighed only 6 and a haldf pounds at 6 weeks. Now at 11 weeks one of the boys weighs in at 24 pounds! One little bitch was very ill with them, and is behind the others, and will problaqy stay small.
- By Blue Date 30.09.03 10:28 GMT

I remember asking that same question and taking note of your exact post and followed it completely with the panacur with my litter. We never had any problem at all and I never saw any worms dead or alive. Some don't like to worm but I felt for me it was right and more so that I feed a raw diet.

- By Brainless [gb] Date 30.09.03 11:15 GMT
I am half raw feeding now too, and have had no problems with bitch or pups first worming, they are now bouncing nearly 4 week olds.
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