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- By guest [gb] Date 31.08.03 09:34 GMT
hello, i have contacted a breeder over a cavalier litter and has been told they are registered by dog lovers club, can someone tell us what this is exactly?
jenny xx
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 31.08.03 09:40 GMT Edited 02.01.08 11:28 GMT
Jenny, run a search using the search facility in the top right hand corner of the forum page and you will find a lot of information about the DLRC
- By Moonmaiden Date 31.08.03 10:03 GMT
It is a commerically run register that registers any dogs sent to them. Dogs registered with them cannot be shown at KC shows. They keeo no health records nor do they have any restrictions on the ages of the sire & dam of the puppies

Basically I would advise you to stay clear

But that is just my opinion
- By MarkR Date 02.01.08 11:41 GMT
We have been asked by the owners of the DLRC to point out that the above comment regarding health records and restrictions on the breeding age of the dam is now no longer correct:

In an email received today (2nd January 2008), a spokesperson for the DLRC said:

"we do have restrictions on breeding age of Dams and we do keep health records where appropriate."
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 31.08.03 10:16 GMT
I would personally give those breeders a wide berth. Only official KC registration is worth the paper it's written on.
- By archer [gb] Date 31.08.03 10:39 GMT
I could(as could anyone) make up a list of ancestors for my staff and register him with DLRC as a poodle if I wanted !!Enough said!
- By Irene [gb] Date 31.08.03 10:59 GMT
I would steer clear of that breeder, you will probably find that the mother of the pups has been bred from every 6 months, and some of these puppies will have health problems, remember, (if I am right) cavis should be heart tested and eye tested, find a breeder that have had all health checks done and a cavi that is a good example of the breed, wait for a good litter being born, this in the long run will save a fortune on vet fees. I bet this breeder is also charging quite a lot of money and no contracts with this puppy, if there was anything wrong with it later on, she/he would not want to know you !!!!! just my opinion.
- By archer [gb] Date 31.08.03 13:10 GMT
you will probably find you will pay as much for a dog with this dubious registration as you will for a good KC registered pedigree whose parents have had all relevant health checks.
- By kennelsitter [gb] Date 31.08.03 15:04 GMT
Hi there the DLRC is based in Manchester and was thought to be in conection with Mayfield kennels the large puppy outlet up there but they say they are a seperate interest and have nothing to do with this outlet !!!.
All I can say on this club is almost every pet shop and puppy outlet thoughout the UK most of the puppies they sale have DLRC reg!!!
It seems that a lot of the puppy farmers are useing it as cost for reg is lower the KC.
Reg KC £12 5 gen pedigree £15?
Reg DLRC £5 plus you get a free 5 gen pedigree
They do have a web page giving the rules and conditions
Check it out will open your eyes also
- By swdforme [gb] Date 31.08.03 19:10 GMT
Even well known breeders are using this other registration, I wdn't. touch a pup who's sold with these papers!!
- By kellie [gb] Date 31.08.03 21:44 GMT
i got offerd a puppy with the dog lovers reg i looked in to it and found out its not worth much at all depends what u plan to do with your dog i.e show breed or pet also found out that the bloke that offerd me the puppy had always got litters advetised think he was just trying to make alot of money from breeding after breeding myself which is normally the case with the dog lovers reg think it would be better if you whent for a dog with kc reg myself its much safer in the long run regards kellie
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 30.10.03 22:19 GMT
I have been asked by a representative of the DLRC to point out that the some of the above information is erroneous. The following quote is taken from an email sent to me and I hope now clears up any misunderstanding that may have arisen.

"Our website is We charge £8.00 to reg pups/£15.00 adult dogs.They can be shown in exemption shows and we do follow the code of ethics on breeding,i.e. how many litters a bitch can have etc.We are not connected to any kennels "

They were offered the opportunity to join the forum and answer for themselves, but have declined the offer.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 31.10.03 07:06 GMT
Wel there may be no conection to a specific kennel NOW, but it was originally set up by the then owner of mayfield Kennels, and they were renamed Dogs R Us (or is it dogs 4 Us).
- By Poodlebabe [gb] Date 31.10.03 07:30 GMT
That's the information I had on this registration body. There is also another one called UKpetbreeders or something like that also located in wales, hmmmmmm!

- By JaneS (Moderator) Date 31.10.03 09:14 GMT
Yes but we can't prove it unfortunately - they operate from different addresses & have different directors (have checked at Companies House). It seems this company is now monitoring all critical comments about them on the net - a website I am involved with on the admin side was threatened with legal action not so long ago because of similar comments to what regularly appears on this board (the comments appeared in a section on how to find reputable breeders). The site owners decided to remove the comments rather than get involved in any legal dispute.
- By snomaes [gb] Date 31.10.03 07:06 GMT
This is a bit erroneous. ANY dog can be shown at a companion (exemption) show with no papers at all, so what is the point of their statement?

- By Lokis mum [gb] Date 31.10.03 11:47 GMT
Whoo - if their cage has been rattled, maybe they WILL clean up their act!!!

Margot (saying no more than that :D)
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