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- By jumbojet [gb] Date 01.08.03 13:43 GMT
Hi, My 13 week old Border Collie was wormed four weeks ago with Panacur which resulted in diarrhea. My vet said that he needed worming again yesterday and gave me Drontal plus after I said that I thought the panacur had given him diarrhea. He has started again last night with diarrhea and has now just passed a mucus filled blood stained stool. Does anyone know if this is normal or should I take him quickly back to the Vet?
- By Dill [gb] Date 01.08.03 23:03 GMT
My last dog was always wormed with drontal plus with no problems. The dog I have now doesn't tolerate any of the vet wormers. I guess all dogs are different. I would take him to the Vet, what you describe is a bit worse than would normally be expected.
- By liberty Date 01.08.03 23:05 GMT
Both Panacur and Drontal gave my Golden Retriever chronic diahorrea, I would say to be on the safe side, get your pup checked out by your vet; sooner rather than later.
When I worm my dog now, at 14 yrs old she needs a puppy dosage, otherwise..............not a pretty sight first thing in the morning :(

- By westie lover [gb] Date 03.08.03 08:00 GMT
HI, give him a well cooked scrambled egg for breakfast (no fat, no seasoning) which may help his tummy short term- no milk or meat - and take him back to the vet. If he was wormed at least a couple of times by the breeder before 8 weeks his worm burden should not be dangerously high. If it were my pup I would wait another 4 weeks and then consider using Strongid paste wormer for dogs - its the gentlest one I have used. It was recommended to me by a very experienced breeder, though my vets didn't stock it, they ordered it for me. I only use that now all my dogs and never have had any uspet tummies after worming with the Strongid - even on 3 week olds. My adults have Drontal+ once a year in case of tapeworm.
- By dboywunda [de] Date 23.08.03 22:20 GMT
Read page 16-Unwell after worming tablet by Rooney. I have replied to that and will recount once more that my Cavalier Max has had severe diarrohea after using the prescribed dose of drontal. Vets say I should try Panacur-I think not. The diahrrohea had blood staine stools and blood clots in it.
If your dog is O.K. after using Drontal then fine, but for some of our dogs, this wormer is potentially fatal.
- By westie lover [gb] Date 24.08.03 10:46 GMT
I use Strongid paste womer for puppies from 2 weeks old never with any problems, though I did have big probs with Panacur - ill puppies with awful tummy upset. I did suggest it in an earlier post.
- By valezio [gb] Date 31.10.03 12:45 GMT
Hi Dboywonder,

I have posted elsewhere today regarding Drontal and how very ill my Labrador has been this week, after worming her (first time I'd used this, having only had Poppy for 3 months-she is 1 yr old now but I adopted her from a rescue centre). I certainly will never use Drontal again. I was just wondering what you now use, if anything? (I have to add that I am extremely reluctant to ever worm Poppy again-she was seriously ill and also had sickness and diarrheao with a lot of blood and mucus etc).Poppy also had no raised temperature throughout this. The vet has seen her every day this week and thankfully she is now beginning to improve but I honestly thought I was going to lose her.
I just cannot take this risk again.

Thanks for your help,

Best wishes,
- By valezio [gb] Date 31.10.03 12:46 GMT
Hi again dboywunder,
Sorry I spelt your name wrongly in my previous post,
- By dboywunda [de] Date 28.11.03 21:51 GMT
Sorry for not replying earlier.  The vet has insisted that I try Panacur.  Although I have purchased it, I cannot bring myself to use it.
We had great plans for taking Max to France and dog friendly Belgium.  After going thru' the first phase for getting his dog passport, i.e. having him 'chipped', the vet has told us that the French will use only Drontal to worm him . It is a condition of travel that Max be wormed in France shortly before boarding the return ferry. Clearly we will now have to take our holiday in the UK summer 2004.
Please let me know if you have managed to solve this worming problem
- By jeanb [gb] Date 30.11.03 13:04 GMT
Hi,I have also posted on this subject twice before. My lab pup not only had diarrhoea after the Drontal plus,she was also very hyper and agitated. i told the vet this,and the next time they gave me panacur . This time,no diarrhoea,but very nervous,agitated and a totally different dog.I must admit,i didnt finish the sachets,as after 2 days i was too worried about her behaviour.If she needs wormimg again soon,I will ask for the Strongid paste or the puppy liquid Drontal,as that had no adverse effects.
- By dboywunda [gb] Date 30.11.03 22:56 GMT
Thanks for the information.  I know of owners who have never wormed their dogs and their dogs have not suffered from worms.  The wormers are for the treatment of worms, as stated  on the pack.  By giving these wormers to our dogs every 3 months are we making an assumption that the dog has worms?  If we simply want to prevent worms, then why are we giving them a treatment for worms.  Its rather like trying to get rid of dog fleas or ticks, even though your dog doesn,t suffer from the problem.
- By Anwen [gb] Date 01.12.03 08:34 GMT
Unfortunately, you cannot say that dogs have never suffered from worms as adult dogs don't usually show any signs of having worms. Because of the complicated life cycle of worms, dogs are usually carrying worms at some stage in their lifecycle, so they are wormed to prevent the worms becoming a problem. it is pretty safe to assume that dogs have worms and preventative treatment is used to stop the problem spreading. Sorry, haven't explained that very well - not a morning person!
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