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- By kelmiltri [gb] Date 23.07.03 11:28 GMT
Hi there. My 8 month Lab Retreiver is on ongoing treatment of Rimadyl/Metacam. He will be on one of those for life. Does anyone know of any alternative herbal anti-inflammatory remedies to put him onto instead? He has OCD in front legs. He is on Glucosamine and Cod Liver Oil tablets with added Primrose Oil but would be grateful if anyone could help me chage his Anti-Inflammatory drug.

Many Thanks

- By Christine Date 23.07.03 14:14 GMT
Hi, you might find something at the link below & have a look around the site as well on the dangers of side affects from Rimadyl.

Christine, Spain.
- By sami Date 23.07.03 15:44 GMT
I've just had a lot of discussion with a lot of vets re: Rimadyl in the last few weeks...

My eldest cavalier, Cherry, has been diagnosed recently with Leukemia, and during all the tests and procedures she had, to get the diagnosis, three different vet practices have prescribed Rimadyl, so that she wouldn't be uncomfortable after having bone marrow biopsies taken. (She's been seen by various specialists.)
We noticed how she seemed to be skipping around more than usual...
Despite my reservations about Rimadyl, and reading the Senior Dogs horror stories, I do feel that Cherry was a lot happier and active with a small dose, half a 20mg tab twice a day, than she is now I have taken her off it.
(My vet has left it up to me, knowing how I felt about Rimadyl.)

I have been giving her Syn Flex, which is an anti inflamatory, and a natural product, but lately,I think this has been giving her colitis. It certainly isn't the Rimadyl, as she hasn't had any for over a week.

Previously, with another cavalier,I used "RunAround", which is shark cartlidge and green mussel....but I have to admit that Rimadyl does seem to work better, if the dog suits it.

The vets I have voiced my concerns to have all said that in America,where a lot of the dog featured on the Senior Dogs site seem to live, they use a lot higher dosages of Rimadyl, and the tablets are sometimes ten times the dose used in the UK.

There are lots of "natural" anti inflamatories on the market, but I guess it's up to the owner to weigh up the risks against the benefits. Personally, as soon as this bout of colitis is over, I'm going to start Cherry back on the Rimadyl, as it took 5 years off her!!

- By gina [gb] Date 23.07.03 20:51 GMT

My opinion (for what it is worth) is that if my dog were in pain and needed painkillers (as well as anti-inflammatories) then I would prefer to give them something that was proven to work. I do not know whether alternative medicines do actually work for pain (they dont unfortunately on me) so I would rather use a conventional medicine that I know does work than pin my hopes on something that might not. I always tell the vet I do not want rimadyl and to use metacam when it is needed but I have been told that it is a liquid form of rimadyl. Whatever it is it worked and kept my dogs out of pain although (unlike your pup) neither of my dogs have had to stay on drugs long term. I also give one of them glucosamine every day for any arthritis he may have from his injuries as he isnt in pain and doesnt now need pain killers. I do hope you find a satisfactory solution for you.

- By margaret [gb] Date 23.07.03 20:55 GMT
I know it used to be called Devil's Claw, but I think they changes the name to No Bute or something like thats. You can get it from "The Animal Health Company" and it's natures alternative to brufin - I think. I used it on my old great dane when the rigours of old age was catching up with him and I have to say it did work.

- By corso girl [gb] Date 23.07.03 22:03 GMT
Just what i was going to say Margaret i use NO BUTE have done for years on my ponies and my dogs a friends dog has OCD and that is only a pup we have him on NO BUTE and have done from day one a high dose for a while just to get it undercontrol then we lowerd the dose he has this every day in his food 5 weeks on/ 1 week off and he is fine some times he is lame after a longer walk but most of the time he is okay, hope this helps its only herbs so it will not do him any harm. Jackie
- By kelmiltri [gb] Date 24.07.03 10:02 GMT
Ive been looking up on NoBute(Devils Claw) and am considering using it. I have also seen Devils Claw in tablet form, which I think is for humans. Can I give these to my dog or is NoBute the better version??

Many Thanks
- By corso girl [gb] Date 24.07.03 14:26 GMT
Hi yes NOBUTE is the best to give, it may take a few days to work or you might see results after a day dont give up on it give it a month at least as i said i have used it for years with very good results if your dog has been on Rimadyl or any thing else you must give it a week with nothing before you start on the NOBUTE this way the body is clear of any other substance lots luck Jackie
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