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- By guest [gb] Date 14.10.01 20:11 GMT
I sufffer from asthma and therefore would like a dog which does not shed hairs. Which breeds should I consider?
- By dianep [gb] Date 14.10.01 20:37 GMT
Bichon Frise, Poodle, Bolognese, Spanish Water Dog, Lagotto (the last 3 would be harder to find). Maybe a cross breed with a poodle or bichon in them could be suitable if considered going to a dogs home.

If you check out the search option there are a number of people who have enquired re. this before.
- By Bec [gb] Date 15.10.01 21:43 GMT
I suffer from asthma but have had no problems with my dogs I own a Boxer, 5 Parson Russell Terriers and a Schipperke. I am also a dog groomer and have found that I appear to be more allergic to Bichons than other breeds so please dont assume that a non-shedding breed will not affect your asthma. Best bet is to get a short list of breeds then visit some breeders to gauge your response.
- By Pawla [gb] Date 17.10.01 12:57 GMT
Dont really have any details but heard this week there is a new product out that you apply to a dogs coat to stop allegens ask your local vet Pawla
- By dianep [gb] Date 17.10.01 15:40 GMT
I'd be careful of any new products. There are so many things that come out saying that they can stop ellergies etc. and they will very rarely do so. Has this product had trials? How well did it do? I would find out before trying.
- By Ellie [gb] Date 17.10.01 15:53 GMT
I understand that Cockers do not affect asthmatics?!
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