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- By billybob [gb] Date 25.06.03 18:27 GMT
does anyone out there have any idea at what age an akita pups ears start to prick?
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 25.06.03 18:32 GMT
I'm guessing, but I would have thought they'd be similar to other breeds....I'd expect them up (or up-ish) by about 8 weeks.

I'm sure someone will be along to correct me if I'm wrong!
- By billybob [gb] Date 25.06.03 18:38 GMT
my pup is 9 weeks old and one ear is half up some times and the other one is down.i dont know if i am worrying about nothing or if they are going to stay like the way she is the japanese type (akita-inu)
- By Malakai [gb] Date 26.06.03 13:32 GMT
Don't worry too much just yet, my youngest mals ears was very late standing to attention :) If they aren't up in acouple of weeks time, ask your dogs breeder to show you how to tape them. It worked for me :D
- By Benboee [gb] Date 28.06.03 17:37 GMT
Some Akita Ears Start going up at about 8-9 weeks, then they may flop down again, but soon after 9 weeks they should mostly be "UP"
- By billybob [gb] Date 02.07.03 10:23 GMT
thanks she is 10 weeks old now and they are both up
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 02.07.03 10:53 GMT
:) :)
Up Topic Dog Boards / General / akita puppies ears

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