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- By Oldilocks [gb] Date 23.06.03 22:02 GMT
Please can anyone tell me where to buy a rear end trolley for a dog who has paralysed back legs? I am not sure what the correct name for them is, but it is the type which straps onto the dog's body enabling her to walk with only the front legs! The dog weighs 10 stone and has a back injury causing the paralysis which may or may not be temporary. The owner was told by the Vet that the trolleys that he has seen would not support such a large dog!
Thanks Glen.
- By steph n millie [gb] Date 23.06.03 22:18 GMT
you dont say where you are. If you are in the UK, here is a website that you might find useful.
Hope it helps.
good luck
- By Oldilocks [gb] Date 23.06.03 22:37 GMT
Hello Steph n millie,
Thank you so much for the prompt reply.....what a brilliant website this is!!!! The website you recommended is exactly what I was looking for (Incidentally, it is not my own dog which needs this device, but someone has asked me if I knew where they could buy one for their dog!!) I have printed the info. off to pass on.....I'm sure the person will be really pleased as the dog in question is only 6 years old and is otherwise fine!
Thanks again, it is great to know that there are still people who 'care'.
- By steph n millie [gb] Date 24.06.03 08:21 GMT
Hi Glen
Thats no problem. I hope all is ok with your friends dog.
Let us know how he gets on.
Take care
steph and millie
Up Topic Dog Boards / Health / disabled dog trolley?

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