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- By Scattergood [gb] Date 02.06.03 19:14 GMT
My 5 month old mini schnauzers white beard has suddenly turned brown. Any clues, and any natural harmless remedies to get it white again?
- By Malachite [us] Date 02.06.03 19:25 GMT
I also have a white Schnauzer, he is only 9 weeks, he also has a browning beard. There are different whitening dog shampoos that can be used, you can find them at any pet store.
- By mandatas [gb] Date 03.06.03 10:33 GMT

We have the same problem with the beardies, it's caused by a bacteria that grows on the saliva which gets on the beard. The only real thing that works is keep using a whitening shampoo round the face a couple of times a week.

My friend has just got a Bichon and she was told to use Soda Water (as in the drink) as this keeps them white.

- By Scattergood [gb] Date 07.06.03 07:40 GMT
Hi there,which whitening shampoo do you use? I've seen some and they say avoid using near mouth.
- By Kkirgirl [gb] Date 07.06.03 07:47 GMT
lol - Is this a problem for you? I too have an 8yr old Mini Schnauzer and now a 13wk old one too.

I think that when you buy a Schnauzer (As a pet) you accept that he will have an orange beard, Most Schnauzers do! To be honest its not good for their fur to be washing it all the time to try and keep it clean. I have never bothered about mine you just get used to it. You occasionally need to wash it as it can get smelly (dragging it on the floor & eating lol) but thats only a few times a year.

If your planning on showing him then yes a clean beard would be better, but not for family life, leave him to it he will be far happier :)

- By Scattergood [gb] Date 08.06.03 09:07 GMT
No, it's not a problem as such that's why I was asking about natural remedies - the fact that the colour changed over night made me think it was something to do with his food because it's recently changed. As you probably are aware, schnauzers beards can get very smelly, particularly when you have one that loves to forage in soil and munch chipped bark and old branches etc. I do like to clean it regularly, normally with plain water and sometimes with a hypo allergenic wet wipe. I am trying the soda water at the moment on a damp cloth.
- By Louisebarnes [gb] Date 09.06.03 14:37 GMT
Hi there,

My 8mth mini's beard can get filthy too but I give it a really good
scrub once a week in the bath with puppy shampoo, and it comes
out lovely and clean - although it will never be white again :-)
He also has his beard slightly trimmed every few months at the
doggy salon, just so keep it neat.

I am sorry but with the amount of kissing Rufus does - there is NO WAY i could only wash it a few times a year...urrrgghh!

Rufus is as happy as larry to be groomed, and washed etc in fact he
loves the attention and goes bonkers walking into the salon!

He is a bit of a poser, and behaves as though he is the coolest kid in town, and so I like to keep on top of his appearance! Although that goes out of the window when we go to the woods or the beach! :-)

- By Scattergood [gb] Date 09.06.03 19:26 GMT
Hi Louise, I know just what you mean. Has Rufus always enjoyed going to the groomers or has he just become used to it? Oscar's been twice, I take him once every 7 weeks and he didn't want to go in the second time.
- By Louisebarnes [gb] Date 11.06.03 09:21 GMT
well the first time I think he was completley baffled, and overwhelmed
by all these women cuddling him and fussing over him.
But the 2nd time he almost dragged me in, and didn't even look
twice as I walked out.

I must admit he has been bathed EVERY week since we have had him with a gentle puppy shampoo so he doesn't blink an eyelid when
we plonk him in the bath, just stands there and lets me get on with it!

He is by far the cleanest dog I have ever known... :-)
- By Nicola [gb] Date 11.06.03 12:08 GMT
I agree with Roxanne. Mini's shouldn't be cleaned or bathed too often. I was told not to bath the harsh top coat if I could help it. I only ever put Stan in the bath once or twice a year if he gets really mucky or I shower off his legs and belly if they get really muddy. His beard get a wipe now and then and a regular comb to get the bits out. I don't bother about the beard whitener although I know lots of show people do. I don't like it myself.

Somehow he does seem to stay clean. I will use a self-rinsing shampoo or a powder cleaner just before a show which works well to get his leg furnishings clean, and means not having to use water.
- By Scattergood [gb] Date 11.06.03 20:01 GMT
Nicola, looks like we'll have to agree to differ. I too have been washing my mini each week (from about 12 weeks) in a very mild puppy shampoo. Just changed to a good quality tea tree shampoo which is even milder. The results are excellent His coat has a really good silky shine and there has never been any dry or flakey skin as a result.
- By karenC [gb] Date 12.06.03 09:18 GMT
Poppy (6 month mini schnauzer) is black and silver. She is clipped and bathed at the groomers every two months and we bath her once or twice in between. She's not that keen on the bath, so I dont shampoo her face area at all, just give her beard a little splash!! But, her beard is pure white, infact her white markings are all very white.

Is it that her beard is likely to 'tint' overtime, or is it diet related?? (She eat dry kibble. Although, she does enjoy a bit of dog gravy mixed with it :-))

- By Nicola [gb] Date 12.06.03 12:12 GMT
Oh well.......I think it's the difference between owning a mini purely as a pet or wanting to show as well. When you show them the body coat has to be quite harsh. It's also a fault if the leg furnishings are silky, but I have noticed that the minis leg furnishings do seem to be getting fluffier in the ring, so I think this one is overlooked a bit now.

I know you have your minis clipped, and the coat is a lot softer as a result. I expect it does look healthier with a shine to it, brought on by regular bathing.
- By Scattergood [gb] Date 12.06.03 19:11 GMT
My 5 month old's beard literally turned brown overnight and now it is orange. I have realised that it looks to be from some new hide chews that I have bought which are supposed to be barbeque flavour. I have stopped giving them to him now and it is gradually starting to get lighter now. Sorry I can't answer your question although when I look in all the schnauzer books that I have collected, most of the dogs have brown highlights.
- By Kkirgirl [gb] Date 13.06.03 10:03 GMT
I suppose its up to you, i accept that my schnauzer has a brown beard, most do. However you really should only bath your dog when you really need to. Its not good for their coat. A dogs coat has lots of natural oils in it to look after it and bathing stripps these away. If my dog gets dirty i leave him to dry and give him a good brush to get the dirt off.

His beard can get a little smelly sometimes, but i only wash it about 2-3 times a year or if its very necessary. But i dont show him, so its not that important i suppose. I think Stinky Schnauzers are great :) lol

- By Louisebarnes [gb] Date 13.06.03 11:16 GMT
I will get shot for saying this, but smelly dog means smelly house.
- By Kkirgirl [gb] Date 13.06.03 14:09 GMT
Awww i disagree...My dog rarley smells, Because of the natural oils in their coats they look after them selves...I have 2 dogs, 2 cats and my house smells lovley..infact i have just had visitors who commented how nice it smelt.

Some dogs..the longer coated breeds that shed can get a little pongy but to be honest i have never 'smelt' my dogs in the house, or when i stroke them. I only ever wash him if he has been rolling in something he shouldnt or has had his beard in something he shouldnt like bins lol.

I think your being a little small minded thinking in that way, many of the books i have read have suggested that you should only bath your dog when necessary. Once you start to bathe them you will always need to, if you dont they look after themsleves. The only way i intervein with my animals is to brush their teeth!

We have no skin problems, flees are kept at bay, and they have a natural neutral smell. :)

- By Scattergood [gb] Date 13.06.03 17:50 GMT
Steady on Louise :eek: I think it is a matter of personal preference but I can't accept that regular bathing poses a problem for the coat. If it did, my dog would scratch which he doesn't and the skin would be flakey which it isn't. A good quality mild dog shampoo that is well rinsed out is fine in my humble opinion. However, I have to say, my dogs beard regularly gets grotty, medley of duck poo on it this afternoon, probably terrine of mud tomorrow. A proper washing is what's needed otherwise things definitely begin to smell (although the sardines for lunch probably didn't help) :) The great news is that we are all happy with our own bathing routines.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 14.06.03 15:47 GMT
I don't think it is meant that bathing will cause a skin problem, but the breed is meant to have a Harsh coat, and bathing will make it soft masking or ruining it's true texture, which will be part of the judges assement of the dog in the ring. Clipping the coat will also ruin the dogs coat for show, but as a pet bathing and clipping will keep them tidy and fresh far more simply. Thiose who show do not bath the body coat, resorting to bathing the legs and beard if they are dirty. They also have to laboriously strip the coat to get it just right.

As has been posted previously, some people love their dogs coats fluffy and smelling all bathed. What needs to be remebered though is that this will not give the dog as much protection from wet weather, and will attract the dirt more. This is seldom a problem for a pet dog living indoors. :D

I have a friend with Standards, and am itching to see the Pups, who are two weeks old, she won't let me come until they are 4 weeks :(
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