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- By Moonmaiden Date 21.04.03 11:13 GMT
Yesterday I posted a very(well to me & other people including the poor dogs owners & breeder)important post

Yet it has been deleted not moved but deleted

Why ?

Was it because I mentioned another site ? This was to validate the message not to advertize the site

The message was a tribute to a lovely puppy stolen & then killed & an alert to other dog owners in the UK

So why delete it ??????
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 21.04.03 12:00 GMT
No post is every deleted from the forum.Sometimes it is necessary to move a thread temporarily to an administration area. The thread will then be returned in due course. May I suggest that you read the forum terms of service paying particular attention to:

"No press releases, newsletters, Webpages, or copyrighted content may be inserted into posts. Minor excerpts of less than one paragraph (5 sentences) may be used. All other forms of inserted content from Press Releases, Newsletters, Webpages, or any other copyrighted content placed into messages will be removed without exception.A link to the content is appropriate"

If you have any further questions, please address them directly to [email]Admin[/email]

Thank you for your understanding on this matter.
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