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- By tina_cath [gb] Date 15.04.03 19:46 GMT
Hi I have a 9 month old Boxer who has been off colour for four weeks now after leaving him with a dog minder. He was diagnosed with Gastro problems and given various injections and medications which did not work. After researching his symptoms I determined that he had worms. The symptoms he had were loss of weight, ravenous appetite off and on, rice like bits in faeces, dull coat and sickness & diarrhoea, scooting bottom and loud squelchy noises in tummy. So two weeks into his symptoms I wormed him and we changed vets. Our new vet gave him three full doses of Drontal to be taken over three days which seemed to work - four days later i've just noticed rice like bits in his faeces. I feel really fed up with it because i know that the symptoms will return again and the poor dog has had enough medication to last a lifetime. I'm worried that if I worm him again there could be side effects to such high doses. I've just bathed him in flea shampoo but i couldn't see any worms. Why has it not gone after such a high dose of Drontal, I can't understand it. Has anyone else experienced such a thing. ANY HELP APPRECIATED.
Thanks Tina
- By Yappy [gb] Date 15.04.03 20:50 GMT
Was he regularly wormed as a pup. It sounds as though he has a severe infestation and may need a longer course, please go back to your vet.
- By tina_cath [gb] Date 16.04.03 07:29 GMT
Hi, yes he was wormed religiously as a pup but I had started him on the three month session from end of January so he was due his next one at end of April.
- By margaret [gb] Date 15.04.03 21:08 GMT
Is it possible that that worm infestation that your dog has requires a different type of wormer ? Could you then take a sample of his faeces to the vets for analysis to determine what type of worm your poor dog has. I've heard of some types of worms that need an injection that is long acting. Drontal is usually pretty good at clearing out the worms. Are the worm that you found in his faeces alive or dead. Tape worms are rice like and can be tricky to get rid of and is it possible that your dog could be re-infecting himself ?

Just another thought but I've just wormed my puppies with Drontal and they passed worms (dead ones - thank god) fro about 4 days, I then wormed them 2 weeks later and no worms passed that I saw, possibly they dissolved this time or were not fully developed, here's hoping I don't see anything on the next worming. So is it possible the rice bits were dead worms that were being passed and the ones on the 4th day like my puppies had taken their time at coming throu the system. Do let me know how you get on.

- By tina_cath [gb] Date 16.04.03 07:34 GMT
Thanks Margaret and Tracey,
I told my vet that the worms looked rice like, so i assume he gave me the appropriate medication but I have never seen them move. The ones in his faeces yesterday were still so I think I'll wait to see if he gets anymore today. If it continues I think I'll suggest the injection as that sounds a good course of action. It's so nice of you all to reply -thanks for the hope!!
- By AGIOSGSDS [gb] Date 16.04.03 00:22 GMT
Ugh this is horrible, I had a pup bought in years ago now that was full worms about 4 inches long some...gave him a longer course of drontal but it didn't work, if they lick themselves because they're itching they re infest themselves cos the worms even the dead ones are covered in tiny eggs, anyway I took him to the vet and he had an injection which cleared them up for good.So as Margaret also says , this sounds like the right course to go down with your puppy.It's one of the most horrible things isn't it, makes me go all shivery thinking about it.
Hope you get it sorted :)
- By scratchy [gb] Date 16.04.03 20:36 GMT
just a thought but have you used a proper prescription vet flea product for him and a proper house spray?(pet shop flea shampooos and wormers aren't good enough) if there are fleas in the house then the dog will keep getting reinfected with the tapeworm from them. do you have any other pets? cos all these will need treating too for both fleas and worms. does he like to hunt and eat things or is he a scavenger or fond of eating dead birds etc or even other dogs faeces he could also pick up tapeworm through this. drontal literature says that dogs with heavy worm burdens can be rewormed after 14 days. it does not stay in the system very long, it will just kill any worms it comes it contact with, it wont stop the dog from picking up more worms, which is why you need to try and figure out where he is picking them up from. does he still go to the dog minder? if there is a lot of dogs there and these have worms he could be getting reinfected there? i would go back to your vet as this needs to be sorted as he must be feeling awful with such a worm burdern. i hope you can get him sorted soon,
- By tina_cath [gb] Date 17.04.03 07:50 GMT
Hi, I think (fingers crossed) that what I saw two days ago were dead worms because I have seen nothing else since. Thanks for your advice and if it does come back I will bear in mind your suggestions.

- By westie lover [gb] Date 19.04.03 04:18 GMT
The bits of rice sound like tapeworm eggs to me, has the dog been wormed for tapeworm? all the symptoms point towards tapeworm.
- By margaret [gb] Date 19.04.03 09:36 GMT
I didn't know you could see tape worm eggs so easily. I was told that it is the tape worm segments that are alive and look very much like rice when dead and dried out. A cat I had years ago was very prone to tape worms, probably due to where he used to go hunting and I learned such a lot about tape worms from him.

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