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- By Scattergood [gb] Date 31.03.03 19:21 GMT
Hi, I have a 15 week old mini schnauzer and his biting is getting a little excessive. I don't think he has an aggressive bone in his body but he loves to bite and it's getting harder. I have read lots of threads on this wonderful site and I haven't given up on the high pitched yelps or the turning my back or the timeouts. I would just like to know how long I should expect it to continue. It's been going on since he was about 9 weeks old. Also, I have great difficulty in brushing him, he continuously tries to bite the brush, then when I try to hold his head - yep you guessed it, he bites my hand. I have tried getting him to chew something else whilst I am doing it but the brush is always the target. Does anyone know when he will grow out of this. I am taking him to the groomers next week - goodness knows how she will get on. Also, has any one any good ideas for preventing biting of the slippers (whilst they are on your feet) or indeed the trouser legs. I sometimes feel that I have a schnauzer permanently attached to my ankles. Don't get me wrong my miniature mischief maker is adorable - but I need some reassurance from someone who has been there and done that. Yours hopefully
- By Kkirgirl [gb] Date 01.04.03 08:18 GMT

Firstly you are not alone! I think many of us have gone thru this (especially with the grooming) I have an 8 yr old Mini Schnauzer (in 5 weeks im getting another Schnauzer Pup) anyway...As far as the biting it does stop, have you tried nyla bones or kongs? these are chew toys and you can tell him/her that that is what they are allowed to chew not your ankles! lol. Keep on as you are, making a point of saying ouch! and ignoring him/her.

As for grooming, i too had the biting the brush problem and i still use his chewed brush! Ahhh...I found that after he started having regular grooming he settled down. I started him on a routine. Every friday morning he gets an all over brush and he knows that after if he behaves he gets a chew stick. It was his groomer that told me to do it as she does it with every dog that she grooms. My dog still does not like having his bierd brushed but he does not bite anymore as he knows he will be told off and put 'in his bed!' (schnauzers hate to upset you and he will soon learn not to do that)

Dogs like routine and i would suggest that you get into one with the grooming. Find a time that is good for you both and stick to it week in week out. He will soon learn. Oh and dont go fussing over him during the week. Thats when they start to hate it, grooming needs to be fun. Pleanty of fuss, talking and if he wont let you do it stop, and go back in half an hour after he has calmed down.

Hope that helps. Mail me if you like.

- By Louisebarnes [gb] Date 01.04.03 09:28 GMT
Hi there,

I have a 5½ month old Mini S, aren't they adorable, and have had ALL the problems you mention - so don't worry!

Your little one sounds just like my Rufus, but it is worth all the work isn't it, and don't they have such a cute innocent 'it wasn't me' look!!

With regard to grooming, although I don't like it I have a second brush
that he mouths whilst I brush him, I got this tip from someone on this site. It is not ideal but it means I can groom him properly for 10 mintues on a daily basis. As I have no intention of showing him, I don't see the point of stressing myself out about it.

Rufus also did alot of biting, especially around teething - which at 14 weeks your puppy could be soon approaching. We made sure we had
other things to let him chew on, and just perservered with shouting ' no' and removing hands. (I must admit he is still abit mouthy on our hands yet!)
Have you tried giving him raw cold carrot from the fridge (large chucks to chew on) and ice cubes!

With regard to trouser legs/long skirts - he has grown out of this now. I just ignored it really, however he will still launch himself at anything dangling from a work surface i.e. tea towel.

Lots of luck with your mini schnauzer, if I can help with anything feel free to email me

Louise x (and Rufus)
- By Nicola [gb] Date 01.04.03 12:08 GMT
I had to smile when i read your post. My mini was exactly the same as a pup. He was extremely mouthy when playing and was forever play attacking our trouser legs and hanging on to them. They do grow out of it eventually and quieten down a lot when they reach maturity (which I find a bit of a shame really). It does take a while though and you just have to persist in telling them off or distracting them with an alternative toy to chew.

My dog still doesn't like being groomed much...and particularly hates his front legs being combed. I now have a proper grooming table with an arm and restraints to try and keep him still. Don't worry about taking your pup to be groomed. They are always much better behaved with a stranger when being groomed. My one has got used to being groomed as he's got into a routine and will put up with it to a certain extent as long as I'm careful with the knots (goes without saying really!).

Don't lose heart. They can be exasperating little devils when pups but they do grow out of their naughty ways eventually. Just keep telling them "NO!!" and distract them with something more acceptable.
- By MadasaHatter56 [gb] Date 01.04.03 14:11 GMT
Hi all,
GOSH-i must be the only one with mini schnauzers that have never done anything like that before-most probably because i bred all mine myself & they were trained for show purposes so were handled from day one & taught to stand on a grooming table from 8 weeks old with a brush out & clippers (without the blade on) run over there body just to get them used to the noise so if ever the new owners were to clip them they wouldn't be a problem.
I have never had the mouthing/biting problem, but a mini bitch i used to groom was a terror for her owners to do but i stopped her in her tracks with plenty of foul tasting anti-chew spray rubbed all over my hands she didn't like the taste & never tried to bite again.
They are the best breed we've ever owned so keep persisting & as one other person said get them used to a routine as it works wonders for the future to have a well behaved dog.
- By Lindsay Date 01.04.03 16:17 GMT
My dog (not a schnauzer) was the same; eating the brush, not standing still, etc. I made grooming periods short and tied her up, with a fav. toy just out of reach. As she accepted one or 2 brush strokes, we then had a short game. I slowly built this up and she will now stand for quite a while which is helpful!

I also discovered she really couldn't handle many types of brush when she was a pup, but was OK with rubber Zoom Grooms. So i used these until she was much better and then progressed to slicker and other types of brush (I'm no expert on grooming, just try to make her look nice).

- By Scattergood [gb] Date 01.04.03 19:36 GMT
Hello again, thanks for all of the responses - you've all given me great hope and I will try the tips suggested. He's stretched out at the moment, hind legs thrust out behind him looking like an angel - what he doesn't realise is that now I have been given a little "inside" information - I am on to him. Thanks alot. PS I might be back for more help
- By karenC [gb] Date 02.04.03 11:01 GMT
Hi Scattergood

I too have a mini s. who will be 15 weeks on Friday (her name is Poppy). We have had her almost 7 weeks. Her worst biting/nipping phase was probably 10 - 13 weeks. We feel that she still has crazy hours where all she wants to do is nip us, but these are gradually becoming fewer - the main thing we do is shout NO (quite aggresively!) and then say TOY in a gentle voice and pass her something of her own. If she is really bad, we put her in the kitchen for a few minutes to calm down.

As for hanging on trouser legs - it was a nightmare, but again this is definetly not happening as often. Up until about two weeks ago, it was all she did when we were in the house (resulting in one torn suit and holes in a few pairs of jeans!). Again, this had reduced in the last couple of weeks, and we have been very firm with NO.

We went through a phase a few weeks ago of really worrying that Poppy was probably quite an aggressive dog, but this site has also reassured us that this sort of behaviour is quite normal. How is your Mini S on the lead?

- By Scattergood [gb] Date 02.04.03 18:11 GMT
Hi Karen, glad to hear that things are looking better for you and poppy. As for the lead, no problem there at all, he doesn't try and bite it, he's far more interested in sniffing around. I much prefer the extended leads to the short version. I got him used to it really quickly, only a couple of week's after I got him. I am also pleased that he doesn't pull too much. How are you getting on with plucking the ear hairs? Also, I think our puppies where born on the same day. Where did you get her from?
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 02.04.03 18:22 GMT
Hi Julie,
You say you like the extended leads - do you mean the retractable ones? If so, please make sure you have it locked short when you are near a road. I once witnessed a horrid accident when a dog was ahead of his owner with the lead extended, and he ran into the road after a cat......
- By Scattergood [gb] Date 02.04.03 19:54 GMT
Jeangenie, thanks for the advice. It is retractable and I do keep it locked short when near roads/cars.
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 02.04.03 20:03 GMT
:) :)
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