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- By rachaelparker [gb] Date 17.02.03 14:22 GMT
Hi I have recently got a labrador puppy and friends of ours who were considering the same have been completely put off by how much hard work is involved in raising a puppy.

They are now convinced the best route for them is an adult dog and they have asked me to ask if anyone knows if police dogs or guide dogs that dont quite make the grade are rehomed as pets and if so how can they get moe information about them.
- By metpol fan [gb] Date 17.02.03 14:33 GMT
Most labs that are gifted into the police are from the public that can not do anything with the dog for example they havent done much training with it and it is out of control, anyway if they are no good for training they are either returned to the owners or sold on as pets with all there problems, dogs that are bred by the police are tested at 7 weeks old and if they fail are sold as pets, do not be fooled into thinking that if you were to get a dog from the police it would be fully trained because it wont be plus the fact that most labs acquired by the police are from working gundog lines which need much more training than the average lab, either way if the people you know are sure they want to get a dog they will have to do the training themselves, hope this has helped
- By rachaelparker [gb] Date 17.02.03 14:44 GMT
thats what I told them. I was even under the impression that if police dogs fail to qualify at certain stages of their training they cant be sold on as pets because they have been taught to chase and bite (or hold - not sure of the correct term but you know what I mean).
- By Lara Date 17.02.03 15:15 GMT
No - it just makes you careful where you home them :)
- By digger [gb] Date 17.02.03 15:06 GMT
The Met Police have a two year waiting list for 'failed' police dogs......
- By rachaelparker [gb] Date 17.02.03 15:29 GMT
Do you know how strict they are as to where the dogs get rehomed.

My friends would be very good owners but are at work all day but would have a dog walker at least once a day

any ideas if this would rule them out?????
- By Miss Tiggywig [gb] Date 18.02.03 20:48 GMT
My mother had a failed black lab some years back from the local police kennels. They did no checking on her & sold the dog with all the papers. To me she had a completely unsuitable lifestyle for a dog, being disabled and living alone in a mobile home. The dog (aged about 8 months) was totally out of control and had no basic training whatsoever. She couldn't let it off the lead as it would chase other dogs for miles and was too strong for her to hold. Eventually it pulled her so hard while out walking one day that she fell over and broke her shoulder. The dog was eventually signed over to lab rescue. It seemed as though dogs were being sold off by the police willy-nilly. As a breeder myself (different breed) I spend a lot of time checking out prospective owners & always do my own rehoming if required. Why can't the police be as considerate?
- By metpol fan [gb] Date 18.02.03 22:21 GMT
Im afraid the police attitude is that they are not seen as a rehoming centre, i must say most of the time they do tend to sell dogs to people they know or friend of a friend kind of situation, with gifted in dogs they will always try to send them back to the owner if they can.
- By gina [gb] Date 17.02.03 18:31 GMT
So pleased to hear that. Saw on TV a few years back a prog on police training and they said they put the dogs to sleep if they failed. I thought at the time how could anyone give them their pet to them if there was a chance of their being pts. Glad they were wrong although I am 100% that is what they said. :)
- By digger [gb] Date 17.02.03 18:43 GMT
Are you thinking of the Forces animal training unit in Leicestershire? I believe they do occasionally have to PTS failed dogs once they ahve gone past a certain point in their training because they are trained in a very different way to 'ordinary' police dogs because of the job they have to do - gaurding our military defence sites - which means they are taught to go in much 'harder' than oridinary police dogs
- By dizzy [gb] Date 17.02.03 18:48 GMT
my dad had to hand back a young guide dog about 4 months back, -he was to be pet homed as a failed one!!!--not for the weak willed though :D
- By rachaelparker [gb] Date 18.02.03 15:06 GMT
I think we must have seen the same program. cos thats what i thought as well.
The more I think about it though I think they were gifted in because they were aggressive with their owners originally so couldnt be rehomed.
- By Lindsay Date 18.02.03 18:13 GMT
I saw the programme too, there was certainly talk of dogs beign pts rather than beign rehomed because they would'nt have been suitable after their training. I was keeping my fingers crossed for all the dogs and could harldy bare to watch.

- By metpol fan [gb] Date 17.02.03 18:55 GMT
Supposedly!! The two year waiting list isnt that long because people arent prepared to wait that long so they go else where, Gina the program that i think you are talking about was it police dog academy, if so i think it was said but not usually the case only in certain circumstances, my dog was one of the failed dogs from that litter that the program was about.
- By digger [gb] Date 17.02.03 19:59 GMT
Well - my information came last week from Steve Dean - so maybe he doesn't know the full story??.......
- By gina [gb] Date 17.02.03 20:31 GMT
Oh dear could have been the military prog or the police academy one - I think it was the police academy one though. Your dog wasnt pts though was it? Hope this post doesnt come across wrongly etc as I dont know enough about these things to comment too much I just remembered that when I was watching it I would have been upset if my dog had been pts if it had failed (theoretically of course) :p
- By Lara Date 17.02.03 20:49 GMT
If your dog failed a course Gina you would be the first to be offered the dog back :)
- By metpol fan [gb] Date 17.02.03 21:13 GMT
No my dog metpol falcon callen will be 5 on the 1st of may and digger i worked for the met police dog est in the puppy block and steve was my boss as he is in charge of the puppy block, so i know there is no 2 year waiting list infact most of the time they dont have anyone for the dogs, as for the puppys that may be the case now but when i was there we used to get asked if we knew of anybody that wanted a dog.
- By Lara Date 17.02.03 21:39 GMT
It is impossible to estimate how many failures (if any) are going to come up and be available for rehoming to Joe Public - and therefore impossible to put a time scale on. In one initial training course you may get several failures - or none at all.
- By Reefer [gb] Date 18.02.03 22:13 GMT
Was dead chuffed when I discovered what had happened to him Metpol Fan:D
- By metpol fan [gb] Date 18.02.03 22:23 GMT
The lazy bugger is in bed, ours i might add, good police dog he would have made i have never met such a lazy dog in all my life:D
- By Reefer [gb] Date 18.02.03 22:34 GMT
So you don't want him taking part in a where are they now kind of documentry then:D
- By metpol fan [gb] Date 18.02.03 23:20 GMT
He wouldnt be hard to find, just tell the camera crew up the stairs and first on the right to the bedroom, although i would like to see them get passed him he is a very good guard dog, to good on occasions:D
- By Timb [gb] Date 18.02.03 08:54 GMT
I bought my sister-in-law a labrador (bit of a x breed) who was a failed drug dog. Penney was an absolute joy, pretty well train just too scatty to be good enough as a sniffer dog. She was 18 months old. Got her from RAF Newton in Nottingham but I believe they have closed now. They did not have any puppies at all, and had most of the normal breeds that you would expect GSDs, Spaniels, Labs, etc.

Cost £30 which was a vet checkup. Waiting list was supposed to be about 6 weeks for a particular breed but we only waited about 2 weeks.

Recommendation is to talk to the handler who has been training the dog to see why they have failed the course.

It was nice to home a dog that would have been destroyed otherwise
- By LJS Date 18.02.03 12:13 GMT
If they are both out at work they may find it difficult to get a rescue dog. It all depends though and especially as if they are going to get a dog walker.

Get them to try Lab rescue.

- By chaliepud [gb] Date 18.02.03 12:40 GMT
I know of a couple of Guide Dog puppy walkers who, when the dogs failed at various stages of training, were offered the dogs before put up for rehoming, one of them has ended up with so many 'rejects' she has had to give up the puppy walking as she has too many dogs!!! Try calling the head office of theGDBA (they must have a website) there must be a dept that deals with it
Good luck
- By TJD [gb] Date 18.02.03 13:04 GMT
Guide Dogs Website
- By Lifeline [gb] Date 18.02.03 13:57 GMT
I'm writing this as a rescuer, specialising in GSD's. "Failed" is a rather general term. If we supply a dog to a Police force (and I must say here that we only use 3 Forces who I've known a long time) the dogs are tested firstly here and then a longer test is done very quickly after they get to kennels. This is the point that most dogs fail if they're going to. Our dogs are then returned to us. These dogs are not PTS either by the Police or by us. They are usually retrained and then put up for adoption. In a few cases the dog is retested after we've done some work with the dog to improve its working ability.
The problems occur if a dog fails after it has done its "man work", chasing and biting. These days these types of fails are extremely rare. The dogs aren't put onto a full course until the handlers are happy that the dog is likely to pass.
So the rejects are early on, and the person who said that it is wrong to assume these dogs are easy because they're fully trained is right! They are usually rehomed the same as they came in. Some Forces rehome strictly, some don't seem to care so long as the dogs leave. Which is why our dogs come back to us and we only deal with ones I've known for some time. Some Forces are too macho for their own good!
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