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- By Bear [gb] Date 12.02.03 20:29 GMT
My friend has an 11 month old boy who is 25 inches at the shoulder. Her vet thinks he has more growing to do but my own dog had pretty much reached his maximum height at about 12 months.
Does anyone know what the age most Shepherds are when they reach their full height?
- By scottishmal [gb] Date 12.02.03 21:45 GMT
Most dogs generally stop growing height wise at 12 months, bitches can continue growing height wise till 15months.
I asked my vet last week when we were there, as my "little" girl has already reached her breed standard height and is only 7 1/2 months. Hope that helps.
- By AGIOSGSDS [gb] Date 12.02.03 22:09 GMT
Best thing to do is look at his knuckle..its usually flatish when finished growing..:)
- By Zoe P [gb] Date 13.02.03 11:41 GMT
Sorry to sound a bit like a nerd Tracey - but what bit is the knuckle??

Zoe P x

Edited :spelling mistake
- By Bear [gb] Date 13.02.03 13:21 GMT
Why do bitches take longer to grow than dogs???
I will tell her about the knuckle - never thought of that hee hee! My dog's knuckles were huge when he was growing - I thought he was deformed at one point as they bulged so much!
- By AGIOSGSDS [gb] Date 13.02.03 13:51 GMT
My males usually take longer to develop growth wise and mentally, so not sure about the answer to your question sorry. :)

- By Zoe P [gb] Date 13.02.03 13:49 GMT
Ooohh I see - you were talking knuckles! :)
- By AGIOSGSDS [gb] Date 13.02.03 13:50 GMT
Hi Zoe..its where the two front leg bones pups they have like a big bump there and as they grow it flattens it's a good place to look for growth answers...:) Zoe you are not a nerd :)

- By Zoe P [gb] Date 13.02.03 13:51 GMT
I gotcha! thanks Tracey :)
- By WolfWitch [eu] Date 13.02.03 13:54 GMT
Well.. physically they actually grow till about a year as said before... but MENTALLY... now that's a whole different ballgame!!
I think for GSD dogs its about 3 years to some sort of mental maturity ;)
Hopefully my bitch will get there a bit sooner!
- By AGIOSGSDS [gb] Date 13.02.03 14:39 GMT
HI Wolfwitch
I think 3 years to get to some mental maturity is about right..although mine never grow up :)..they just grow out :)
- By Bear [gb] Date 13.02.03 16:27 GMT
LOL!! Agio - how long do your dogs take to grow? Are they German or English bloodlines?
- By AGIOSGSDS [gb] Date 13.02.03 17:48 GMT
Hi Bear
German lines ( with no extremes ) :D
They've usually finished the height growth at about 12 to 14 months..then it takes another 6 to 8 months for them to fill out and get their full adult 'look', ..I like mine quite chunky so they go through the puppy fat stage until they become other words they grow in to their fat and surplus skin...:D
- By WolfWitch [eu] Date 14.02.03 12:04 GMT
I would think Belgian/Dutch sheperds stop growing a bit younger, as they are
somewhat sleeker in build. On the other hand, they tend to be a lot more (hyper)active, so
I guess the GSD can beat them on mental maturity ;)
*ducks as all the belgian shepard owners start throwing objects*
- By sammie [gb] Date 14.02.03 17:24 GMT
i hav'nt got a gsd but a doberman, and his height is 28inchs and he is 18months old could any one tell me if he will grow any bigger ,i have measured himfrom his feet to his back just above his neck any information would be grateful :D
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