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- By verysadandangry [gb] Date 11.02.03 03:36 GMT
I replied to a post about a missing dog yesterday and have come to find it has been deleted today ....why?

I am extreamly annoyed as i thought it was a country of free speach !!!!!!!!!!!!
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 11.02.03 09:18 GMT
No post is ever deleted from this forum. Sometimes it is necessary for posts to be moved temporarily to an administration area.

The Missing Dogs forum is there to log details of missing and found dogs only. It is not there for debate. Debate detracts from the information that has been posted in that forum. It also keeps old posts at the top of the forum page and this is not what the forum is there for. Debates starting from posts in Missing Dogs Forum are branched and continued in Idle Chat. When we get the chance to branch your post, it will appear in Idle Chat. If you have any further questions, then please direct them to [email]Admin[/email] directly.

NB:The Feedback Forum is not provided for debates or questions on forum 'Moderation'. Posts of this nature will be removed. All queries should be made by email to [email]Admin[/email]
Up Topic Other Boards / FAQ / Why was my post deleted in Missing Dogs?

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