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- By guest [gb] Date 21.08.01 11:08 GMT
I have an 8 week old Border Terrier who likes to eat small stones / shingle. Most of the time she just spits them out or I take them out of her mouth but yesterday she definitely swallowed a small piece of shingle. It didn't cause her any distress when she swallowed it but I was wondering if someone could tell me if she has swallowed a few stones if this will cause her any stomach problems. I'm not sure if the stones will pass through her or not and I have visions of her having to have an operation to remove them. Apologies if this is a daft question, I'm just a concerned new puppy owner!
- By Jackie H [gb] Date 21.08.01 12:50 GMT
Stone eating is not to be encouraged but is impossible to stop. You will be very unlucky if it causes your pup any trouble, but if you do think it is under the weather and take it to the vet don't forget to say you have a stone eater. I find they are less likely to swallow the stone if you ignore the fact that it has one in its mouth, defenatley don't chase, makes the whole thing more exciting. I had one that prefered snails and that realy did worry me.
- By Jacquie [gb] Date 21.08.01 18:51 GMT
I wouldn't consider it totally impossible to stop a dog eating stones. There are at least a couple of options - Don't let the dog have access to any stoney areas, or if stones really can't be avoided (ie trips to the beach) use a muzzle - much better than the prospect of an operation.:)

Jacquie (Myatuk Alaskan Malamutes).
- By Jackie H [gb] Date 22.08.01 05:54 GMT
Very difficult Jacquie, mine have a part concreat, part grassed area with access to our day room/office. and they dig on the grass and they find stones which they bring in and rattle arround their teeth. Yes we could concreat the whole area, but it is rather large or we could restrict their area, but the bitches will not relive themselves on the concreat and we have one dog who's scrotum becomes very sore if he sits on the concreat. We have sealed an area of the concreat but not only dose it become slippery it is not so good for their feet. As you say 'not totally impossible' but very difficult unless you want to wrap them up in cottonwool and allow no possibility for them to entertain themselves, I would prefer to make things as safe as I possible can and then allow them some freedom to enjoy their lives. May be I've been lucky but I have not had a health problem with any of my puppies although I know stones have been ingested because they appear in their stools. I quess if I had had a bad experiance they may all have found themselves in cages or me in a mental hospital trying to deal with the problem. It is a habit to be discouraged, but lets not frighten the original poster to death or talk her into restricting her charge so that it dose not develop properly. Sorry about the spelling can't find the dictionary.
- By Leigh [us] Date 21.08.01 13:01 GMT
Jackie is right, you need to discourage her as quickly as possible. But not by chasing. You have to be one jump ahead of her and stop it happening before she does it :-) Luckily most pup's grow out of the habit before any real damage is done but swallowed stones can kill ! Keep a close eye on her and if she becomes unwell, get her to a vets fast.
A friend of mine came close to losing her bracco recently, when a small stone that the dog had eaten got stuck in the dogs bowel as it passed through. The first she knew about it was when she awoke to find the dog continuously retching. She was very lucky not to lose him.

Keep your eye's open and hopefully the phase will pass quickly.

- By Freeway [gb] Date 21.08.01 14:07 GMT
Its not just the swallowing of stones you need to watch out for. Last year we nearly lost our male GBGV due to a stone getting stuck in his windpipe. He used to love picking up stones, throwing them in the air and catching them. This was August bank holiday and he was pottering about in the garden then mum saw he was trying to be sick and then he just collapsed. It must have been the way dad picked him up because the stone was dislodged but he was still out of it when we put him in the car to go to the vets. We got half way there and he totally recovered, wondering what was going on which was just as well because it being bank holiday the vet wasn't there! However, he knew what had happened because as soon as he got back in the garden he was searching all over the place for the stone that nearly killed him.
- By sam Date 21.08.01 17:11 GMT
we had a hound opened up 4 times to remove large pebbles!!!!!!
- By Lady Dazzle [gb] Date 22.08.01 08:47 GMT
Try to discourage your puppy as soon as possible from even playing with stones. BT's are notorious for eating all sorts of awful things. I nearly lost my precious Poacher 2 years ago, he had eaten the core of a sweetcorn cob, and it blocked the intestine. Look out for any vomiting, particularly after eating or drinking. If she does vomit get her to your vet quickly.

Give her lots of other things to play with and everytime you see her with stones, use the NO word and really mean it.

If I can give you any further help do get in touch, I breed BT;'s and would be pleased to give you any help you might need. Where did you get your puppy from?


- By Lindsay Date 22.08.01 12:33 GMT
I have had this problem until lately with my Terv puppy.

There is a small area between house and paved area which is gravelled to aid drainage, and she would sit there and dig and grab a bit of gravel/pebble in her mouth.

I coped by distracting her with a toy each time, but then as I was so worried and it's impossible to keep and eye on them for each second, i laid down planks of wood on top so they can't be moved.

She now doesnt really try, maybe they do grow out of it in time.Be careful you don't make the pup think that th epebble is a way to get your attention, try to keep calm and be matter of fact or she will do it all the more.
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