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- By weims [gb] Date 15.08.01 12:39 GMT
I know that there is something that you can buy to help dry up the milk supply after the bitch has had puppies but cant remember what it is.? Can anyone help me?
- By Tripsox [us] Date 15.08.01 13:38 GMT
Why do you need help to dry up the milk? Is is a difficult bitch?
- By weims [gb] Date 15.08.01 20:12 GMT
No she has not lost the pups, she is not a difficult bitch, the pups are weaned but still try to feed when she goes to them, her milk has not dried up in a couple of days as has happened before so I thought I might lend a hand as I dont want her getting mastitis. She is teaching the pups as she should and as for the comment about cows and teats I am not even giving it creedance, if you cant be constructive shut up. All I asked for was the name of the 'stuff' you can buy to dryup milk, if you cant help then forget it, I am sure I will be able to get the info elsewhere...... I know I'll ask Jeeves !!!!!!

- By sam Date 15.08.01 15:16 GMT
dry-cow tubes work well!!
- By Val [gb] Date 15.08.01 17:46 GMT
Allow the bitch to "train" and play with her puppies but don't let the puppies feed as this stimulates milk production. Reduce the dam's food intake and increase her exercise and if there are no other problems, the milk should dry up on it's own in a couple of days.
- By Kerioak Date 15.08.01 18:57 GMT
If she has lost the pups suddenly then epsom salts in the drinking water can help
- By weims [gb] Date 15.08.01 20:21 GMT
I am sorry I got a bit heated! I have never heard of 'cow tubes', please explain! With her previous litter I had no problem with the milk drying up, but this time maybe she has more milk but its not drying up, but the pups trying to suckle dont help. I thought if Icould help it dry up then the pups would be less inclined to want to suckle and hey presto! I has a problem a couple of yrs ago with a phantom and the vet suggested something that drys up the milk but I cant remember what he said, I just wondered if anyone on here knew.

Please accept my apologies!!!! I dont usually post but I visit dailyto see whats going on and everyone seems so helpful I thought I'd give it a go... so to speak. I'm not a novice when it comes to dogs I've had them for over 35 years,but I;m no expert either. Ijust cant remember the name of the product that dries up the milk....
- By JoFlatcoat (Moderator) [gb] Date 15.08.01 21:51 GMT
The homeopathic remedy is Urtica, but I know that one potency dries up milk, but another stimulates it, and can't remember which is which. Ask Dorwest herbs or Ainsworths

Jo and the Casblaidd Flatcoats
- By fleetgold [gb] Date 15.08.01 23:08 GMT
Dogs and Homoeopathy from Ainsworths mentions a few remedies and states "A remedy can thus start and stop lactation depending on which is appropriate. Higher potencies are more likely to start and lower potencies to stop lactation."
They specifically mention Lac Caninum for drying up milk after weaning, although Urtica and Alfalfa are also mentioned. Several others are mentioned if any mastitis is present.

Take the rough with the smooth
- By Leigh [us] Date 16.08.01 07:07 GMT
Hi Wei, not sure if it will help but try Ainsworths.The email address can be found on the site :-)

- By sam Date 16.08.01 09:12 GMT
I most certainly was not being sarcastic or anything of the sort....I was offering you information as you requested. I did not mention teats either. Dry cow tubes, are what we use on dairy cows when they have almost finnished lactating and are ready to be "dried-off" ie to stop being milked. It works ok on hounds too, although obviously not licensed for anything other than cows.
- By rach [gb] Date 15.08.01 22:19 GMT
We sometimes rub vinegar on to the teats as this discourages the puppies to suckle not sure if it aids the milk too dry up but then never got to grips with the wonders of what you can do with vinegar you would need my grandma for that!
- By westie lover [gb] Date 16.08.01 07:13 GMT
Hi weims, Mostly my bitches have more or less dried up by 6-7 weeks. If they haven't I let the puppies suckle occasionally. Say suckle 9pm, then 24 hours later, then 36 hours later, adding 12 hours each time, and try not to let them empty her, maybe by letting only half the litter feed. Together with much lower protein feeding and getting her back into "normal life", exersise, distrcations etc. Usually by 3 or 4 days later she is not filling up anymore. I know this doesn't answer your question, but I haven't had to resort to using medicines doing it this way. Luckily my girls dont often lose much condition rearing litters as they are usually small in number, so I dont have to take this into consideration. Of course if she is still churning out pints you may have to resort to other methods, but I haven't needed to.
- By weims [gb] Date 16.08.01 21:05 GMT
Thanks to Jo, Joan, Leigh, Rach and westie lover for your help and suggestions Ireally appreciate it. Sorry to Sam I thought you were being sarcastic as Ihave never heard of dry cow tubes, not having had anything to do with cattle I still dont understand what it is, but I apologise.

I will probably give the vinegar a try, as its an external thing first, then if that doesnt work I will try the other suggestions.

Thanks again
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