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- By Admin (Administrator) Date 13.07.17 07:38 GMT
Kennel Club Addresses Issue of Unrecognised Colour Registrations in Pedigree Dogs

"The Kennel Club and breed clubs are increasingly concerned about fashions in unrecognised colours and these colours being advertised as ‘rare’ and the Kennel Club is putting measures in place to tackle the issue while gathering data to help protect the welfare of all dogs.

The Kennel Club is wary of the dangers of breeding or buying dogs solely for colour, particularly when these colours are unrecognised in the breed and are often advertised as being ’rare’.  People breeding these dogs are often doing so with little or no regard for important elements such as health, temperament and conformation, and are effectively duping puppy buyers by claiming certain colours are ‘rare’ or advertising litters as colours that do not exist.

Having listened to the views of breed clubs and others involved in the dog world, the Kennel Club has announced the first phase of measures to address the problem, which will come into effect immediately.  These measures have come about as a direct result of recommendations made by the Kennel Club’s Communications Working Party and have involved a considerable financial investment in database development over the past year."

Full Article HERE
- By MamaBas Date 13.07.17 07:48 GMT
Good!!    I have just seen somebody on another website advertising a litter of 'rare' lemon and white puppies .......... whilst most are called red and white these days, the lemon and white, in my breed, is NOT rare and for me 'rare' usually means an unrecognised colour!!  For that sort of breeder, rare = MONEY from the gullible.

And these abnormal colours often go with other problems - I watched Noel Fitz. last night (recording) working on a white GDS who had elbow and hip problems - big problems.   I didn't finish watching so don't know whether he was able to correct all that was wrong in that poor dog.  At least the dog appeared to have a wonderful temperament.
Up Topic Dog Boards / General / Kennel Club and Unrecognised Colour Registrations

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