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- By Clumberjack [gb] Date 19.06.17 18:30 GMT
A friend, with a different large breed to mine, has an experienced bitch coming to use her maiden boy this week.  I have helped her with other matings in the past but have damaged my knee so now cannot get there to help. In theory she knows what to do as I've talked her through it (she usually only keeps bitches so not handled a stud before, let alone a novice). If she can't get a mating on the first visit can anyone recommend a stud handling service? I have no idea where to even start looking!
- By suejaw Date 19.06.17 20:18 GMT
There are people about. Can another nearby breeder not help her out?
What area are you because there are a few people who have a business to assist in matings if needs be.
- By Clumberjack [gb] Date 19.06.17 20:47 GMT
She is south east of Leicester. I have suggested a couple of breeders but think if it's not someone she knows really well then she would prefer someone completely impartial. If there is such a thing! I'm hoping that the fact the bitch is experienced may help carry them through. Perhaps me trying to be helpful is giving them reason not to sort it themselves... I've googled a few but as any individual could set themselves up in business knowing who to try (if it comes to that) is difficult.
- By MamaBas Date 20.06.17 08:24 GMT
I have to admit that when we have the occasional stud enquiry, I had a really experienced breeder I called on - I swear she could mate chairs to tables and certainly had a knack when it came to mating Bassets.   I'd arrange to meet up with the visiting bitches at her place, taking my male(s) across there.   I gave her a percentage of the stud fee although I think she rather enjoyed the social occasion!!    It was very rare, but not unknown, to have a Basset male who could help himself much as I had one and he got really upset if I tried to get involved!!

If you are doing Clumber matings, I'd imagine they'd be much the same.   We usually have to sit with the bitch across our knees which meant quite a load when the male climbed onboard :grin:

I'd not be overly concerned about finding somebody 'impartial'.   What's more important - that or getting the job done, whatever it takes.
- By Clumberjack [gb] Date 20.06.17 17:34 GMT
No not clumbers (in fact I haven't had one for donkey's years so my username is a misnomer) - she has a large working breed. I've said today pretty much what you have said-I can't help this time so you have to decide how much you want him to be successful.
Thanks. Still tittering at the 'mate a table' comment. My mentor was like that. :lol:
- By mixedpack [gb] Date 21.06.17 07:03 GMT
I would suggest that if there are no suitable breeders that she could use then enlist the help of a sensible, calm friend with dog sense and have you on the end of a phone if necessary. If the bitch is fully willing and standing then hopefully all that will be needed is to make sure he gets on the bitch the right way and let nature take it's course, it always seems to me that most problems occur when bitches are not relaxed and ready to mate.
- By Clumberjack [gb] Date 22.06.17 18:54 GMT Upvotes 1
All that worry for nothing-he did the job like an old pro! Thanks for the advice anyway.
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