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- By Skyepoppy [gb] Date 17.06.17 18:31 GMT
Has anybody had any experience with puppy walking for guide dogs.
I have recently applied to be a puppy walker, something I've always wanted to do.
I'm now undecided as I've heard many conflicting experiences from people who have puppy walked and also from families of puppy walkers, regarding the training process, having to bring the puppy up very strictly etc etc.
I would love to hear any expereinces good or bad.
Thank you.
- By Alfieshmalfie Date 18.06.17 07:42 GMT
I'll message you
- By saxonjus Date 19.06.17 09:01 GMT
Yes I have...I also puppy walked 2 Police dogs. Happy to be pm'd
- By Skyepoppy [gb] Date 20.06.17 08:04 GMT
Thanks, I have pm'd you.
Up Topic Dog Boards / General / Guide Dog - Puppy Walking

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