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- By sherriesmum [eu] Date 17.06.17 17:28 GMT
one of my girls had 6 puppies 4 weeks ago.the one i was keeping to breed on in the line has a hernia (not in the breeding line) my fault as went to the loo at the birth came back and mum had bitten the cord short and there was fair bit of bleeding which stopped shortly afterwards.well im still keeping the puppy.what age can the hernia be fixed i want it doing at earliest op.i read 4 months they could be done.she is not going to be bred from either as i dont breed from dogs who have hernias.i will get her spayed after her 2nd season or so.i dont want to wai till then to get hernia fixed.
- By Merlot [gb] Date 17.06.17 20:43 GMT
It depends how big it is, if its just a little button then leave till the spay it will do no harm.
Up Topic Dog Boards / Breeding / puppy with hernia

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