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- By Goldengirls3 [gb] Date 16.06.17 07:28 GMT

I have a litter of 5wk old pups all weaned on raw mince, goats milk and mashed kibble given 4 times a day.
All pups have good appetites and are gaining weight.

Pups have a pen in the kitchen and are enclosed at night but have the entire kitchen during the day.
At night the pen is closed and one end puppy pads are put down.
At 6am when i rise to go check them i can see there is evidence that they have pooed on the pads (smears) but not a poop in sight!
- By Brainless [gb] Date 16.06.17 14:23 GMT
Mum could be cleaning up (my girls would when pups poo indoors).

If it's the pups it's pretty common, and only way to deal with poo eating pups is to pick up right away (obviously not do-able at night).

Make sure to keep worming up to date.
- By Goldengirls3 [gb] Date 16.06.17 15:18 GMT
Mum no longer wants to clean up after the pups as they are being weaned and with 9 pups it's too many.
As I said daytime isn't a problem as we are right behind them picking it up when they are toileting literally from 6am to midnight.  it's during the night that's the problem!

All pups and mum is up to date with worming.

They have their last meal at 10.30pm maybe I should make that earlier???

Does anyone else pups do this? They are a litter of 9 golden retrievers.
- By Charlie Brown [gb] Date 17.06.17 06:14 GMT Upvotes 1
I've had puppies that have done this, as Brainless says, pick up in the day time immediately so they don't get chance, but overnight I know it isn't possible.

I think they're probably copying Mum and keeping their 'den' clean.

It's very hard to stop them, just make sure it's as little as possible and keep them and Mum wormed.
- By Goldenmum [gb] Date 17.06.17 07:43 GMT Upvotes 1
I would either bring the last feed forward or wait up a little later to clear up, 9 fed puppies very quickly means 9 poos. I've seen myself counting the pops as they happen, we must be mad lol.
- By Goldengirls3 [gb] Date 17.06.17 23:30 GMT
I spoke to my vet and he suggested i change the kibble im giving them as they could be lacking something?
I have done this and they all seem to have adjusted to it. but i think the are still eating some poo maybe not all of it like before but still during the night.
Other than sit up all through the night watching them i dont think i can stop them!

I think i will bring their last meal forward to 8.30 and see how that goes!

Thank you everyone for the advice.
- By Brainless [gb] Date 18.06.17 08:47 GMT Upvotes 1
I would not bring their feeding earlier.
- By biffsmum [gb] Date 18.06.17 11:26 GMT
I know you have a large litter but is there any way that you could crate them in smaller numbers overnight? With my last litter of 11 we had 5 crates up at night, with 2,2,2,2 and 3 in them. This helped with them messing overnight, putting them to bed at 11pm and then out at 6am.
- By MamaBas Date 18.06.17 15:41 GMT

> I spoke to my vet and he suggested i change the kibble im giving them as they could be lacking something?

This is one theory about stool eating that I subscribe to (the reasons why).   I first saw this in our foundation bitch when she was pregnant.   Prior to that with our then 3, including her, I'd never seen this.   And because of her condition I did put it down to something she was maybe lacking in her diet.   However, after her, I had the occasional hound who would do this unless I got to pick up first, or shouted like a fish-wife from the kitchen window when I saw this going on :razz:    I still think with some food, mainly cereal-based food, it can go through without being fully digested which means it's still appealing the other end.    If the little dears will tolerate a main feed earlier, then yes, go for it, perhaps giving a milky drink (goats milk) last thing instead.   And there's no doubt the better food should produce less stool in any case.
- By Goldengirls3 [gb] Date 19.06.17 06:08 GMT Edited 19.06.17 06:12 GMT
At last results!!

Although the pups are being fed a good quality puppy kibble i decided to try changing to see if it made a difference.

And....absolutely!!  They are now on james wellbeloved puppy and their poop is alot firmer less smelly and definitely not as much of it, so they were most definitely lacking something in their diet.

6am i am greeted with just a few poops which haven't been touched obviously i dont know if there were others that have been eaten but i doubt it as i no longer have  sickly pups with diarrhea in the mornings.:lol:

Thank you everyone for your advice.
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