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- By NICBRITTON [gb] Date 15.06.17 11:20 GMT

My girl is 46 days into her pregnancy and is now going off her food.  Still eating small amounts of favourite foods, so giving these little and often.  She has been scanned for 8 pups minimum, so I am hoping it is just because of lack of space.  Anyone else with large litters had the same?

- By BeaBea [gb] Date 16.06.17 14:09 GMT
A very similar situation with my first litter of nine large breed puppies. Mum went off her food from week 3 of the pregnancy so as you can imagine I was very worried. However she went on to have good sized puppies each weighing 1lb or more so I was thrilled. She never much got her appetite back until all went off to their new homes though and remained skinny until green tripe worked its wonders.
- By NICBRITTON [gb] Date 16.06.17 14:35 GMT
She will eat chicken, sausages, egg and bio yoghurt.  Any other ideas?
- By BeaBea [gb] Date 18.06.17 07:17 GMT
My girl would only eat buttery pasta and cream a raw feeder my brain was frazzled! Feed whatever she will eat though and I am sure puppies will be fine.
- By MamaBas Date 18.06.17 08:45 GMT
By the time the puppies are big inside, there quite simply won't be enough room for a normal meal.   So you should be providing 'little and often'.   Having a breed that will gobble up, regardless, physically possible, I've never had a faddy pregnant bitch but if she wants certain food, then I think, within reason, I'd go with that.   Cut back on the bulk in any case as right now, she really needs protein.

The food she will eat, sounds fine. BUT each bitch is an individual, and even with the same bitch, different pregnancy, she could be different, so it's hard to advise really.   Just know the puppies will be taking all they need, regardless, even if once whelped, she looks like two planks stuck together.   Once you know how many puppies she has delivered, then you adjust her intake to fit - so she provides the milk they need.
- By NICBRITTON [gb] Date 19.06.17 08:13 GMT
I was at the vet on Sat for Herpes vac and he said not to worry, but try to steer her towards high protein.  Pasta is such a good idea, she absolutely adores that.  Mixed with some of her Millies might just do the trick (she's not a rice fan).  Thanks so much, I knew someone would come up with something I hadn't thought of. xx
- By NICBRITTON [gb] Date 19.06.17 08:15 GMT
Thanks Mama, almost word for word what the vet said.  Always rely on good knowledgeable advice on here.  Now I'm just worrying about the
- By MamaBas Date 20.06.17 08:20 GMT

> Now I'm just worrying about the

All you can do is provide her with a 'cool' place, fans, and with plenty of fresh cool water, until this heat passes.   I always feel sorry for pregnant woman when in the final stages in June or July!!    Dogs are usually pretty sensible and lie up during the heat of the day.   Having lived in S. Ontario, where it got stupid hot (and HUMID) in Summer, I learnt to exercise in the early morning, and feed ditto, and less as being less active meant they didn't need as much.   Same for late evening although when any breeze died down and the heat build up in pavements and buildings, it often felt hotter immediately after the sun went down.   Hate it.
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