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- By GFL6630 [gb] Date 15.06.17 09:15 GMT Edited 15.06.17 09:22 GMT
Hi all

I have had a bitch staying with me for mating for 6 days now, she came as soon as her owners noticed her blood becoming straw coloured.

My stud dog has sired over 10 litters successfully but this particular bitch moves every time my dog is about to tie.

He gets inside and does the dancing but as soon as he starts the dancing she walks away and he comes out.... I can't hold her still because she jumps around and sits down when I put her on a leash.

My lad is trying every day with her and he's keen as mustard but she just won't allow him to tie. What should I do?

Kind regards

He's just penetrated for a good 30 seconds or so and then she pulled away whimpering before going completely hyper and playing with him. could this be a successful slip mating??
- By monkeyj [gb] Date 15.06.17 11:19 GMT Upvotes 2
Not all bitches would stay still and mellow while the dog does its business. In fact majority of bitches would try to get away once they feel the dog swelling inside, many other would try to get away even earlier, once they fill the dog is simply inside, and so on. It is absolutely normal to need two pair of hands in order to successfully mate. One person holding the bitch, the other person gently helping the dog if necessary.
- By Dolph [gb] Date 15.06.17 12:28 GMT Upvotes 1
Sounds to me she's not quite ready.
- By MamaBas Date 15.06.17 16:20 GMT

> Sounds to me she's not quite ready.

Me too.

However, with my main breed, we had to have the bitch across our legs (with us sitting on the floor) to support her as the male climbs onboard.  Picture the poor person sitting on the floor!!    That essentially meant she couldn't escape, much as if there was any question of her not accepting the situation/being ready, we didn't force the issue!!   

With slip ties, I had one who never managed this (male) and we'd up-end the bitch to help the semen get where it should be after the male stepped away.   Whether this was necessary or not I'm not sure :eek:, but we always used the assistance of a VERY experienced Basset breeder, taking our males to her and meeting up with the bitches/owner there.   It ended up quite the social occasion :grin:   She'd always do this.   He only missed to one bitch who missed to our other stud the next season, and again to another stud dog her owner went to.   Clearly she wasn't meant for motherhood.
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