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- By InkyMoses Date 15.06.17 07:58 GMT
Does anyone know if you can get a ramp for the back side door?I want to be able to use the boot area for storage,and the dog on the back seat.Thanks for any help.
- By MamaBas Date 15.06.17 16:23 GMT Edited 15.06.17 16:29 GMT
I needed a short ramp for my Basset - it's about half the length of a 'normal' one and ideal to cover the two steps outside our back door.   I found it on Ebay.   I would add that it wouldn't have worked with our Peugeot 2008 side door - we have a full length one for the tailgate.

I just checked on Ebay and although I can't find the exact same one we bought, which is fixed and doesn't fold btw. here is one that might suit -

ps   With both, we had to buy self-adhesive carpet tiles as the surface of both ramps was very rough, and he wasn't happy to use it.

Here's the one we bought!!
- By InkyMoses Date 15.06.17 18:08 GMT
oh thank you! I will go and investigate.
- By Harley Date 17.06.17 17:33 GMT Edited 17.06.17 17:37 GMT
How large is your dog? My GR hated the ramp I bought to help him in and out of the car but will happily use a large caravan step to bridge the gap between the ground and the tailgate opening on my car. It is a big step so he can easily step onto it thus making the process really easy for him. The step then sits in the footwell behind the passenger seat ready for its next use.

This is the type of step I use but mine looks to have a larger surface than the one in the link[url=]

I put the shortest side of the step parallel with the bumper but about a foot away from the car and it works really well to give him that extra help he now needs .
Up Topic Dog Boards / Bring and Buy / Side Door Dog Ramp Wanted

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