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- By Ells-Bells [gb] Date 13.06.17 16:47 GMT
As KCAB's we are now required to prove our pups have been ok'd by our vet.

Do we have to take paperwork for them to sign to prove this?

Help, please
- By Goldmali Date 13.06.17 17:16 GMT Upvotes 1
I get my vet to list all the pups on one sheet of paper, with KC name, microchip number, reg number, sex, colour, breed and DOB. I e-mail this to them in advance. Then they tick each pup off when checked and make any comments if there is anything to remark on. I keep the original and give a copy to each puppy buyer. I believe you don't HAVE to have something in writing, but to me it makes no sense not to. What if the vet found something wrong? By doing it this way all the buyers can see the info about the entire litter. Edited to say: And if they leave a few days before 8 weeks, the vet HAS to put in writing that they are ready to go.
Up Topic Dog Boards / Breeding / Puppy Health check forms

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