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- By poodlenoodle Date 13.06.17 10:20 GMT Upvotes 1
Our new pup is with us and settling beautifully.

He's very beautiful, a brown parti with green eyes,  and very clever and knows his name already.

Him and my older boy are having great fun together. After a slightly stressful 24 hours of manic excitement and humping (both with and without actual arousal so think due to over excitement and stress) things have calmed right down and they are currently both asleep at my feet with the pup laying across the dog's forepaws.

It is so fun watching them play together. I am also laughing at the differences in their respective upbringing. Remember the energy and thought I put into things like feeding my older boy!? Similar thought went in for the baby but he eats his brothers breakfast, steals his biscuit and eats the toast my son drops as he is yet to learn "off"....

The only fly in my ointment is that he had a murmur heard at his well puppy check yesterday. He was seen on Friday at the same practice for his chip and first vaccine and was clear then (have seen the report which for him just says "nad on ce. two testicles palpable"!) so it has either appeared in 3 days or was missed then. The vet who found it told me she has very good ears for finding them so I am not too worried. They're going to listen again at 11 weeks and hopefully it will have gone.

All in all he is great fun and we're very glad to have him.
- By MamaBas Date 13.06.17 11:02 GMT Upvotes 2
I'd not panic re the heart murmur which may correct itself as he grows (?).   When I switched vets a few years back, I happened to see the 'heart specialist' in the practice at our first appointment.   To my horror, he said Frankie had a murmur - bearing in mind he was 5 at the time, and had had a few surgeries at his previous vets for one thing or another.   At NO TIME had anybody pointed this out and fact is when I went into the new Practice the next time, and saw another vet, he said if I'd not mentioned it, he'd not have heard it either!!

Unfortunately his murmur, a few years on now, hasn't got any better!!
- By Blay [gb] Date 13.06.17 11:31 GMT
Congratulations on your new family member!  He's a very lucky boy to be living with you and your family.  Fingers crossed for the heart murmur - hopefully a 'blip' which will soon disappear.  Good luck.  Keep us posted.  XX
- By LucyDogs [gb] Date 13.06.17 13:07 GMT Upvotes 1
Cavaliers sometimes have 'flow' murmurs which disappear, and vets often panic owners by making them think it's the breed MVD murmur - I imagine young puppies of other breeds might also have this innocent flow murmur which will disappear.
- By Goldmali Date 13.06.17 13:50 GMT
I've known puppy murmurs be gone by second vaccination. Bit surprised at you having to have him chipped as the law says the breeder has to do it and also have to be the first registered keeper.
- By Jodi [gb] Date 13.06.17 14:14 GMT Upvotes 1
To me it reads that the breeder took him to the same vet practice a few days prior to poodlenoodle taking him home.
- By JeanSW Date 13.06.17 17:38 GMT
Congratulations he sounds adorable.

I'm just as envious now as when you had your first parti.    :-)
- By poodlenoodle Date 13.06.17 18:55 GMT
Yes, that's right, the breeder took the whole litter on Friday for their first Vax, chip and presale examination and all was well. Breeder was indeed first on his chip and transferred to me on sale day.

I took him Monday for a well puppy check at the same practice. Different vet, but same consultation room (handy as it meamt he was weighed on the same table and he put on tons, nearly 2lbs in 3 days!). I saw the vet again today (our kids are at the same school) and she did say she has very acute hearing so it might well be extremely minor.
- By Goldmali Date 13.06.17 20:35 GMT
Okay, sorry I misunderstood. I too am jealous lol although my dream is a parti toy.
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