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- By Yenderz [gb] Date 12.06.17 21:08 GMT
As it reads.... Day 61 from day of first mating. No signs. Just wondering if it could happen suddenly in next two days! No nesting, no panting, loves her food, generally same as normal. Can see the pups wriggling away. She's obviously slowed down as up 10kg! Other than this temp still remains at 37ish. Maybe it will just suddenly get started?!
- By Nimue [ch] Date 13.06.17 08:58 GMT
I simply keep on measuring the temperature many times a day.  Nothing happening... nothing happening... what, still nothing? - sigh -   And then:  Oh my goodness!  Wow! Waaay down!  Let's see if it stays there...Yup, down even further.  That's it, we're off!
- By Yenderz [gb] Date 14.06.17 04:23 GMT
Well! As you said things just come out of nowhere. She's stage one and has been all night. May see some puppies today or this evening I hope :grin:
- By Yenderz [gb] Date 15.06.17 15:20 GMT
My girl delivered 11 pups overnight. All fit and healthy and without help. One fell out while she was sleeping! Couldn't be happier. First stage lasted 24 hours and after a quick visit to the vet for a calcium shot and inspection she delivered three hours later. First pup was born and found in the middle of the room, she's a maiden bitch so was a little shell shocked! :)
- By Admin (Administrator) Date 19.06.17 08:45 GMT
Congratulations on your litter :)
Up Topic Dog Boards / Breeding / Day 61 and no sign so far (locked)

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