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- By Jennifer Gill [gb] Date 12.06.17 10:19 GMT
Is it possible for a 3 year old working cocker spaniel to suffer from post whelp depression 5 months after whelping? I ask because my bitch , Gwenna, whelped 6 puppies in January (1 was still born and 1 died at 2 days). She was a really good mother. We feed BARF and unfortunately I overfed fed her when she was feeding the pups so I have had to cut right back on her food which, being a spaniel,  she doesn't really appreciate. She is losing weight but it's slow to come off.
We have kept one of the boy puppies and she and our other collie get on well with him. I have restarted agility training with Gwenna but she is not really enthusiastic and would be quite happy to sleep all day. She enjoys running on the sand dunes and in the woods but not like she used to- she has lost her sparkle. She has been seen by the vet very frequently as she had an anal gland infection but this has cleared. She has always been very sociable with other dogs but can now be very "teasy" with other dogs especially if they sniff her near end.
I am a retired helath visitor and if Gwenna was a new Mum I would say she shows all the signs of post natal depression. Has anyone  any advice please.
Up Topic Dog Boards / Breeding / Post whelp depression

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