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- By dnoble1 [gb] Date 08.06.17 16:27 GMT
Good evening Champdogs forums!

Having lost our wonderful Great Dane Percy to heart problems after five and a half magical years we have decided we are lost without these special friends and are looking for a boy puppy.
We are looking for puppies available around late August/September this year although we would consider puppies available later.
We do not have a specific colour in mind, Percy was a gorgeous blue boy.
We would also like to be able to see the history of the puppies to be aware of issues that may arise beforehand.
Viewing and collection dates are important to us to make sure he has his vaccinations in time to travel to France early August 2018 and we do not want to miss out on those early months so please let us know if you can help,

Best Regards,
Dean and Family
- By suejaw Date 08.06.17 19:33 GMT
I don't know how many litters get advertised on this site for Danes but it's worth a look. Check out breeders who fully health test. I do know hip scoring is done by some and also heart testing.
The breed club maybe able to advise on breeders or give advice at least.
Have you considered going to a great Dane show at All?
You can meet dogs, breeders and owners alike and maybe find a breeder you trust, you like their dogs and they are health tested with good results.
- By Lily Mc [gb] Date 10.06.17 07:24 GMT
Sorry if I've misunderstood Dean, but if you've just lost one of this breed (who can be so sadly short-lived) at 5.5 years old, then I think it's far more important to wait and find the right puppy than to work around dates.

Look for a breeder who can demonstrate Danes living to a good age, for the breed at least, and who heart test and hip score.

- By MamaBas Date 10.06.17 09:32 GMT
I would always use the relevant Breed Club when searching for a well bred puppy, of any breed.   That should at least rule out you finding yourself dealing with a BYB (not that many would be involved this Danes as it's not that popular).   Even if good breeders don't have anything planned, they may have popular stud dogs so know of other breeders with a litter planned.    Are the people you bought from before, still breeding (even if you did lose your dog at a comparatively young age - is their line known for short longevity?
Up Topic Dog Boards / Searching / Looking for Great Dane puppy for September 2017

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