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- By Yenderz [gb] Date 03.06.17 09:19 GMT
Not worried just a little confused by this temperature malarkey!

Thurs -38.1
Fri- average 37.4
This morning - 36.8

She's only day 51 and showing no other signs. Just wondering if her temp is just low anyway. Maybe I'm looking for a drop to 35... hmmmmm!
- By Kenny Date 03.06.17 09:53 GMT
Can't help with temperatures sorry.

Seem to be a massive cause of stress on here of late, can't say I'm tempted to join the craze.

Leave them be and watch for signs.

Maybe more of an issue if your breed is not known for self whelping ?
- By Yenderz [gb] Date 03.06.17 09:58 GMT
Thanks kenny. Yeah I think it's just more on an indicator of impending birth. Think im just going to look out for other signs. She's still eating like crazy and not producing milk yet. Count down to day 57 has begun!
- By JeanSW Date 03.06.17 10:49 GMT

> not producing milk yet

With over 40 years experience I would never take this as any indication.  A lot of bitches don't produce milk until 3 days after whelping.

Suckling brings the milk down.
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