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- By KeesieKisses [gb] Date 03.06.17 06:43 GMT
Last night, I needed to get some cash out so decided to take my dog along with me for a walk to town and back. Withdrew the money and went to carry on when we saw another dog pulling towards us. The owner said he was friendly but might jump up, instead he locked onto my boys chest and he started screaming trying to get away :cry::cry:
I screamed at the owner to get his dog off mine but he didn't do anything, just stood there till I smacked it on the nose to release by boy (I never ever thought I'd smack a dog but I had to get mine to safety)
I literally fell on the floor in shock crying and screaming, my boy hugging me and kissing me. I checked him over and I think his coat has saved him as I can't see any wounds to his skin and there wasn't any bleeding
My issue now is that I am so afraid that my lovely, friendly little boy might now become afraid or potentially aggressive towards other dogs as a result of the attack
I can't get his screams out of my head even though he seems his usual self (he gave a kiss to every witness who came over to check on us)
We plan on doing lots of positive things around other dogs and rewarding him every time he's near another dog and not showing any fear or aggression but can anyone else but my mind at either rest or give any other suggestions? Thank you
- By Ingrid [gb] Date 03.06.17 07:28 GMT Upvotes 2
Most important thing is for you not to get stressed when you see another dog, this can commute itself to him and cause
him to react.
Difficult I know, I've been in a similar situation with one of my dogs, but if you can remain calm it will help him
- By KeesieKisses [gb] Date 03.06.17 07:54 GMT
I feel so broken, he's not long turned 1 and we have done so much socialisation and training with him to get him to be on the right path to adulthood and now this has happened to him
It's going to be difficult not to be anxious when he's around other dogs now but I understand it's important so he doesn't pick up on it :sad:
- By Jodi [gb] Date 03.06.17 07:58 GMT
I agree. My ultra friendly GR was attacked by another dog last autumn and I think the worse thing was me at the other end of the lead. She was cautious with other dogs especially ones that resembled the dog that attacked her and decided to avoid rather then confront. I was far more worried and had to work at my self control so that my fears didn't go down the lead to her.
After a week or two she was pretty much back to her normal self although will still be wary of certain dogs I think. Took me longer to get over it.
- By MamaBas Date 03.06.17 08:34 GMT
I have to endorse what others have said about trying not to be stressed yourself.   One of our hounds was attacked as we walked past the house where a very nasty white Boxer lived.   We have 5 hounds out at the time, but as we passed by, this animal broke through the fencing and latched onto my biggest male before we could draw breath.   Happily the owner of the Boxer heard the commotion (this was in a small hamlet, so generally quiet) and got his dog off.   When we walked the few paces back home, I checked my hound and like your dog, could find no actual puncture marks but he was in a bad way before the dog was pulled off, eyes bulging so he had him by the jugular.   Thank heavens he suffered no bad reaction towards other dogs but I was shaking for quite a long time afterwards.   The owner's wife knocked on the door to apologise, saying it was time her husband was castrated, let alone the dog!   He'd threatened my husband not to report the incident to the police - actually we did because we knew the man was known to the police.   We were given an 'incident number'  and later that morning saw the local police car outside their place.

My sympathies, but try not to react with other dogs because your dog will pick up on your anxiety, however understandable.    Could have been worse, eh.    By the way, the police are taking more notice of dog on dog attacks these days and as you know the owner of this dog, it might be worth reporting this, for the sake of other dog owners - that's up to you.
- By JeanSW Date 03.06.17 11:02 GMT

> It's going to be difficult not to be anxious when he's around other dogs now

Although other experienced owners have said this I would like to say exactly the same.

Difficult or not you MUST not act in any way that your mood is transferred to your dog.  You have worked so hard with your boy that it would be foolish to jeopardise all that work.
- By Nikita [gb] Date 03.06.17 11:13 GMT Upvotes 3
First, if you don't feel calm and collected, you can fake it - it still works.  My malinois is heavily dog reactive and always will be, and she's the first reactive dog I've had (and I've had very aggressive as well as very fearful dogs) whose actually gotten my heart rate going because she's not fixable and very quick to kick off.  She has a hell of a temper and she will grab and rag, although she's never done it to a dog outside my group - but, still.  A couple of months ago, we passed an alleyway on the field we walk on and through it and over the road, was a collie cross I've seen a few times - it too is very reactive but cautious.  What it does is follow at a distance, barking, and its owners have no control.  And for the second time, it was off the lead, crossed the road and came through the alleyway to freak out at my lot.

My heart was going like the clappers and I was shaking, but I faked it - cheery voice, confident movements, treats at the ready.  As soon as I heard it barking I knew what was going to happen so I popped Ren on a lead then called every to me, and started walking off using that cheery voice to keep them near and jolly them along.  It worked a treat - Ren didn't so much as look at the dog behind us and I was able to keep her calm until the useless owner eventually caught up with it.

Second, I would give him a few days of quiet to get over the shock before you jump back into socialising him.  The stress of that attack will still be with him, so let it lower back down before you expose him to other dogs - this will give him a better chance of staying calm around them and he'll learn better, too.  it'll also give you a few days to recover!

Then if you can find some already existing dog friends for him to play with, start there - familiarity, security - to remind him how good they can be.
- By KeesieKisses [gb] Date 03.06.17 11:38 GMT
Thank you everyone, he's been his usual self all day and happily chomping on his beef scalp next to me :smile:
His focus training has always been spot on so going to carry on with that whenever we pass another dog. I show him so just hoping it doesn't affect him when we're at shows cause he's always loved seeing his furfriends and getting attention off spectators and especially the judge!
I'm going to try walking him later with my Mam and maybe one of hers who he gained a lot of respect for as a puppy and test the waters there

Debating trying to keep him on lead while out for a while till I know for certain he's not been affected or perhaps get a yellow dog lead but I don't know whether that could be me overthinking it and possibly making the situation worse? We always joke that he's a bit thick (breed trait, intelligent with no common sense) so hopefully he'll just bounce back and this is all me over analysing from my own stress
- By Harley Date 03.06.17 11:59 GMT Upvotes 1
If you have friends who have dogs that are dog savvy and dog friendly I would meet up with them and have a stroll alongside them. Dogs that he knows well and owners that you have confidence in will help to boost your confidence and put you at ease.
- By KeesieKisses [gb] Date 03.06.17 12:05 GMT
He's been around my Mam's eldest two since I first got him so going to try walking him with them, the oldest mothers him as well :lol: not sure whether it's a good idea to let him by their new puppy till I'm certain he's okay as the 14 week old pup doesn't understand what "no" means

I'm probably most worried about how he'll be with my friends dog, although they've grown up together as he's the same breed to the dog that locked onto him last night :confused:
- By Tommee Date 03.06.17 15:45 GMT
One of my Collies was badly bitten by an off lead chocolate lab, which also badly bit me too.

Luckily for me he has a very good chocolate lab he has known from being young( they grew up together), we allowed them to meet up shortly after the attack as normal(whilst my boy still has his stitches in)his friend met him check out the stitches & offered him the dummy he always carries in his mouth on walks. They happily when off together & my boy has never reacted to another chocolate lab-unlike me I stay well clear unless I know the dog.

Try to chill out(not easy as I know)when out & let your boy meet the dog of the same breed that attacked him as normal keeping close watch on his body language.
- By KeesieKisses [gb] Date 03.06.17 17:08 GMT
I'll have to arrange to meet with his SBT friend and see how he is

Thank you so much for all your advice and putting my mind at ease that this won't necessarily make him aggressive :grin:
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 03.06.17 18:04 GMT
I agree totally with what Nikita says about letting him have quiet couple of days. don't rush to take him out for a walk fo rthe next couple of days. Have some chill time together with some nice quiet games together rather than walks outside. I know we think dog should go out every day but having experienced a very difficult situation myself with my dog it really is fine to stay in and let all the adrenaline you both will feel dissipate. Meeting his friends and your mums dogs can wait
- By KeesieKisses [gb] Date 03.06.17 19:16 GMT
I think he'll like a few days by himself too, he loves running around our garden and getting his training sessions each day :smile:
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 03.06.17 20:55 GMT
Sounds exactly right for both of u
- By jackbox Date 04.06.17 07:52 GMT
Just a little advice even though you think he is ok regarding checking him over for wounds, keep an eye on him, my boy was attacked when he was younger , I checked him all over at the time ( he has a huge full coat) couldn't see anything, but a couple of weeks later he went off colour, we found two huge abscesses around his neck where the other dog took hold of him, so just be aware !
- By KeesieKisses [gb] Date 04.06.17 10:09 GMT
His skin seems to be sensitive from where his coat was pulled so I'm keeping a very close eye on it

Means grooming requires a lot more positive reinforcement for the foreseeable so I'm rewarding and praising him every time he lets me do a bit (only a little at a time not to stress him out) and checking his skin every time

Luckily this has happened just before me and my OH are off work for 2 weeks as we're going away tomorrow (dog holiday) so he's got 24/7 attention during that time
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