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- By Boggis40 [gb] Date 02.06.17 19:44 GMT
Hi all, I am picking up a puppy tomorrow that has been vet checked, should I get paperwork to prove this?
- By Charlie Brown [gb] Date 03.06.17 05:46 GMT
I give my puppy buyers a copy of a letter I ask for at the vets. I have to pay for the letter and get the one copy. I photocopy it for all puppies. If as on one occasion there's an issue I receive a second letter that goes with that puppy.

You may or may not get one, it depends on the breeder, and vet.
- By Boggis40 [gb] Date 03.06.17 05:49 GMT
Many thanks, there must be some sort of paperwork to say pup has been, I'll just ask to see it
- By MamaBas Date 03.06.17 08:39 GMT
Of course (paperwork), BUT always take the puppy to YOUR vet, within the first 48 hours.    Then you will know that the puppy you are buying is as healthy as possible.   We always had the puppies we sold checked by our own vet, and sent them off with a Health Certificate amongst the other paperwork.   If only to cover ourselves - in this age of litigation!!
- By Goldmali Date 03.06.17 12:04 GMT Upvotes 1
Most important of all is that you get proof of the parents' health tests, relevant to the breed. You can have a perfectly healthy 8 wk pup that could be seriously ill when a few years old. A vet check really only tells you the pup is healthy on the day with nothing obvious wrong such as a heart murmur. I too get one cert with the entire litter listed on  (complete with KC names, reg numbers and microchip numbers ) and copy it for each buyer. They then have info on the entire litter.
- By Tommee Date 03.06.17 15:49 GMT
As the others have written a vet health check is like an MOT on a vehicle. A statement that when the dog was seen it had no clinical health conditions that the vet is qualified to check for.
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