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- By Littlemo82 [gb] Date 02.06.17 08:42 GMT Edited 03.06.17 07:12 GMT
This is my girls 2nd litter and last time she gave birth on day 59 this time we are on day 61.
The temperature taken worked last time as it eventually showed a drop to 36.1 then next morning she started to gag and had puppies shortly after vomiting.

This time round on Day 58 10pm she started digging at sofa and panting and that continued all through the night up in her whelping area next to my bed, all night she was unsettled but no significant temp drop. I have also noticed clear mucas coming from her i wouldn't say huge amounts but the plug is def coming away.

Come the morning day 60 she refused her breakfast which I thought great that's a good sign  and went to the toilet about 5-6times all loose and dark was drinking a lot more water then she normally does and spent the whole day panting, then randomly around 7pm she stopped panting started wanting to eat again seemed more settled and had a peaceful nights sleep as did I lol.

She has woken up this morning if nothing is happening she ate her breakfast no panting and it's now day 61 but her stools are still loose and dark.
she was scanned and estimated 7 pups she's a small breed usually known for delivering abit early but she's showing no signs at all now.

i haven't left the house or her side this will be the 3rd day and taken her temp every few hours just wondering if it's normal to be panting all day off food digging having loose dark stools more frequent and drinking lots of water and then nothing happen and all the signs disappear??? Cause her 1st time as soon as signs like digging off food started she had puppies the same day it next morning but these signs started 10pm Wed it's now Friday.

Day 59 highest 37.9 lowest 37.2
Day 60 highest 38.1 lowest 37.2
Day 61 TODAY 10am 38.2 highest it's ever been her usual temp while pregnant is 37.7-37.8

So looking at the above can any one advise??
This is the first time I've posted but read other people's posts and replies and always found the info and help given really useful so I'm glad I'm finally posting on here.
- By Goldenmum [gb] Date 02.06.17 12:21 GMT
I'd speak to a vet. Similar happened with one of my girls although I don't take temperatures. It just didn't feel right and we opted for a c section on day 63. She had been doing all of the typical things just as your girl was but stopped digging, stopped panting and started eating again. She may have gone on to deliver herself but my gut feeling was that something wasn't right and knowing that for generations before her they have always delivered a day or two before their due date I was not willing to take the risk.  The vet agreed with me and we got 6 healthy puppies. Cesarean is not an easy option but it was right for us in this case.  Oh and you should edit your post as you are not allowed to mention the breed as it can be seen as advertising. Hope all goes well, keep us posted.
- By JeanSW Date 02.06.17 14:16 GMT
I agree with golden mum.  I would rather waste a vets time than miss something life threatening like inertia.  If it isn't the problem, I would still tell you to err on the side of caution.  I don't ever rely on temperature taking, but do know that toys are very prone to inertia.

Let us all know what the vet says after examining her.
- By Littlemo82 [gb] Date 02.06.17 15:09 GMT
Thank you for your advice I'm going to wait till Monday if she hasn't had pups by then more likely pups will be too big to pass naturally anyway so I will have to opt for a c section, how long does it take for Mum to recover from a c section and can she feed pups like normal ??? Is there any equipment or medication I need to buy to help ease her recovery and give her comfort if she has the operation ??
- By Littlemo82 [gb] Date 02.06.17 15:29 GMT
Her highest temp today shot up to 38.2 which is highest it's been all week and then 3hrs later shot down to 37.2 which is lowest its been, I read something about recognising a obvious temp drop is a 1 degree drop which she had today 10am-1pm.
She's back to panting and vulva is soft and spongey, she's still having loose more frequent stools and drinking loads but she has been eating today with no sickness.
Temp has now gone up to 37.6 4pm day 61
- By Goldenmum [gb] Date 02.06.17 17:12 GMT Upvotes 1
Monday is a long way away, please do not wait. You were concerned enough to post here and your gut feeling that something may not be right could be correct. Get her checked today and be prepared that a c section may need to take place out of hours. If she is sectioned it can be very hard work getting a bitch to take to her puppies when she woke up feeling groggy with little creatures near her.  I had to hold my girl down and cover her eyes because as soon as she saw a pup near her she would try to escape. I then had my mum plug the pups on one at a time, they were in a cardboard box next to the whelping box at this point. This went on for hours and I can see why people talk about the bitch rejecting her pups. The perseverance paid off and around 12 hours after they were born she started cleaning them and chewing cords.  As far as I remember she did not have any pain relief but did need a part of her wound cleaned as it did not heal as quick as it should have. She had quite a gassy tummy but I always feed a gruel after birth anyway which is light on the stomach.
- By Littlemo82 [gb] Date 03.06.17 09:47 GMT
Temp has been staying low in low 37's since last night and went down to its lowest 37 this morning.
puppies are not in distress she's not over due she's just taken her sweet time getting into stage 1 and enjoying keeping me guessing I def don't feel there's a urgent rush to go to vets as the stress of being in a hot car would do more harm then good in this weather.
Pups are still moving no coloured discharge no straining or pain so she's fine I was just panicking about the 1st signs she showed then went away days ago but now her temp even in evening is low not rising above 37.4 I can see a pattern where it's coming right down so I suspect pups will be here by Sunday her due date, but if they haven't and anything changes I will contact vets Monday.
- By JeanSW Date 03.06.17 10:53 GMT
Forgive me for mentioning, but your questions indicate a great lack of knowledge.  Experienced people have given you advice which you choose to ignore.

I could go on but will leave it at that.
- By JeanSW Date 03.06.17 10:54 GMT

> I'm going to wait till Monday if she hasn't had pups by then more likely pups will be too big to pass naturally anyway

This statement scares the hell out of me.
- By Littlemo82 [gb] Date 03.06.17 11:23 GMT
What scares you so much? I've just posted an update to reassure you all after your advice, that my dog isn't in pain no discoloured or smelly discharge pups are still moving and she's not even at her due date yet.
Plus this morning she has experienced her lowest temp drop and has refused food so I would say stage 1 is a go from today and pups will arrive by tonight or tomorrow.
I see no urgency to go to vets my dog is not in distress nor are the pups so I will wait to see if pups arrive this weekend and if temp drop is correct means pups are on their way 12-24hrs if or when their is a problem of course I will ring and rush up vets because that's what their there for, not for going up there if there isn't a problem, and there isn't, she's started stage 1 and it takes time to get established.
she's on my bed next to me like she has been since Wednesday I haven't left her side been house bound since I started taking her temperature, she's calm she's well I appreciate the advice but I know my own dog, I just had a slight moment of panic but I'm over it so I would appreciate not receiving messages assuming I'm doing something wrong or being called inexperienced and making assumptions I'm putting my dog in danger etc
- By Harley Date 03.06.17 12:06 GMT Upvotes 1
JeanSW is a very experienced dog owner who has huge knowledge of breeding. I am not a breeder and never will breed a litter but can understand why the statement she highlighted caused her alarm.

It was the statement about the pups being too big that caused that concern - it did the same for me as I read it. Inertia is not always easy to recognise but can be very dangerous to both pups and mum and from the way you worded your statement it sounded as though you were expecting the pups to be too large for a normal birth if they hadn't arrived this weekend - but you are going to wait until after the weekend before consulting a vet. It may have just been badly worded and the written word can be easily misinterpreted but JeanSW wrote her reply with your comment in mind but above all with the welfare of mum and pups uppermost in her concerns.
- By Littlemo82 [gb] Date 03.06.17 13:08 GMT
I meant I assumed when dogs go over there due date runs the risk of pups being too big to birth naturally not that I think hey are big pups and going to leave her to it and see what happens etc I only assumed that was the case and if anything else happened that raised concern I would obviously seek vet advice and help I'm just allowing my dog to run the labour process naturally and at her speed I can't rush it and me panicking wasn't helping, I was just a little panicky because she's never gone this long normally gives birth few days early and as she's expecting a large litter I assumed they would be early.
but as I type she is panting like mad temp way down and messing up her bedding so I'm hoping this means we are on our way thank you for your help everyone
- By Yenderz [gb] Date 03.06.17 19:23 GMT Upvotes 1
Good luck :)
- By Littlemo82 [gb] Date 04.06.17 02:18 GMT
And so it begins 1 male pup delivered naturally and safely started at 1am 4/6/17 bang on her due date.
So the temp guide kind of worked weirdly my dogs lowest temp all week was 37 nothing below like a lot of posts state usually means pups will arrive 12-24hrs, and in the evening she started eating again and temp shot back up to 38 so I did think another false alarm.
It's going to be a long night wish us luck
- By Yenderz [gb] Date 04.06.17 07:41 GMT
Hi littlemo! Wonderful, congrats. How many do you have now? My dogs temp was mid 36 all yesterday. I think she rests at this temp. It's too early for pups for her yet. Let us know how you get on!
- By Littlemo82 [gb] Date 04.06.17 07:57 GMT
My dogs temp only went down to 37 no lower I took it every few hours the past few days it spiked to 38.2 then 8pm Friday till 12am Saturday it stayed At 37.2-37.3 when usually it's 37.8-37.9 it had never been 38.2 before so it dropped gradually after throughout the day and stayed low majority of yesterday and then 1am I woke up to hear Luna making funny sounds but it wasn't her it was the pup she didn't even squeal to alert me she had it lol
so far 8.30am Sunday she has had 7 pups 4 girls 4 boys she did everything herself no issues just wondering if there is a sneaky pup still waiting to make an entrance
- By tatty-ead [gb] Date 04.06.17 10:13 GMT Upvotes 1
Hope all is still well
4 girls & 4 Boys don't make 7........................I know,  it's been a long night :smile:
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