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- By Yenderz [gb] Date 01.06.17 21:24 GMT
Can't help but be a little nervous/anxious! I'm sure others have felt this way and I know the importance of keeping calm and collected for my bitch's sake.

Just wondering if it's normal to have a little clear discharge at this stage? I guess so as things are developing. I'm just worried she might go into labour early. She's a working dog, first litter, quite hot in his weather (uk) as she's panting abit. Started checking temp today and 38.1. Started nesting a little and pulling out bedding. Really slowed up on walks.

She's big in my eyes but I don't really have anything to compare to.

Just ranting really! Fingers crossed she holds out to day 57+.
- By Yenderz [gb] Date 02.06.17 06:32 GMT
Temperature down to 37.3 this morning. She's very quiet and in her bed which she doesn't normally rest in.

Is this a normal body temp? I've done some research and it seems quite low. Just need some reassurance pups aren't going to be premature?
- By Goldenmum [gb] Date 02.06.17 07:04 GMT
A clear discharge is normal, don't panic.
- By Yenderz [gb] Date 02.06.17 07:48 GMT Upvotes 1
Thank you. I guess it's my first time worries coming out! Wrapping her up in cotton wool :red:
- By JeanSW Date 02.06.17 14:21 GMT

> Wrapping her up in cotton wool <img

Good!  It sure beats neglect.  :-)  :-)

Good Luck.
Up Topic Dog Boards / Breeding / Day 50 getting nervous

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