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- By Kate H [ie] Date 01.06.17 16:03 GMT Upvotes 5
So last week  I received a call from a friend of mine who works in a local animal rescue. I've three from there so no stranger to the place. They were snowed in with 75 dogs and weren't taking any new dogs for several weeks while they got their numbers down.
She'd just received an email from a young man who had two 8 month old cocker spaniel brothers. He lived in the city and was finding he couldn't manage them. They had wrecked his house while he was at work even if he walked them that morning. He wanted to surrender them to the rescue but they were full to the brim. He was referred to the dog pound but as surrenders they'd have no chance.
I've had cockers for 26 years and they are my heart dogs but I wasn't exactly looking to take on any extra newbies here. When my friend called me I rang the dog warden straight away and sure enough they had been surrendered. The warden does his best to rehome and I don't envy him his job as it is something I couldn't do. He said as one had shown fear aggression he was to be put to sleep. Our conversation lasted another 30 seconds and I hopped in to the car and drove to the pound. There I was brought to see the two terrified little boys, neutered and all their bits done by the previous owner. No names left so I couldn't even call them.
I sat on the ground in the corner and they came over and sat by me. And an hour later we drove home.
My gang didn't even bat an eyelid at them. Ollie and Louis were home:smile:. They need their hair cut but i'll leave that to next week. They've been out every morning as i'm on holidays this week and next week and love their walks with my lot. No leads needed as they watch me the whole time. Not a peep out of them at night. No signs of any aggressive behaviour around food and take treats very gently.
I don't know what people expect when getting a dog. These two boys are a dream here. Great boys to give kisses and house trained. They almost paid with their lives because of a lazy twit who would rather they died than do what they needed to be happy in life.
Anyway my total of 12 spoiled rotten dogs means I'm definitely full to the brim but sure what else would I spend my time and money on:lol:
- By weimed [gb] Date 01.06.17 16:12 GMT
if they are microchipped you will be able to get their origonal names off there...
- By paxo Date 01.06.17 16:13 GMT
good for you taking them on and given them a deserving home, well done ...sounds like they have settled in already :lol:
- By Kate H [ie] Date 01.06.17 16:25 GMT
The microchips were never registered. I rang the vet who did it but he didn't have any record of their name other than dog one and dog 2. They are asleep on my lap now as while they love going walking, they are less keen on being wet afterwards!
- By RozzieRetriever Date 01.06.17 16:39 GMT
Poor little boys, so glad you have taken them on. I hope they have a long and happy life with you. My boy was given up at ten weeks after two weeks with a family, he's a delight. Never had a boy before but he fits in so well. Some people are just dim, they're in love with the idea of a dog and completely unprepared for the reality.
- By G.Rets [gb] Date 01.06.17 22:01 GMT
Well done to you. It may not be a sensible decision for you but it will turn out to be very rewarding. Lucky boys.
- By Kate H [ie] Date 02.06.17 11:41 GMT
That's exactly it. The idea of having a dog is great but they are hard work. These boys were living in a city with a tiny garden with their owner working 12 hour days and they were bored. Watching them copy my dogs gives me a giggle. My lot love to run the length of the garden if a cyclist whizzes past and the 2 are joining in even though they aren't sure what's going on!
They think my German Shepherd Ruby is the best thing ever as she plays with them. My other cockers are not in to playing as they are older and have made that clear to the newbies:smile:
- By JeanSW Date 02.06.17 14:19 GMT
I have no words.   {{{{  HUGS  }}}}
- By welshdoglover [gb] Date 02.06.17 18:54 GMT
What a lovely story, personally I would always go with new names for a new start in life x
- By LucyDogs [gb] Date 05.06.17 15:13 GMT Upvotes 1
How lucky for them you had that friend to call you! I like the idea of new names anyway so I wouldn't worry about it - probably that other idiot only used their names to tell them off anyway.
- By Skyepoppy [gb] Date 18.06.17 07:32 GMT
Ah bless you x
- By saxonjus Date 19.06.17 09:02 GMT
Hope all going well. Did you pick new names?
- By Kate H [ie] Date 03.07.17 13:30 GMT Upvotes 6
Well there have been some developments with the 2 boys. Their owner made contact with the pound and asked if it were possible to get my contact details as he wanted to explain his situation. I was happy enough so gave permission for my number to be given to him.
And I'm glad I did. He had undergone spinal surgery and was unable to handle two mad spaniels. He was terribly upset and had a list of rescues who were full to the brim and couldn't help him  which unfortunately is very common here. So many abandoned dogs.
He was so grateful to hear they had been kept together and he was so pleased to hear they were happy and much loved. I told him he was welcome to come and see them. He has been to see them once a week as there are 50 miles between us and they are delighted to see him. Even my dogs have a soft spot for him which never happens although his pocket full of treats helps!. I must not be so quick to judge in future and I'm glad these two crazy cockers get to see their previous owner from time to time. The funny thing is they are so well settled with my gang here that they don't get upset when he leaves. We agreed if that were to happen the visits would do more harm than good.
- By Nikita [gb] Date 03.07.17 16:26 GMT
That is wonderful!
- By Blay [us] Date 03.07.17 16:45 GMT
Hi Kate - thank you so much for taking the trouble to update us on these developments.  It's brilliant news and, as you say, things are not always what they seem at first!  Lovely to have such a happy ending.
- By kazz [gb] Date 03.07.17 20:28 GMT
How never know the full story..............."its easy to judge but hard to be judged" my Nan used to say.................
- By JeanSW Date 03.07.17 20:33 GMT Upvotes 2
How lovely to get this update.  Only true dog people understand how a multi dog household is so rewarding.  I love to watch my gang too.  It's interesting to see who makes best pals with who.  I wish you many years of happiness.  :grin:
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