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- By Axe97 [gb] Date 01.06.17 06:58 GMT
I have a litter 4 weeks old and the last 12 hours I've noticed one pup occasionly sneezing... now obviously I'm paranoid it's something awful that's going to take out my entire litter. I did give them their first taste of solids yesterday so wondered cause he made such a mess could that be the reason if some was up his nose? Also at at 4am I noticed another panting! Fed well and was playing but was panting on and off.

I think I remember panting from my first litter, this is my second. But I'm worried.
- By monkeyj [gb] Date 01.06.17 07:35 GMT
Mine were sneezing too from time to time, I think at about similar age, nothing happened!
Up Topic Dog Boards / Breeding / Puppuppy sneezing

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