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- By Whatdog [gb] Date 31.05.17 08:34 GMT
My dog suffers from seasonal allergies around this time of year and normally we can control it with Piriton.  Recently I have also been giving him Lintbells Itchy Dog.
However, he has lots of scabby areas on his under carriage which, when you give him a tummy rub, cause his feet to start trying to scratch them.  He doesn't usually have these to such an extent.
Before I go down the expensive vet route, can anyone suggest any home/natural/shop bought remedies that I can try?
Any advice gratefully received.
- By tatty-ead [gb] Date 31.05.17 09:12 GMT

Maybe worth trying something like this, used it on different dogs ( and people :eek:) over the years, it does seem to cool the itch especially if its one of those -the more you scratch the more it itches - things
- By Tectona [gb] Date 31.05.17 10:35 GMT
Stinky stuff is brilliant. It's a neem based product that is working wonders for many dogs. They do a non stinky version now which also seems effective, but I haven't used it. Leucillin is great for drying and healing up specific spots, like hot spots or scabs.

A lot of people are singing the praises of quercetin with bromelaine recently too. I don't know much about that but hopefully these suggestions give you some things to look into. Stinky stuff sorted my golden retriever out.
- By Whatdog [gb] Date 31.05.17 11:09 GMT
Thanks both of you. It looks like the quercetin with bromelain is available from health food shops. Are they ok to give to dogs?
- By Whatdog [gb] Date 31.05.17 11:14 GMT
Having done a little more looking online, it seems that it could be yeast dermatitis,  all of the pictures of the hot spots look the same. Any remedies for this,or would you suggest the same as for allergies?
- By Tectona [gb] Date 31.05.17 11:33 GMT
If it is seasonal about this time of year then I suspect contact allergies are much more likely. However I would use the same things, I would also look at kefir for yeast if you want.
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