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- By Goldengirls3 [gb] Date 30.05.17 18:18 GMT Edited 10.06.17 15:29 GMT
I am weaning my first litter of large breed puppies on raw beef mince and goats milk and they are really enjoying it.
I am using a weaning bowl (mexican hat style) but today one or two of them, including a rather greedy boy went a bit too far. Now the boy mentioned above has a rather large tummy, he has been sick (brought some mince up) had two poos (normal) and is sleeping.
I am now panicking!!! Is he going to be ok? Is there anything i can do?
Definitely feeding with separate bowls next time.!
- By MamaBas Date 31.05.17 08:25 GMT Upvotes 1
When we started weaning, we used goats milk, warmed, holding each individual puppy on our knee and helping them to lap.   At the same time we'd give a small ball of raw lean beef mined, about the same amount as would cover a thumb-nail.   ONCE A DAY.  Of course they gobbled it up eagerly and the temptation was to give more but we resisted.   Too much at this young age, is more than their digestive systems can cope with.   It was only once they were older - at least into the 4th week, that having gone to using puppy food mixed with either goats milk, or just water, into a porridge that we started to use the purpose built puppy dish (we used to call it the 'space ship', for obvious reasons), making sure the bigger ones (if any) didn't push the smaller ones out.   And we didn't up the amount of mince too fast, adding it to one meal a day only.

I'd keep a watch on that pushy boy - he'll be fine, hopefully, but don't let him scarf the lot!!    I did have one blow at 8 weeks and immediately set off for our vet - happily by the time we arrived there, he'd started to go back down.   But in those breeds prone to this, it can happen.

I'm assuming the puppies have been wormed at least once so far?   (Big tummy after feeding).
- By Goldengirls3 [gb] Date 31.05.17 08:39 GMT Edited 31.05.17 08:47 GMT Upvotes 1
Im pleased to say the greedy little boy seems a lot better.
This morning i fed them all individually with a small amount of scrambled egg and goats milk.

Its the few extremely greeding ones that i need to watch they steam in and dont seem to know when to stop.
At the moment i'll stick to individual feeding i think.

Yes pups are wormed!

Thanks for the advice.☺
- By Charlie Brown [gb] Date 31.05.17 09:38 GMT Upvotes 1
We feed individual to start until they get the idea and then have two plates, one for greedies and one for slow eaters.

By the time greedies realise there's another plate, the slow feeders have eaten plenty. The greedies also spend a lot of time looking for more on their own plate:lol:
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