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- By Tinkz050584 [gb] Date 30.05.17 13:52 GMT
Hi there,
I am looking for a pug puppy for Christmas.. if you are planning to breed in time for Christmas please get in contact.
Thank you
- By Cava14Una [gb] Date 30.05.17 15:49 GMT
Here goes. Very unlikely to get a puppy for Christmas from a reputable breeder and you don't want a Pug from a poor breeder.

Contact the Pug breed club and contact some breeders. You may get a pup before or after Christmas if you build up a relationship with a breeder
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 30.05.17 16:06 GMT
Can I ask why Christmas ? It's probably the worst time to bring a pup into the home.loys of problem little.time for a pup in a new environment. As has been suggested contact the breed club and have a chat and I think u would  be better to find a good Breeder and look for early next year when the new owner who I hope will know  this is happening will have time for a pup and all that comes with settling and training a new dog
- By monkeyj [gb] Date 30.05.17 16:40 GMT
True, a breeder who cares about their puppies will not sell one in time for Christmas, even if the puppies are ready by then, they will be kept until after holidays.

Getting a puppy for Christmas does not necessarily mean you are going to be a bad owner.

However it would be sending a very wrong message, because puppies are not presents, they are living creatures just like little babies are, and they grow up to be full members of the family just like children do. As such, the decision to buy a puppy must be taken by the whole family together, it must be a considered and well-researched decision to introduce a new member to the family. Not to buy the puppy as a present or a surprise. You wouldn't give birth or adopt a baby as a present, would you?

This is why no reputable breeder is likely to sell you a puppy for Christmas.

Incidentally, it can be different with adoptions. Last year a retired couple we know decided to adopt a rescue dog in time for Christmas. They decided to do this, because Christmas being a time when the families come together, they wanted a homeless dog to have a family and a home for Christmas. Even though of course dogs don't know what Christmas is and so this was a purely human sentiment, the reasons behind this sentiment were right - a desire to love a dog, to care for a dog, to welcome a dog into a family.

Not to give a present to somebody or a surprise.
- By malwhit [gb] Date 31.05.17 14:40 GMT Upvotes 1
For most people it is a bad idea getting a pup at Christmas, especially if its a gift. My last dog I got the week before Christmas as I was off work for over a fortnight. I have to admit I used the pup as an excuse either not to go out, or to make flying visits to relatives!
- By JeanSW Date 31.05.17 19:12 GMT Upvotes 2
As a long term breeder of toys I admit that I would refuse to consider you.  I won't let pups go as birthday presents either.  I know some folks think I'm too stringent just because I insist on knowing where you do your shopping and how often you change your underwear.  :grin:
- By Lexy [gb] Date 01.06.17 17:04 GMT
We haven't had a reply from the OP...wonder if this is a wind up................
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