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- By louise010 [gb] Date 30.05.17 13:30 GMT
Hello all,

My first post so apologies if this is in the wrong place.

Been doing a lot of searching online so this is my last hope......

Basically, it's my boyfriends birthday in a few months. When I asked what he wanted he said he wants to play with golden retrievers. They're his favourite dogs but as we both live at home we can't have our own. We've just started volunteering at Manchester Dogs Home. I was just wondering if there's anyone there with golden retrievers who would be willing to let us pop round for half an hour or so - in the Manchester/Lancashire area.
I know its an odd request especially as we aren't able to take any but I'd love to be able to actually fulfill this for him!

If anyone could point me in the right direction or is able to help I'd be most grateful!

Thanks in advance

- By Goldenmum [gb] Date 30.05.17 21:00 GMT
Try Golden Retrievers UK on Facebook to reach more Golden Retriever owners.

Good Luck x
- By JeanSW Date 30.05.17 22:59 GMT
I have the wrong breeds to be of use but wanted to say what a thoughtful idea.  And great that you are both dog mad.  :grin:
- By Garbo [gb] Date 31.05.17 07:08 GMT Upvotes 2
Sorry -I hate to poop your party -
  I may be a paranoid old cynic but I think that you may find that many dog breeders/ owners will be cautious of inviting two complete strangers anywhere near their dogs. In this day and age with dog theft so common we would  pretty much subject both of you to 'the third degree ' before there would be any chance of you getting any where near our dogs.
  we have to be realistic and the safety of our dogs comes first.
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 31.05.17 07:33 GMT
How about contacting the breed club and having a chat ? If u look on the breeder section here and go to golden retriever there are links to clubs. If all else fails and not quite what he wants taking g him. To some shows particularly any breed shows he can meet some and their owners
- By mixedpack [gb] Date 31.05.17 08:27 GMT
Maybe you could visit a local park and meet a GR owner or more than one, perhaps a local FB group would help, it could be easier than asking someone to invite you into their home, sadly people are suspicious nowadays, are there any pet dog shows near you on the relevant day, not the "proper" shows as exhibitors may be focussed to want to chat. I wish you luck and hope you fulfil the dream.
- By louise010 [gb] Date 31.05.17 13:14 GMT
Thank you for all the replies.
I understand completely that people will be wary about the request, that's why I was at a lost end!
I have been contacted by someone I found on here who has agreed that I can come meet her in her local park with a couple of her dogs. Given her my details etc so hopefully all good!
Have looked at the facebook groups etc so thanks for those suggestions.

I should probably just stop trying to fulfill his silly wishes really haha!
- By Merlot [gb] Date 31.05.17 15:30 GMT Upvotes 1
Why not visit one of the big Championship shows this year ? Or go to the club Champ show 22nd July I believe at the Kennel club building at Stoneleigh park. Lots and lots of Goldies will be there enough to make him weak at the knees !!
- By suejaw Date 31.05.17 19:09 GMT Upvotes 1
What about attending a breed club ch show or if the breed hold any fun weekends. Worth looking at the regional and national breed club websites or fb pages.
- By Louise Badcock [gb] Date 02.06.17 07:39 GMT
an alternative would be to register with the Cinnamon Trust and offer to walk a dog for an elderly or disabled person. Unlikely to be a GR but would show committment.
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