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- By Biggybee2 [gb] Date 30.05.17 03:38 GMT Edited 30.05.17 03:40 GMT
ive had 4 pups over the years but never this issue. We picked up our pup last week and every night he's had a wee accident in his crate.

It's the right size (he can stand, turn and lie down) and he's calming well in it. Night one was pretty loud and so was night 2 & 3 but he's now settling well for the first night since he's joined the family. We get up twice to let him out but when we take him out he doesn't seem to have to go (as he's been in the crate). Last night we went to bed around 10.45, got up at 1.30. (He'd already had a wee in his crate) and at 4.00 but neither time did he go outside. We are working on training him to go outside but it's early days and let's say I clean up a lot of wee during the day as he has some wee accidents in the house. I've never had this night time issue before and I'm a bit lost as to what the best course of action is? Tips would be great. Thank you!
- By monkeyj [gb] Date 30.05.17 06:00 GMT
Just continue doing what you do and once he grows up a bit, and his "holding" ability improves, he should stop peeing in this bed. It is also usually suggested to make sure his crate is small, just enough for him to sleep. Then hopefully he will think twice before peeing as he'll have to sleep in it after.

Although the above is breed dependent to some extent. Majority of breeds are very clean and even as very small puppies once they start to walk/crawl they try to do their business away from their sleeping site. Some breeds however seem like they couldn't care less.
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 30.05.17 06:41 GMT
If he's learning that he can toilet in his crate you have a problem. Where is his crate? IUnless you wake up as soon as he does then he's going to have peed before you get to him - only by having his crate beside your bed so you hear every time he moves will you be quick enough. Otherwise your alternatives are to either get rid of the crate for now (to reintroduce later) and have his bed within a secure playpen within the kitchen (moppable floor!) or get him a much larger crate so he can have his bed at one end and newspaper to toilet on at the other.
- By Nikita [gb] Date 30.05.17 07:58 GMT
Personally, I'd be getting up earlier.  There are always variations between pups in terms of how long they can hold it overnight at the start, and it may be that he can only manage a couple of hours at a time at present so you need to be getting up sooner, and more frequently.  Think 'newborn baby'.

I wouldn't stand a chance of hearing mine moving around when I'm asleep - one had diarrhoea on the landing last night and I slept through it - so I set alarms.  That same one needs to go out at 1am every night (on steroids so weeing a lot) so I have a 1am alarm.  And I've learned the time through being late getting up previously!
- By MamaBas Date 30.05.17 09:21 GMT Edited 30.05.17 09:23 GMT
1.   I've never used a crate to housetrain.
2.   I have, apart from one puppy we bought (more later), always found that if a puppy is taken out often enough so there's no need to be messing in his crate (and fact is apart from overnight, our puppies weren't shut in a crate other than if we needed to do other things (go out) to keep them safe and out of mischief), eventually they learnt there was no need to be messing in their crates - they learnt to hold.   Provided they could, physically.
3.   I also don't believe in confining a puppy to a small area in a crate (we bought the size needed for an adult) because if they needed to empty, and before they'd learnt to hold, or could, they'd just empty in there, and be forced to lie in it if the space was small - nasty!

We had one we bought in, after many years with our home-breds, who from day one was peeing for England.  She was 8 weeks but clearly there was something very wrong with her.  A Ph check of her urine showed she did have a problem and she was put on antibiotics - no change.  My then vet started talking about 'bladder stones'.   Hum.   I took her back to her breeder, hoping she'd get her sorted out and let me have her back.  She took exception, slapped a refund cheque at me and that was that.  She later said all her remaining puppies in that litter were 'the same' according to her vet.  Whether this was a weak bladder I don't know but her Ph was wrong.  Interestingly I noted from the KCSB Records, that the poor girl went to 2 more homes after mine before she apparently settled.

So if this is going on, I'd rule out some medical problem (urinalysis) and then just keep doing what you are doing and hope he catches on re not messing in his crate.    With mine, as puppies, I'd put them in their crate last thing, after being taken out to empty, at around 11 pm and then get up around 3 am for an outing and then up for the day by 7 am.   Not all puppies are the same, as I discovered!

And yes, have his crate alongside your bed so you will know when he's restless and can react.   I tried to anticipate them stirring so they didn't think they cried, you came.
- By Biggybee2 [gb] Date 30.05.17 13:04 GMT
When I came downstairs this morning he'd also done a number 2 in the crate. It's like he doesn't quite associate outside with having to go and has picked up somewhere it's ok to go in the crate. I'm tempted to have the crate by the bed but I'm worried he'll get used to sleeping upstairs? Our dogs both sleep in the lounge downstairs.

He went out around 22.30 last night, did a wee and a poo and between that time and 01.30 he'd weed. He then didn't go outside. When I took him out at 03.30 he didn't have to go but when I got downstairs at 07.10 he's done a poo. I don't think it's a medical issue, just an issue as jimmy not knowing not to go in a crate.
I was always (maybe wrongly) under the assumption that pups have a natural instinct not to wee or poo where they sleep?

He did just walk outside to go for a wee.
Might have been an accident but there we go. I think I'll get up at 01.00 instead of 01.30 to see how he gets on with that.
- By Harley Date 30.05.17 15:22 GMT Upvotes 3

> It's like he doesn't quite associate outside with having to go and has picked up somewhere it's ok to go in the crate.

That's because you have't yet taught him that he needs to go outside. You have to put him on his lead and take him out at very regular intervals - you need to be with him every time so you can praise him when he does go. Having him on his lead means he can't run around playing - pups find everything a source of great interest and are very easily distracted. When he does go you need to praise him for doing so - up to you what sort of reward you use, mine have a small food treat. You need to take him out on waking, after eating or drinking, after short training sessions and after he has had a little play. It is no good just leaving the door open and hoping he will go outside - he hasn't yet learnt that he needs to. You need to be consistent and give him every opportunity to succeed. Never tell him off for having an accident indoors - just clean it up quickly and quietly with no fuss. Watch for the signs that he might need to toilet, sniffing the floor, circling or heading towards the door.

Pups don't understand they aren't meant to toilet indoors - when they need to go they need to go :smile: It is your job to be vigilant and make sure they are given every opportunity to not have an accident indoors. I found it really useful to keep a log of when my pups went and what they had been doing beforehand so I could see a pattern and make sure I knew when they might need to go. Every hour or so at first was one pup's routine. As he was toiletting I introduce a word for that action - I use the word "busy". Once the pup has associated the word with the action you can start to use the word earlier and earlier as he is going and eventually that word will become your command word for requesting him to go and perform, which is a really useful thing for him to learn. Makes it so much easier if you can guarantee they will toilet before going out in the car, being left at home etc. Mine all go on command and if they don't need to go they will still "assume the position" and try :smile:

In the night I set my alarm to wake me so I could take him out and prempt an accident. If your pup is weeing in his crate you need to set your alarm for an earlier time - might need to be twice a night to begin with and certainly early morning as they have very small bladders at that age. In the night I just pop them on the lead with very little interacation, go out until they have been, praise them hugely and then bring them back indoors still on the lead and pop them back into bed. They very quickly pick up that it's toilet time not playtime.As they get older they will start to be able to go through the night without needing to go out - but remember they still may have the odd accident.

Housetraining takes time, patience and consistency and when you are standing outside in the dead of night with the wind blowing and the rain lashing down on you ( last pup was a winter one) it's hard to see an end to it but you will get there and your pup will learn if you teach him. Pups are hard work but by putting in the hard work at the beginning it makes life so  much better for all of you.
- By Biggybee2 [gb] Date 30.05.17 17:48 GMT
The lead tip is great. I've not used that before. I'll give that a go for night and evenings.

I'm still wondering if putting his crate upstairs with us will help but again I don't want him getting used to the idea that he gets to sleep upstairs all the time.

I'm going to use the lead idea for garden walkers. Let's see if that helps him :)
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 30.05.17 17:51 GMT Upvotes 1
Having his crate by your bed for a few weeks doesn't mean it'll need to be there forever. Once he's sleeping through he'll know the crate is for sleeping in wherever it is so you can move it downstairs. Alternatively you can sleep downstairs beside his crate for a while so that you wake when he does, and can take him out. What's vital is that you can get him outside before he's had time to toilet in his crate, and that means being on the spot, because they can't wait long at this age.

What are you washing his bedding in when he's toileted on it? It needs to be washed with a biological (not non-bio) laundry product to remove the enzymes that will otherwise encourage him to pee on it again.
- By furriefriends [gb] Date 30.05.17 19:13 GMT
Just a note  to the above great advise

.I use crates but not for house-training and I don't think that's what the op is doing either .

I've had pups weeing and Pooing in their crate overnight and  the resolution is to take them out more often and as they  grow this won't need to be so often so everyone dog including will get a night's sleep eventually
- By Harley Date 30.05.17 19:32 GMT

> The lead tip is great. I've not used that before. I'll give that a go for night and evenings.

I would use it for every trip to the garden for toiletting - daytime included :lol: Once he has been you can then let him off for a play - which can be a reward for him. By having the lead on him you can ensure you are able to praise him for going as you will definitely be there with him at the critical moment :grin: It can also act as a marker that he is out there for a particular purpose. Once he is reliable then no need to use the lead any more.
- By Biggybee2 [gb] Date 30.05.17 20:27 GMT
Well, in the last few hours I've taken him out for two "walkies" on the lead in the garden and both times he had a wee. I praised him during the wee wee and even more when he was done :)

And no accidents for 2.5 hours :)

Sounds like a small victory but for a pup who wee's in the house all the time and not ever in the garden that's pretty good. The lead is hung up by the door and treats at the ready.

I've not used a lead for potty training before. I've always tried to anticipate a wee or poo and quickly put him outside.

I'm tempted to put the crate upstairs as I'm thinking he may settle more with mum and dad there so to speak. And i can grab him when he stirs and rush downstairs.

I've washed the bedding on hot and used special anti enzyme cleaner to avoid him wanting to go again.
- By Harley Date 30.05.17 22:15 GMT

> Sounds like a small victory but for a pup who wee's in the house all the time and not ever in the garden that's pretty good.

Sounds like the beginnings of having a housetrained pup to me :lol: So pleased you have had a success - now you need to be vigilant and consistent and you will then be posting to say what amazing progress he has continued to make :grin:

Looking forward to following his housetraining journey :lol:
- By JeanSW Date 30.05.17 22:56 GMT
Fantastic post from Harley.  All advice is spot on.  :grin:
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