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- By amberraven [gb] Date 29.05.17 17:53 GMT
well sort of :lol:

my girl is now on day 54 and the earliest i have known a litter born to my breed is day 56 (they survived) one litter born day 55 but only half survived so we are now on what i call count down.

temp checked and no drops yet but i dont think she will go to day 63 (she was bang on63 with her other litter) not sure why just a feeling i have.

scan showed 5 and i think thats about right shes not as big as she was with her other litter so dont think shes carring the same amount as then although being a hound they thend to hid them behind the ribs.

whelping room set up box set up kit on stand by camp bed for me set up and we have sepnt the last two nights sleeping in the room together so i think im all prepared :eek:

(im not expecting anyone to read this but i find it takes my mind of things to keep a blog going :grin:)
- By paxo Date 29.05.17 19:22 GMT
good luck :grin:
- By JeanSW Date 29.05.17 19:22 GMT

> scan showed 5 and i think thats about right shes not as big as she was with her other litter

Has no relevance.  A bitch can carry 7 pups and then be much bigger with a second litter of 3 pups.  Because there is a difference in how much fluid is carried.  I know of many breeders who have had this happen!
- By amberraven [gb] Date 29.05.17 22:38 GMT
Yes i no that

Sorry probably my rubbish way of writing it

I ment i dont think she has many poss about 4/5 but thats just a feeling i have

And then as a separate statement that she isnt as big as last time

This is y i have a PA lol
- By MamaBas Date 30.05.17 09:29 GMT

> scan showed 5

Once again, a scan only shows what's going on (numbers if you are lucky with your scanner) AT THE TIME OF THE SCAN.   I have never bothered with scanning - but I guess these days people have a need to know (because of their busy lives) which I never had.   By the time 7 weeks comes, you should see the puppies moving around = there is a litter.    I had a bitch who at around 5 weeks was quite satisfyingly large.   But she didn't continue to grow and in the end, only had one puppy.   I'm fairly certain she reabsorbed.
- By mixedpack [gb] Date 30.05.17 11:09 GMT
We do read the posts and personally I love hearing about all the different experiences that people have during the birth of their puppies, good luck and keep posting!
- By amberraven [gb] Date 30.05.17 16:05 GMT
oh i know they cant really give a number and get it right

her mom was scanned as 3/5 and she had 8 and my girls other litter she was scanned 4 i think and had 10

i use a scan just to confirm so that i can book the time of work, i can work from home any way but i like to book time of to.
- By amberraven [gb] Date 30.05.17 16:06 GMT
day 55 today

shes eaten and is sleeping the day away a little bit of panting but no temp drop yet
- By amberraven [gb] Date 31.05.17 16:01 GMT
day 56

been awake most of the night as she wouldnt settle

panting on and off all night

finaly settled at around 3am when lay in the box with her.

shes eaten but still panting on and of

temp stedy no drop yet

she was restless when my OH took the others out on a walk so she went for a potter to the end of the street and back (around 5min) and seemed happy with that
- By amberraven [gb] Date 01.06.17 15:19 GMT Upvotes 1
day 57

i thought she would have them early (just a feeling) but im not so sure now :roll:

shes kept me up all night again panting and unable to settle and has spnt the day fast asleep on the sofa.

shes eaten and temp is steady

has had milk for a few days now and a lot of the clar discharge

pups moving but cant feel them as much and her belly has dropped
- By amberraven [gb] Date 03.06.17 19:54 GMT
we made it to day 59

poor girl cant settle properly panting all the time which means im also not sleeping so both of use are having naps through out the day

temp is still around 37.6/37.7 it did go to 37.4 once or twice but not below 37 no digging or anything jut the panting on and of for the last few days

she did go to the toilet for a poop three diffrent times last night which is unusual for her

im trying to think back to her other litter

with her mom i got the temp drop but no other signs untill i happened to look at her and notice she was contracting.

this girls litter i missed the drop but did notice her belly was hard around 7hours before the first pup

pups are still moving around and shes still eating

sorry this post has been a bit of a ramble
- By amberraven [gb] Date 04.06.17 20:33 GMT
im not sure if anyone is reading this i know its not vry interesting and im mostly writting it for my self

but im a bit worried for my girl.

no temp drop panting for a few days but its been hot

no signs

however talking to someone today they said the her girls temp went from 37.7 to 37.1 and that was it

i missed her temp drop on her last litter but hr temp has been btween 27.5 - 37.7 however two days ago it dropped to 37.1

pups are still moving and she has taken herself to her box tonight which is very unusual for her. she is panting again

im panicing incase that was the temp drop in which case its been 2 days almost 3 with no other signs

iv left a message for my mentor and i have called the vet just for some advice.

im a calm person by nature but being day 60 and currently alone at home (part from the dogs) im panicing a bit

can someone just tell me to stop or offer a little advice?

again sorry for the post/ramble im not even sure what im looking for advice on :sad:
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 04.06.17 21:46 GMT
I don't know what breed you have, but I have a medium breed (average weight of an adult bitch is 24kg) and I wouldn't expect puppies to be born before at least day 63 from the first mating. I myself had a lovely healthy litter born naturally on day 68 from first mating. As long as the puppies are active their arrival isn't imminent. In my most recent litters I've taken the temperature 3 times a day from day 58 and it's not been until I've had a reading of about 36.6c have I know that labour has started.
- By amberraven [gb] Date 04.06.17 22:10 GMT
tbh im not even sure why im panicing

she is a large size from the hound group

her moms litter was born on day 61 (8 pups) and her temp dropped to 36.5 (or around there)

this girl her other litter was born right on day 63 again a large liter but i missed the drop only sign i had was her belly going hard few hours before first pup

i know of this breed having litters as early as day 55/56

i havnt had much sleep in the past week and i have tooth ach so think i just need to relax abit lol

but thank you for taking the time to answer me
- By amberraven [gb] Date 06.06.17 11:40 GMT
We made it to day 62

No temp drop that iv seen yet

Today sheis very reluctant to move will work a few paces and then lie down

Some panting and hard breating

Her belly has gone very hard which happened her last litter on the day she had them

She went to 63 days on her other litter

Its gona be a very long day/night
- By amberraven [gb] Date 06.06.17 20:53 GMT
i checked her temp at 830pm

her temp was 36.7

i checked an hour later and it was back to 37.7

i dont remmeber if her moms stayed down or when back up

does it stay down?
- By Jeangenie [gb] Date 07.06.17 06:41 GMT

>does it stay down?

It didn't with my bitches; it was the drop to about 36.5-ish that was the significant drop, and the first puppy had arrived within 24 hours.
- By amberraven [gb] Date 07.06.17 10:16 GMT
thank you

it seems that long since i last had a litter

i managed to talk to my mentor and she said the same that with hers it does go back up

day 63 today nothing last night she slept alnight long but had another temp drop at 11am lower this time 36.5 so im hoping this is it.

shes eaten and is now asleep
- By Yenderz [gb] Date 07.06.17 21:11 GMT
How is it going? This temperature malarkey is a funny one. My bitch has been 36.4-36.8 for a week and evening it's 37.4. I think I'm looking for a drop to 35. Shes day 56 now :)
- By amberraven [gb] Date 08.06.17 10:21 GMT
well its now 11am on day 64

so of course all signs have stopped :roll:

her temp is normally (for the week and a bit iv taken it) around 37.5-37.7 so both dropps should of been 'the drop' i was looking for

im hopping the second drop was it and she will start today/tonight

still panting on and off

no digging

no more temp drops

no nesting

shes been for a few walks as well this morning ( 5min on lead on the road around the back of the house and back) and shes as happy as anything

eating drinking sleeping all her normal self

pups stil moving and belly very low now
- By amberraven [gb] Date 08.06.17 23:13 GMT
Well its now day 65 (by about 10min)

We have both been sat in her box for 30min as she has been panting non stop

No pther signs no digging ect temp normal

Just the non stop panting

Her eyes are redish - like shes very tired and she does seem to try to sleep every so often but isstill panting with her eyes closed

Spoke to vets today and they are happy to leave her till monday (68days) long as shes eating no problems ect

But iv said see how it goes shes a big dog and im not happy about waiting that long tbh but we will see,

I will be awake with her for as long as shes like this/awake
- By Tommee Date 09.06.17 05:49 GMT
Friend of mine did just as you are doing & the vet told her to wait. When they did the C section the puppies & bitch sadly died.

Most GP vets are not reproduction experts, few have seen or been involved with a whelping a bitch.

I do hope you have a different experience to my friend
- By Yenderz [gb] Date 09.06.17 07:25 GMT
dont scare the poor lady! :eek:
- By LucyDogs [gb] Date 09.06.17 08:42 GMT Upvotes 2
If you don't feel happy I would go back to the vet - remember they are not experts in whelping, most of them have never seen a normal whelping, just the aftermath. If you're certain on your dates the puppies are totally viable and might well need to come out. I was reading the other day on here I think about a situation where the puppies were alive and kicking when the bitch was left for the C section in the morning, but for some reason they didn't do the op till the end of the day by which time the puppies were dead. I would insist on seeing a different vet - remember they are providing you a service, and at the end of the day have to do what you tell them to do!
- By mixedpack [gb] Date 09.06.17 17:28 GMT Upvotes 1
Actually the vets do not have to do what you tell them too, they make a professional judgement as they are trained to do and most vets would not take kindly to a lay person coming along and giving them instructions especially if they felt it was not in the dogs best interests. As someone fairly knowledgable and who likes to have my say in treatment I don't always agree with the vet and will occasionally ask for a particular course of action and sometimes they will agree and we are all happy but failing that you have to abide by their diagnosis or change to another practice.
- By Goldmali Date 09.06.17 18:32 GMT Upvotes 1
68 days! You are very unlikely to get live pups then. Same scenario once with a bitch of my breeding that somebody else owns. Nothing happened, vet said 68 days before c-section despite the bitch owner repeating what I had said - my bitches tend to give birth before 63 days. The owner brought her in every day. The vet still waited, day 68 section and no live pups. The vet ended up cancelling their bill as they had effectively caused the loss of the litter.
- By amberraven [gb] Date 09.06.17 18:45 GMT Upvotes 1
No i wont be leaving her till 68 days if nothing tonight then shes going in tomorrow

I called my other vets (all pets registered at two) and they have said to just call when/if we are going in as they are normal hours on a weekend but normally quiet,

Im hoping it will be tonight

Gona take a nap whilst shes asleep lol

Air bed right next to her box
- By Tommee Date 10.06.17 07:31 GMT
Not scare warn. My friend lost her puppies & worst of all lost her bitch.
General practice vets are rarely knowlegeable about breeding. Not much time is spent during their training is spent on so many things related to diseases & physical injuries of many species of animals.
Human expectant mothers aren't allowed to go weeks overdue are they ?
- By Yenderz [gb] Date 10.06.17 20:21 GMT
Amberaven how are things??
- By CaroleC [gb] Date 12.06.17 13:06 GMT Upvotes 3
Any news of this litter? I hope all is well.
- By amberraven [gb] Date 14.06.17 14:10 GMT Edited 14.06.17 14:23 GMT Upvotes 3
Thank you every one who posted messaged and offered advice and stories this was my third litter so any advice or stories good or bad are usefull

Sorry i havnt been on to update i have popped on and read posts but have spent the time since my last post sleeping when i can lol

So last time i said if nothing by the sat she would go in

Friday night as settled as anything no signs at all so i send a text to my mentor to say i would be taking her in

My other half had a call with some bad personal news so got upset as he needed to go but didnt want to leave me as he has the car

My mentor is a brilliant lady when i told her i would be alone she offered to come down and stay over for as long as needed drive to vets ect she has over 25 yrs experience of showing and breeding so i was relieved to take the offer

Friday both of us slept 8am my mentor turns up with breakfast and has a look at my girl for me agree to be at the vets for 9am when they open

845 my girl needs the toilet so pop her lead on and as im unlocking the door theres a squirt of water down my leg

We decided to wait and with in 20minshe was contracting but not pushing, kept wanting to go out her box and outside got her to stay and as her contractions got stronger she decided she was gona stand up thankfully she squatted down once legs were visable and pupone was born she was great cleaned him up and so settled with him sucking away

Hour later pup twos on the way again wanting to to outside so this time i put her on lead an we do a lap of the garden seemed to work as she then wanted to come back inside and second was born not long after this pattern continued and she is now the proud mommy to 7 boys and 5 girls!

All doing well and mom now resting

Iv got two of the colour iv been wanting as well

Im thankfull i had such a long list of people as really wasnt expecting this many lol emails sent out to people
- By RozzieRetriever Date 14.06.17 14:50 GMT Upvotes 1
Wow, congratulations and what a star you mentor is! Well done all!
- By amberraven [gb] Date 17.06.17 10:22 GMT
my mentor is an amazing lady :) i was so lucky the day i met her

pups doing well and so is mom :)

runs out to toilet in the quickest time possible to get back to them

iv started an argument on a breed page im on :eek:

posted a pic of two pups and have people arguing on the colour lol
- By Yenderz [gb] Date 17.06.17 19:20 GMT
My girl gave birth to 11 which is a lot for her breed (working)! So happy :)
- By JaneS (Moderator) Date 18.06.17 06:26 GMT
Congratulations on your safe arrivals!
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